Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Or does it just piss you off?

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Old 05 May 2005   #1
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Or does it just piss you off?

People always say that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I have never been flattered when someone copies my idea and gets stuff out of it.

Does anybody actually feel flatter when someone tries to copy you?

Has anyone ever actually felt flattered when someone took your work and called it their own?

That saying has always bothered me. and although it may be true its still dumb :P

oops, this should be in general disccusion. :P
Old 05 May 2005   #2
Well, it does bother me, when ppl said I copied someone else.
Imitation is different from homage, but I really don't know where the line is. Different people have varied opinions about it really.

How much can you be influenced by someone, before you ended up copying them entirely?

"Strongly influenced by" or just plain "Copying"?
Or may be it just a coincidence that they have the same damn views you do?

What do you think?
Old 05 May 2005   #3
I worded it badly. It only bugs me when people try to copy you entirely. Copying some elements of other peoples work is fine. It copying isnt bad if you give credit to your source. it just bugs me when people claim they came up with something brand new, when its just a rehashed version of someone elses work.
Old 05 May 2005   #4
Imitation is a very good form of flattery, but not many people see it that way, so its twisted into something negative.

I see two key definitions here:

1. To use or follow as a model. - thats flattery
2. To copy exactly; reproduce. - thats not flattery, and bordering on a lack of inspiration

Of course, being the egotistical beings that we are
(not meant literally, but simply referring to the fact that we are human), flattery is best when everyone else knows about it as well. So when someone imitates(1) you, then gives you due credit for developing a fantastic style and/or technique....thats flattering.
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Old 05 May 2005   #5
It used to really bother me. The first few artists that appeared that were obviously copying not only my style, but my technique and personal stylistic elements, very much bugged me. I was a little startled to begin with, not knowing how to deal with it.

It doesnít really bother me anymore, depending on how much of it is influenced (if itís an outright copy, yes, Iíll be pissed off). Imitation is a way to learn and I hope that those who do imitate me eventually move on to a style of their own. I have every confidence that theyíll find their own thing sooner or later. I have left a few galleries behind because of the amount of imitators that the galleries spawned, though Ė it just makes me a little uncomfortable.

So, itís discomfort rather than flattery. I just donít think Iím good enough to be copied, and I think that people do themselves something of a disservice in imitating someone elseís style Ė at least if they do it for an extended amount of time. Weíre all inspired by things, and thereís nothing new under the sun as they say, but I still canít help but writhe a little uncomfortably if I see one of my faces copied, or spot, perhaps, a dress Iíve designedÖ in someone elseís painting. Itís nothing to get angry about, like I said, theyíll move on eventually. I just donít get it. I get being inspired by someone Ė Iím greatly inspired by Tim Burton, for example. I just donít get the copying, not beyond learning exercises.

(Don't get me wrong, I did it, too, at one point - when I was a kid. I'd copy poses from comic books... like I said, I get the learning aspect, I just feel that I much prefer art that shows a bit about the person who's done the painting: personality reflected in the style. If you've just nicked the style from someone else, what's that saying about you?)
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Old 05 May 2005   #6
Hmmm. Are we talking about style here? I'm not actually well known enough to have anyone rip my style. Hell, it's still evolving on it's own anyway!

You can see influences all through other stuff though.

Maxfield Parrish -> Frazetta
Frazetta -> Ken Kelly, Kelly Freas, Charles Keegan (and everybody else...)
Rackham -> Brian Froud, Alan Lee, John Howe
Mucha -> Adam Hughes, Frank Cho

and so forth.

Now, if somebody swiped an actual pic, redrew/painted it and said, "Look what I did! Oh yeah, it's like so-and-sos," is a different thing. I guess I'd be upset if folks were repainting my stuff and passing it around, even if they credited the original source.
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Old 05 May 2005   #7
Originally Posted by Llindalala: I just donít think Iím good enough to be copied

GOTCHA! Knew u gonna say something like this sooner or later.

most amusing
Old 05 May 2005   #8
Originally Posted by Squibbit: GOTCHA! Knew u gonna say something like this sooner or later.

most amusing

you weren't the only one waiting for Linda's infamous modesty to rear its pretty head.
In one sense, I'm surprised you (linda) get so many imitators. The only reason I don't imitate your style is because I don't think I'm good enough to pull it off =]
"This is what comes through to us."
Old 05 May 2005   #9
Infamous modesty? D:

No, but seriously, err...


Anyone can do what I do, as far as technique is concerned. It's just a matter of training, it's not that big a deal. Plenty of artists out there (and in here!) far surpassing me in skill and talent alike, and I'm not being modest, I'm being honest :] If I were to try to imitate someone, I'd pick, well... someone else.
I can resist everything but temptation.


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Old 05 May 2005   #10
Quote: If I were to try to imitate someone, I'd pick, well... someone else.

hmm , yea not much difference imitating yourself ...

Quote: Plenty of artists out there (and in here!) far surpassing me in skill and talent alike

3 is plenty in sweden ?

I'd say it's more of a theme and style thing , they
might have a style that someone likes more than yours and/or
they paint of about stuff you're not into , but really there
aren't that many better, just other amazingly talented ones
Old 05 May 2005   #11
Hmm...I tend to overreact when something like immitation occurs, however, it's not really me who's being hissy about it. I actually blame it on DeviantArt, an art website I used to be addicted to. I swear, once a week I'd find a journal where someone was ranting about how so-and-so stole their work. Because they got so mad rubbed off on me, unfortunately. I'm in the process of trying to be able to react more maturely when things like that happen.

*shakes fist at DA*

Only if they are making a "profit" off of immitation is when things get bad, IMO.
Old 05 May 2005   #12
Hahaha, Squibbit, you never cease to amuse me!!!As for you Linda, I've never seen so many people kissing one ass at a time, it's just shameless(no offense, figure of speech). Lemmesee...hmm...
You're right but wrong. In that your own art would appeal to you because it would be the way you'd have done it yourself. And there wouldn't have been the dissatisfaction of having failed at certain things in the process, lol.But there are better ones for sure.

Well, [looks for possible escape plan], I've had the pleasure of being imitated and even literally copied one time. At first I felt raped and abused, even desolate and desperating for air. My freedom had been completely denied, uncertainty of my own plot clamped down my shrieky voice as I cried at the heavens: "NOOOooo!!!"

To be honest, I overreacted at first because the person had actually approached me but neglected to ask me for permission. But that soon disappeared, very soon, but that's because I'm new to this I think. I am still thoroughly flattered and if the one is reading this, I find the end result very flattering too, quite the thing to behold.
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Old 05 May 2005   #13
What about Gary Tonge (a.k.a Antifan)? Someone even Copied his identity. The took his name, personal info and username and created an e-mail account similar to Gary's. Thats Crazy! This happened on deviantart by the way.
I doubt hes the only one that happened to.

I doubt I would be flattered if someone directly copied my work. Personally, I don't think copying the idea is that big of a deal, if made in a different way, that is.
Hwo knows? they might have gotten the same idea whitout even hearing about eatch other.

I'm sorry for all the errors in the post, its late here and I'm simply too tierd to check it.
Old 05 May 2005   #14
Well, the way I see it, if you concept is appreciated to such a degree that it's copied. Then the other artist must have a good deal of respect for what you did. Or maybe you did something that's completely readable and gets across perfectly. In that way, it's a big deal, another form of recognition. I mean, I wouldn't try and draw aliens from the movies if I didn't really friggin' like them.
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Old 05 May 2005   #15
I think that just copying the wole style or a whole piece of art is quite bad, but it's different from taking inspiration. Many artists have a master, a "teacher" or more than one as someon has sayd yet.
Personally i've not direct experience, as nobody has copied me but i think i woul be flattered (and surprised, eh eh) if someone took inspiration by me and eventually told that, but pissed if someone copied.
The difference is very big, in my opinion.

Sorry for my english...
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