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Old 05 May 2005   #31
so this is where I post all my unfinished maya binaries... pretty boring, so I will leave them floating around my own HD.

great stuff you people have lying around!! keep them coming. ...and wow Im not the only one not finishing everything

since I dont paint a lot other than textures, ill post one of my unfinished photographs... should be done anytime soon


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Old 05 May 2005   #32
unfinished photographs...
.personal gallery.
Old 05 May 2005   #33
im sorry if its off topic

I am working on more, should be done by the week
Old 05 May 2005   #34
Ok, you guys asked for it. I'm feeling like purging past demons today, so I'm cleaning out the closet. All the squeamish kids--cover your eyes because this is going to get ugly. . ..

Oh, and it would really help if you guys can tell me which ones you want to see me finish the most. I have a hard time deciding because I'm too close to my own ideas to be objective.

Moonlight Lovers - I abandoned this one for well over a year. Now I'm going to finish it. I didn't dislike it--I just sort of moved on to other things. I have so many ideas that I get restless and can't make myself concentrate on just one. I guess this one is like a modern tribute to Shakespeare.

Tellurian Sky - This was my Grand Space Opera entry (from one of my epic sci-fi/fantasy screenplays), but I didn't finish it in time. It looks too busy, and I'm going to darken that blue guy by a lot so the values aren't so chaotic.

Fix My Broken Heart - This was my Machine Flesh entry, also didn't finish on time. I originally had the little girl's bicycle at the right hand top--all mangled from a car accident, with trail of blood--explaining what had happened to her and why her "father/inventor" is heartbroken and fixing her. But it seemed to be too heavy-handed so I took it out.

Foxglove Carries Out Assasination - From a spy story of mine. That silent moment before all hell breaks loose. I had all kinds of trouble with the perspective and scale on this one, and I'm still not entirely happy with it. But I think I'll paint it anyway.
Old 05 May 2005   #35
Till Death Do Us Part - Part of a series. The man and his wife are trying to protect their newborn daughter from demon stalkers. I've had this WIP for years, and just never got around to finishing it.

Fairwell Kiss - Part of the same series.

Angel Wars - I thought the composition was crap. I'll probably have to completely redo the composition if I'm going to paint it.

Sunday At the Shop - This is from a sci-fi drama story of mine. It's about a young woman who's from some backwater planet, but moves to a glamourous and cosmopolitan planet to chase her dreams. It's like a sci-fi version of the "girl from small town moves to big city" type story. I thought it'd be interesting to do a sci-fi story that isn't about action, but just simple human drama about a girl and her life. I started painting this one, but I really hated the colors. I might attempt it again later.
Old 05 May 2005   #36
Thunderdome - This was for one of the Thunderdome competitions between eatpoo and conceptart years ago. You can probably tell the subject matter isn't really my thing--and that's probably why I never took it further. This kind of stuff is just not my cup of tea.

Saucy - This one was supposed to be a collaboration between me and Bahn of eatpoo. But he kinda drifted out of it, and I ended up doing this on my own. I don't do tongue-in-cheek cheesecake much, but I really wanted to do this one. I might finish it.

Princess At the Landing - An earlier version for the GSO challenge. Also from the Tellurian Sky screenplay.

Synthetic Vanity - Another version of the Machine Flesh challenge. The idea was simply that in the future, brand-name body parts will become fashionable. (She's putting on a Gucci ear, not an earring. The other ear is in a box on the dresser)

Kissing An Angel - I cringe when I look at this one now--it was done years ago but never finished. The figure drawing on it is pretty bad. I don't know what I was thinking. The subject matter is a bit cheesy too. (She's fallen in love with a statue of a guardian angel)

War Games - A bunch of kids playing indians and cowboys in the middle of military base during the war. The real soldier are all wounded and solemn from the previous battle, but the kids are well-protected behind the lines so they don't understand how horrible the war actually is. It's supposed to be a stark contrast between the blithe joy of childhood and the harsh realities of adulthood. Maybe a bit heavy handed.
Old 05 May 2005   #37
sheees Lunatique thats alot of unfinished work, i thought i was bad

here is some of mine

above my "entry" for the middle earth challenge

another cgtalk challenge, don't remember which one
after doing those two challenges i deceided not to take part in them anymore

part of a city i was building

thats some of the stuff i started, nevermind all the ideas i got written down and stored in my head

Old 05 May 2005   #38
haha, YOU did 'Angel Wars'? I remember that from way back sometime, and from someplace i have no idea where....
i have that on my harddrive somewhere, im not sure why i originally saved it. I think it was because of the tatoos on her leg.

i suppose i should put something terrible up. this is from a modelling competition (sumea.com.au) that i entered long ago and never finished, but i plan on maybe souping it up bigtime for my reel. maybe.

"This is what comes through to us."
Old 05 May 2005   #39
Haha, that dog is so funny, wabbit!

So sorry to see all those contest entries in your
pile of unfinished pics, Lunatique, I wish better
luck to you in the future challenges
Old 05 May 2005   #40
wow,so many great stuff abandoned here.hehe,here's mine,though its unfinished but i hope i would get this done one day.enayla,the one u had in the 1st page was just awesome.same goes to everyone here
Old 05 May 2005   #41
another one i did while ago.a quick sketch.not really sure if its done.~
Old 05 May 2005   #42
some unfinished 3d - a little woodland creature...

and some teeth

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Old 05 May 2005   #43
What's the big lump on the back of it's head?

modelling practice #1
Old 05 May 2005   #44
woodland creatures tend to swallow anvils by accident
Old 05 May 2005   #45

My Studies

My Anatomy Thread

My Website

Good Facial Expressions Resource:

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