who can call themself an ARTIST?

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  05 May 2005
I guess real artists are too busy to be bothered with labels.
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  05 May 2005
anyone can call themselve an artist.

the real question is,who can call themeselves a professional artist.

or maybe thats what the person who posted this thread meant to say. *who can call themeselves a professional artist.*
  05 May 2005
Originally Posted by kevinw: If I ever see you on the street I will kick you in the ass

It wasn't meant to be chessy just trying to simplify everyones misguided theories on wha an artist is

Tha being said...

This might be the lamest thread on all of CG talk.. Why don't all you "artists" get back to... what ever the hell it is you do....

hah! this thread isn't lame,its interesting,it just when i here things like *its from the heart* i just picture a guy floating in happy colourful world.lol,but i did get ur point.

and dude did u really have to jump in the street,?? i was kiddin about that part.

*walks away limping*
  05 May 2005
good one, Kanga

Originally Posted by NOOB!:
or maybe thats what the person who posted this thread meant to say. *who can call themeselves a professional artist.*

Yes, this is what I am going for.. But im not sure if Professional artist exist..

Perhaps using only the word artist was a bit provoking, which led this thread to repeat itself
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  05 May 2005
I think people should be first and foremost be called at what they're doing. (i.e. painter, sculptor, photographer)

I think the old masters didn't see themselves as artists. Rembrandt was a painter, DaVincy was a scientist (most of his drawings are studies, of the mechanics of the human body for instance)

In my opinion nobody can be called an artist by default, by just being a painter, photographer or whatever. You have to earn the title. I think people should be a little humble. That way the reward of beďng called an artist is that much greater, it's the reward of your efforts. It should be an hounorable title.

If everybody calls themself an artist, there's no reward in being called one since everybody calls themselves an arstist. It loses it's value. (Would ,say, a Ferrari be special if everybody had one? )

just my 2 cents.
  05 May 2005
hehe yeh,i get ya.

u know...i don't think ur a professional artist until ur dead.as odd as it sounds heh,its what my art professer told me


not sure if he was kiddin around.

just like bruce lee wasn't a *legend* until he died,that type of thing.

if ur talking industrially *sp?* ur probably a professional when u've got a job ,with the big companies, and ur name is pretty common in the industry.

i dunno,its pretty hard to define *professional*
  05 May 2005
Originally Posted by NOOB!: lol,using the *spelling bashing* technique are we,so many people bash ur spelling when they can't back up their points with sumthin better.and its fun too cos i admire ur art jim.

half of forums type like this to save time maybe?

*jigge with it* ??? i'm loving the prejudice attitude man.

great job on losing a fan.

p.s. ur telling me about ignorance? u just typed the most ignorant thing ever,i don't speak the way u do so that automatically means my point is worthless?

anyway,i'm gunna shrug this off and go for a jog,i've come across too many *hey this guy isn't speaking the queens english,so he is nothing* types to let it frustrate me.

bye bye.

Ok, then. If I can't decode your posts, I can't bloody understand them can I.

If half of forum folk do that I'd probably not be here would I. I realise though in your more recent posts, that you were lying here, because I can somewhat discern a pattern of someone who's trying to be funny. People give their honest opinions on things and you ridicule that by makng it look like a joke or a bad punch line in a movie. And it's bothering me.

And if that jiggie remark comes across as racist I apologise, I was referring to the infamous Fresh Prince. So I take that back.

So on to the matter.

I don't want to bust your balls on this but the word professional is exactly only used when someone is making money from something and is reputable, meaning simply people will come back for more. Van Gogh wasn't a professional if he had been doing other things on the side in his days. Again, not busting your balls on this, but your language skills lack some refinement. Professional comes from latin and measn roughly to carry forth, in a sense that someone can on their own strenght uphold their skill. And in this matter I would simply do this >>link<< and refer to what I've stated there.

But I assume the core to the matter bugging you is "when are you a good enough and "worthy" enough to call yourself an artist?", I would guess the motivation behind that to be that you have "seen" professional art of a quality that wasn't all that good or was easily attainable by your persona and not at all mystifying.
I believe you could easily find an answer in the link above, you practise drawing than you are a student of the arts, that simple. You make money from it then you are professional artist.
The whole matter of good art and thus good artistry is an entirely philosophical one and is hard to discuss if you don't take verbal communication seriously. No offense this time, I just hope you'll make a clear underlineable point sometime.

Even the study of the study of arts is an art in that it requires training and finesse and insight.

And thanks for your compliment, but I'm quite sure my work doesn't deserve fans, touched nonetheless. Hope you read it all. (and that I didn't skip anything)
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  05 May 2005
lol,but all the other people that qouted me understood it quite cleary,and u understand me cleary too,u just didn't agree with my point,thats why u attacked my spelling,i see this on loads of forums.just admit ur just being a bit uptight lol.

don't worry,i luv u too hehehahaha i was just kiddin about losing a fan,just wanted to see how u would react

anyways i had my jog! and i'm over it.

i've made my point and still stick by it.

p.s. i don't TRY to be funny,its my nature.and people did agree with my point,so i say its valid.

Last edited by NOOB! : 05 May 2005 at 12:29 PM.
  05 May 2005
Good enough, just demonstrates your incapacity to understand my pov. The manner in which you outline your, well, pov is somewhat shallow and limited. Whatever youthink you're saying with it, it takes as much as this.

"I dunno if you guys understand this, but you're an artist to me if you look like one. or if you do art 'n stuff"
modelling practice #1
  05 May 2005
jm,u know exactly what i mean,and if my point comes across shallow to u,theres nothing i can do about it,theres no use being all defensive.

its my point of view,u don't have to agree with it.Ur constantly trying to put the message across that

*this guy doesn't know a thing,he is wrong wrong wrong*

and if u've read anything after that post,u would have realised that eparts didn't even mean to ask that question in the first place.

his question was infact,how do u know when ure a PROFESSIONAL ARTIST.

its been cleared up.so whatever ur saying comes across as *i'm gunna win this argument with NOOB!,i will have the last say*

well i'm quite done with this,kinda frustrated now,so i'm gonna go work on sumthin else.
  05 May 2005
this is funny, I believe I answered on what I think of that.

edit:I still think this shouldn't be the point. But since it's solved why not go to the riddle of why the word artist is so wildly misplaced or has so many reasons, it might not end up anywhere useful, but would clarify the need for this title perhaps. Anyway, I will win the argument if you start argueing about the arguments to that, because philosophy dictates proper and clear communication, and that my friend is what we're not having. In the whole perspective of this thread too I think, LOL. Eat that.
modelling practice #1

Last edited by jmBoekestein : 05 May 2005 at 02:29 PM.
  05 May 2005
This is a very tough subject, involving both subjective and objective. What is art?

To me art is something original, creative and showing sensitivity. But maybe your definition is totally different.

What's an artist? Does the audience response matter?

In a way it does, in another it doesn't. Dostojievski wrote his masterpieces for food and in a rush, there are some similarities with the story of Van Gogh someone else already mentioned. Britney Spears sells a ton of cd's, does that make her a good artist? She wouldn't even deserve to be called an artist imho. Someone else could tell she's better than anyone else because she sells more than anyone else. But here i could tell him she will follow the end of East 17 and all that premade crap, while Prokofiev's work for example will stay in music history for good.

In the end who cares, it's just another label in a world full of labels and people trying to give you one.
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  05 May 2005
um... if the original point was who can call themselves a professional artist, then surely that's very easy to define. anyone who's profession is in the creation of art. if your occupation or career involves being an artist then you are by definition a profesional artist.

i don't really see doctors or bricklayers having such terrible existential angst about what their job title is.

    1. An occupation or career: “One of the highest compliments a child can pay a parent is to choose his or her profession” (Joan Nathan).
    2. An occupation, such as law, medicine, or engineering, that requires considerable training and specialized study.
    3. The body of qualified persons in an occupation or field: members of the teaching profession.
  1. One, such as a painter, sculptor, or writer, who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value, especially in the fine arts.
  2. A person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill: You are an artist in the kitchen.
  3. One, such as an actor or singer, who works in the performing arts.
  4. One who is adept at an activity, especially one involving trickery or deceit: a con artist.
now if only i could get people to drop the hidden "e" on the end of artist things would be so very much better...
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  05 May 2005
Originally Posted by mdm_sadie: i don't really see doctors or bricklayers having such terrible existential angst about what their job title is.

That's because they probably don't deal with abstract concepts everyday, largely theory put to practice. Doctors will be trained to deal with those things or find a more suitable way to express it than people of the creative arts.
modelling practice #1
  05 May 2005
but mathematicians and scientists deal with such abstract concepts on a daily basis, arguably more than artists do, and also have little difficulty with job titles.

it's just artists who seem to be all worried about some label and negative connotations... perhaps the issue is really a "class war", between profesional artists and dilletantes. or a basic paradoxical relationship for those brought up to a rather archaic and twisted view the world as being split into "working class integrity" and a "selfish bourgeoise" and their own chosen profession.
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"You need to know what you're doing before you start, and to start because you need what you're doing."
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