What do you suck at as an artist? How are you going to fix it?

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  04 April 2005
What do you suck at as an artist? How are you going to fix it?

If you know you suck at something, unless you make an effort to improve, you will probably continue to suck at it. So, what are your weaknesses as an artist and what are you doing about it?

I've been fighting an uphill battle to inject more spontaneity into my works. The battle rages on. I've gone back to traditional oil painting to get away from the confines of digital, so I can be more spontaneous and enjoy the unpredictability of traditional painting.

I need to strengthen my figure drawing. My stuff is kinda stiff. I've been doing quick studies and sketches to loosen up and depict figures with more expressiveness.

I think my colors are boring, and I've been trying to be bolder with my use of color, and also going back to the basics to refresh my foundation.

I'm bad at isolating focus points. I've been experimenting more with selective detail by different levels of brushwork detail, color chroma, and value shifts.

I want to be bolder with my compositions. This is a tough one, because my subject are generally more tame compared to artists who construct wild and powerful composition. Maybe I need to shift in my subject matters also. Or, just take more risks.

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  04 April 2005
I have a problem with being 'afraid' to put enough contrast into my images, leading them to often being a bit flat. After realizing this, I've started paying attention actively to it, which has improved it somewhat. Lectures and workshops with accomplished artists helped me out a bit in that area, but I find I'm still lacking.

I've been working digitally always, don't have any traditional training. Because of that, I lack a lot of understanding about composition, colour theory and perspective. In the last year I've been reading up and doing exercises to get that stuff into my head, it's working out okay (although the colours are still teasing me a bit)

Also.. I need to do a lot more life drawing. I'm not at all confident in drawing people from my imagination, I need reference or a 3d blockout to get it close to right. I've been taking lifedrawing classes this year, though, and I'm thinking about taking some time off work to do a BA in Fine Arts.

  04 April 2005
In an effort against de-stabilising the CGnetwork servers with the world's biggest and most specific list, I'll simply say that I suck at plenty of things.
My art is somewhere between vomit on cement and the Sistine Chapel

Oh, and I suck at being unambiguous. I plan on fixing that by doing several undetermined things. =]

Great topic. When I manage to pinpoint my most artistic fault (I was going to say unable to focus, but thats just a general fault), I'll plug it.
"This is what comes through to us."
  04 April 2005
I suck at finishing things. If I get an idea, chances are slowly it'll fall apart while I'm doing it. I suck at plenty of other things, but this is one that really irritates me. See my master and servant for a prime example!
Oh, why can't we all paint like lunatique, stahlberg and enayla.....We? Um, I mean me.
I'm working on it though. I also want to be able to do wonderfully dramatic composition, perfect color harmony and amazing anatomical drawings all in perfect perspective.....
I can only dream....and work. I do both, so I'm on the right track. (hopefully!)
  04 April 2005
The thing I suck at most of all and haven't really addressed yet... is backgrounds. Just thinking up one as well as actually creating it. I have trouble thinking of a scene in it's entirety, and tend to pay way too much attention to the characters/figures whatever in a painting, when I know that a background can add just as much atmosphere as the foreground or characters.
  04 April 2005
Three main things of suckiness:
*cutesy things
*the need of reference

I have NEVER been good at doing animals. They tend to come out looking like they have Downe's Syndrome. I've still yet to practice by using my kittie as ref.

I have extreme difficulties doing "cutesy" themes, or traditional/fantasy "beauty" (flowers, ballet-flowing figures, whimsical faeries, etc). I'm pretty much stuck in my realm of horror, which isn't a bad thing since I have a knack for it. So, I'm not really gonna fix this bad thing. But, for once, I would like to give my mom something not disturbing.

I no longer have the talent as I had when I was a teen. I didn't need reference. Heck.. most of my human figures looked just like me, even the females. Nowadays, I need models, photos, and/or Poser to get subject of my imagination reflected right in front of me. I have to fix this by sketching much much more.

  04 April 2005
I also suck at ...well...everything basically.Paperclip - My main problem is not being able to finish anything. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who has this problem. I wonder how many other people have this problem. If it is any concolation to you, you managed to get alot further with your Master & Servant entry than I did. I didn't even post my concept sketches, then I became disheartened and gave up when I saw the standard of entries and kept hitting a brick wall with my sketches. Something else that I am trying to improve at the moment is my figure drawing from imagination. I really struggle if I do not have any reference so I have been reading some books by Burne Hogart which are very helpful, but as you know improvement takes time and practice, which is a very rare commodity when you are holding down a day job and have a 16 month old baby!! Oh well, we must keep plugging away I suppose!
  04 April 2005
Name something that's not character related, I probably suck at it. Backgrounds, costumes, props... Basically anything that requires some technical design skills. I've been struggling with these things for a few years now, but it may already be too late. Doesn't mean I'll stop trying, just that it may never come to me naturally.
  04 April 2005
I don't have a colour sense. I can't judge tonal relationships for myself -- I have to see someone else's work to guide me, and that can be discouraging as they usually make it seem effortless (and I'm talking about *you*, all you geniuses on board here @_@). So I'm going to focus more on experimenting with colour, contrasting, pinpointing what works, doesn't and why, whilst not worrying too much about completion or striving for a masterpiece.

I need to think more about perspective. And my characters have to pose less -- and I don't mean the superhero shots, but the deliberately awkward hand gestures and contortions. Even eccentrics should be caught off guard sometimes.

And there's more, but writing down just those points makes me impatient that I'm not working. It's interesting reading through the replies though, it seems putting yourself down is more natural than I thought. I guess we're the type of people who need that to improve, 'cos we've seen so much to aspire to -- and are just so damn lazy. ^_^
  04 April 2005
As I for the most part am a 'traditional media' artist using charcoal alot, heres where I see myself with art.

I need to use more color in my work. I've used charcoal and conte, but I have never had a successful painting attempt. I need to learn how to paint traditionally, using strong colors and compositional tactics.

In my figure drawings, which have received my most recent attemtps at improvement, I need to loosen up, particularly in my gestures. I need to build them from the inside out, giving them volume, weight and motion. I need to be more confident in placing one continuous contour line at a time instead of 'sketching' them in.

I'm currently enrollled in a figure drawing class where i have a live model for
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  04 April 2005
For those mentioning the color issues... is this really a bad thing? I mean, I prefer doing desaturated images rather than colorful things. Perhaps I have no sense of color (also, I enjoy giving my images a dreamlike approach). When I do add color, i prefer it to have the entire piece be of one hue, or one/two distinct colors emphasizing on particular parts of a b/w image (eyes, lips, hair highlights, blood, etc).

What if... what we believe is bad in minds is actually what sets us apart from everyone else? What if that is our "calling card"? If InterFacer can't make a proportioned figure, what makes it bad? Hell... look at Picasso. Is that realistic? What if we put so much emphasis on what are work should look like based on how we were taught, critiqued, or what we admire (which is usually of a realistic realm of proportion and lighting)?

  04 April 2005

I can never do onteresting exciting angles everything is allways kind of flat because of my problems with perspective. Also, I am good at drawing FROM life but try to paint a character without a model from my head and it s usually a disaster or if its not its a flat angle.
sometimes this also becomes a problem when I m doing 3d, my camera angles are kind of flat too...
I m also struggeling to really FINISH something
  04 April 2005
Boy oh boy, I suck at a ton of things. Main ones are faces, skintones, and sketching.

My faces always look the same; same features, same expressions, same mistakes. I need to practice painting different faces with different expressions. I need to look at faces when I paint sometimes, and then paint a few without.

My skintones always come out looking really chalky and unreaslistic. I need to bring a life-like luster too them, let the glow. I have to do this by practicing too.

And sketching. Hmm...I just can't seem to figure out a good technique to sketching, and I feel that knowing how to sketch is a priority in learning how to properly paint on the computer. I know I should figure this out for myself, but I feel so lost sometimes. I guess I just need to experiment a bit more with sketching.

I have other things I suck at too, but those are the main ones.

  04 April 2005
I suck at everything!

My lighting suck... major suck...
My colors suck...
My compositions suck...
My backgrounds suck...
And pretty much everything else ...

Probably 10 years from now I'll still think I suck...

I like to watch other peoples work and learn (not imitate).
I should observe thing around me (real life) more and think about these things more.

  04 April 2005
I suck at a whole lot of things, but what I can't never really get right is machinery and heavy geometry oriented stuff. Is not just drawing things, is making them up too. Cars, bikes, planes, buildings... I do create some crazy architecture but it's mostly houses, temples, palaces - all very isolated and in a very traditional scale. I suck at urban landscapes.

What I'm doing about it? Nothing. I don't like doing that stuff and don't usually need to do it. The buildings I create are meant do become 3D models, so I really don't need to worry much about it. I just sketch the views, calculate the measures and feed it to Max!
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