What do you suck at as an artist? How are you going to fix it?

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  04 April 2005
ah, well I suck at a lot of things because of being inexperienced and some bad habits. Dealing with colors, using painter (when I don't have any experience with painting n dealing with colors), perspective, proportions, expressions, lighting, backgrounds, finishing. Drawing when I'm in the mood.. if I can. And drawing with the paper turned in the writing position n flat on the table. But then the mood to draw usually strikes when I'm writing. I think that habit started in school.
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  04 April 2005

I also think i have weaknesses:
1.I try the toughest poses,though my anatomy knowledge is not enough.
2.I cannot be objective when critisizing my own work...
3.I cannot choose the right figures and colours...therefore,i always get stuck at the background after drawing the foreground...

I'm not sure if it will work out well,but now i decided to "copy" some photos on magazines;i think that will add to my anatomy,at least ^^;
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  04 April 2005
I don't suck at anything, I'm amazing I....I...I....oh who am I kidding....lol...no seriously...I'm afraid of painting, mostly because I've not had any traditional training...
what I'm doing about it? about what I already said I'm perfect('nough with the voices)...lol..I'm taking fundementals of art in the summer, to understand tones, colours and composition...btw this is an awesome thread :thumbs up:
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  04 April 2005
I know I don't paint bad, but the same time I know I still suck at everything. And I'll improve my style by studying everything further.
  04 April 2005
Well, my biggest weaknesses (for me, "suck" implies that you're unable to improve) are:

1. Digital painting - something I'm seriously working on at the moment to improve.

2. Drawing without reference - an issue which has plagued me for many years; when I draw, I need some form of reference for it.

3. Sketching thumbnails/concepts with a pencil - sounds odd, but I can only draw/design good concept sketches with a pen; I think maybe it has to do with the "subconcious" idea that you can't erase ink, which leads my lines to be more natural.

4. Sketching with a Wacom tablet

But the number one weakness of mine... because I have a perfectionistic nature, I never view my own work as any good ; most of the time I'll finish a piece, then I think it's crap and not worth being viewed by anyone.
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  04 April 2005
For everybody who's saying they can't draw without reference, I think that's natural. Few people have photographic memories. For the rest of us, if we want to draw something accurately we need a reference. Of course, it's a good idea not to copy a reference picture exactly -- copy details but vary the composition, point of view or some other element to make it your own.
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  04 April 2005
This thread is a new way to celebrate mediocrity! Anyone know where that's from?
  04 April 2005
right now suck at everything

i'm a brand new student to learning the fine arts I just started with Beginning drawing and color theory.

but i have learned a bit about myself as an artist through these classes which is what I assume your supposed to do.

I'm meticulous I get very into details so by the time I'm done the drawing looks spot on as it should *doing master copies right now and still lifes* I have a tendency to take my time and be very persistent in getting things "Right"

I am bad with proportions at this point it takes me more time then anything starting a new drawing is getting proportions just right sometimes i think I have it right and its still off only when I'm drawing my 5th object in the still life do I discover I have run out of room for my planned composition. its quite irritating. I assume this just comes with time and practice.

I am at a point where i'm too much of a newb to really know what I suck at but I try to put the maximum amount of effort in whatever I'm doing at the moment so if I get stuck on cloth I do it till I get right. If its a face I draw, erase and redraw until it looks right. I have had some great fun with pastels and have done a great rendering of my cat and the reproduction of a photograph in white pastel on black paper. I intend to take some pictures and have them up on some webspace soon.

I'm most interested in human characters and women. Clothes and costumes are a big thing for me. I got plans see. half of this is a means to an end.

forgive me I hope no one would take offense but as a noob I find it reassuring that even accomplished artists like many here still struggle with certain things. it gives me hope. in the mean time I will rock on. I got 4 self portraits and one Giant autobiographical self portrait due at the end of the semester. Wish me luck y'all.

Just an aside I would recommend everybody take some traditional art classes, Life drawing, Beginning Drawing, Color theory, beginning painting. You would not believe how much you can improve in the right environment its quite odd to notice your own progress for the first time.

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  04 April 2005
Originally Posted by paperclip: This thread is a new way to celebrate mediocrity! Anyone know where that's from?

Seeing Enayla producing amazing sketches under 40 min?...

No seriously tho, I think even Linda has her moments of feeling mediocre. It's part of what we are. Artist with this desire to become better and better. It's good to look in the mirror once in a while (after every finished piece) and discover your weaknesses. And also expressing it to your peers is good too.

Hooray for mediocrity!
  04 April 2005
For me Im sory to say...Im not a strong drawer...BUT Ive got my self into life drawing classes over the summer......
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  04 April 2005
I totally agree with you Art2. Everything has it's ups and downs and we need to know our weaknesses to improve, or we'll just stay forever at the same point and/or probably improve very, very slowly.

Also, i think that it is very commun that everyone thinks that his/her works looks like crap after a while and would just feel like reworking it again and again to make it better. And everyone have some phases that they do not produce a lot of work, if any but uses this time to learn new things about just about any aspect they feel needs improvement. Well anyway i guess so (it is the case for me at least), correct me if i am wrong.

(Okay i am rambling, i think some of this already been said in the thread but.. oh well.. :s )
  04 April 2005
At the moment I suck at most things - in particular - life drawing. I made a career change 15 years ago and became a software developer (I could live the life of a starving artist - but after my first child, I felt it was unfair to expect my family to do so).

This last year I began drawing again. I thought it would be like getting back on a bicycle (once you've learnt it you never forget) - no such luck! I would say that drawing after a 15 year absence, is more analogous to relearning skills and knowledge, after having had a stroke.

The muscle memory, the mental imprint of how to draw a figure - the cumulated knowledge of 15 years of intense life drawing workshops - all gone, faded away into oblivion! Things which were once done with ease are now done with awkwardness and enormous effort - like slugging through mud.

The solution is to suck it up, and start over. I have found the DSG to be very useful in this respect, but what I really need, is to get back in front of a live model - there is no substitute. I think drawing is something that you always have to keep sharp. I would say never walk away from it - even for a short period of time, if you want improve or even maintain your skills.

Looking at drawings of those who are totally on top of their game is breathtaking. It is like watching a world class prize fighter in the ring. The are nimble, quick, mobile and devastatingly accurate. They can discern in a split second when their pencil should deliver a jab, uppercut, or right-cross to the drawing surface and then deliver the goods.

Man what I would do, to be able to get into that ring!

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  04 April 2005
Originally Posted by gordonm:
Looking at drawings of those who are totally on top of their game is breathtaking. It is like watching a world class prize fighter in the ring. The are nimble, quick, mobile and devastatingly accurate. They can discern in a split second when their pencil should deliver a jab, uppercut, or right-cross to the drawing surface and then deliver the goods.

Man what I would do, to be able to get into that ring!

Hey Gord, I'm still practising that VanDamme-style split. Hurts like hell, but I'm getting there, just... a... few... inches... more...
Maybe I should learn doing a proper the highkick first...
I really enjoy seeing all the different fighting styles in the DSG too, cool place. Goro's monkey style just cracks me up

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  05 May 2005
Well right now i am trying to get ahold of any knowledge i can. I still am not able to figure out what exactly i like more then the other.

I look at some of the work on this site, and i am in awe at them, i would really like to do stuff like those as well. So in order to rememdy this, i am currently trying to learn some photoshop, but just getting the base knowledge to know where to begin has been a tough battle, but it is coming slowly... very slowly.

In 3d, i once again have had some basic schooling with 3ds max, but the classes i did have have left me wanting more, i feel i dont have the base knowldge to continue and do the stuff i vision of in my head, so i am now trying to relearn everything, the right way this time.

While in the classes, i got a sort of an ego boost by teachers and such around me, which was fine at the time, but now, i hear their comments, and i cant help but want to tell them they dont know a thing. My teacher has said that my work is very good, that i should be able to get a job pretty much just by walking to a place.... but when it comes down to it, i am very bad, and have trouble just to get a model of a door or someother simple shape. I have yet to create a full scene for anything yet because of the gaps in my knowledge.

So as stated, my remedy to this is to relearn what i did learn, and build off of it. I need to remember the fact that this wont happen over night, that i wont be great with either of the programs i choose to work with overnight, this will be a long journey in which it could take many years before i become anything other then a novice.

EDIT: one thing i am also planning on doing is to get some more schooling in the traditional sides of art as well. And see if that wont help me out as well, i figure it would get me a good foundation to at least begin to speed up the rate i learn this stuff, and would probably make it a bit easier as well.
  05 May 2005
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