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Old 04 April 2005   #16
Movies from the most hated director; Lars von Trier especially Dancer in the dark and Dogville. From the same dogma-group i like Festen very much. Ehm, animation, yes i do like Miyazaki very much furthermore Les triplettes de belleville is worthwhile to mention and the iron giant is probably the best animation ever.

Not only feature-films but also tv-series, commercials and videoclips contains lots of inspiration for me.
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in diffenret ways, different films inpired me, I have to say that on older movies, i love the entire Hitchcock filmography and westerns, but I think that it isnt necessary for a movie to inspire someone, it can be just a small scene or take, in that way, its a long list...
Old 04 April 2005   #18
Originally Posted by Lunatique: Why would we be offended? Steven and I are both writer/directors, and we love film just as much as anything else creative. I'm sure the other Forum Leaders all love film too.

Really happy to hear that. Film just seems to be overlooked a lot in my eyes and I tend to kick shins. Not my place to be telling you what not to do and what you should do, that's all. Nothing really specific.

Originally Posted by jbo: I think you mean David Cronenberg.

...nobody saw that...
't was late anyway.

Thanks Integrity! I'll check it out right away, I've only had internet for a couple of months so.

Cipher, can't believe I overlooked Fargo, thanks for pointing those out to me.

paperclip, seen all of them except Andrei Rublev. Blasted thing is I can't find some of them in my local rental store anylonger. I'll have to resort to some internet searching I guess.

Jannis, I personnally don't like most Dogma's anylonger, I thought they were okay for the first time but that was because fo the actor/story based way of filming. Festen I find an exception though. As for tv-series I always enjoyed the Maxx a lot. And weird shows like Twin Peaks.

edit:daw, I think What Dreams May Come is also an excellent example of what VFX should actually be in movies. To make it all seem real, and augment the story.

Now I'll have to go out and rent me some! And I have so much to do! Does anybody know the name of that movie with the boy who travels ina peach and ends up in Manhattan with his insect friends?

Oh and here's another one that amazed me and would amaze most: Spider, directed by Cronenberg also (if I'm not misstaken)

R, there's much to say for that since it's hard to tell who did what on big producions. But generally I find that some movies have such great talents working in them that they're unmistakable. Or I simply ike the subject, like in Blueberry. I loved the vfx in it and the sound was awesome, so was the score and they all served the idea really well. I'm rambling...stop it..
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Quote: Now I'll have to go out and rent me some! And I have so much to do! Does anybody know the name of that movie with the boy who travels ina peach and ends up in Manhattan with his insect friends?

Yeah cool movie, i's James and The Giant Peach
Old 04 April 2005   #20
That would be James and the Giant Peach (based on a story by Roald Dahl).

I read the book Spider by Patrick McGrath many years back but have never seen the film of it - sort of passed me by that one.
Old 04 April 2005   #21
I've always been inspired by really bad movies like "Plan 9 from Outer Space" because it makes me wonder how something that sh*tty can get made and it also makes me feel hopeful that if someone as bad as Ed Wood can get into Hollywood, then I still have a chance to get in, too.

Other films that inspire me are:
  • "2001: A Space Odyssey"
  • "A Clockwork Orange"
  • "Sin City"
  • "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow"
  • many others...

Old 04 April 2005   #22
One film the inspired me was the anime "Voices of a Distant Star". What I found inspiring was the fact it was 30 minute OVA(Original Video Animation) that was written, produced, and directed by one person, Makaoto Shinkai, on one PowerMacG4. The Animation is a little rought around the edges but its a first class story. I'd recommend it anyone, even those who don't like anime. Its only $12 at best buy and its in english.
Old 04 April 2005   #23
Yeah that was it, James and the Giant Peach! That one was really fun! It's one of the last "strange animations" that I can rent here I think.

Spider is a really intruiging movie if you want to see it, there's some really good acting by the lead actor. And it's weird as hell.
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Old 04 April 2005   #24
I thought 'The thin red line' was an especially beautiful film, inspiring cinematography and the connection between man and nature was really interesting... definately a piece of art in my opinion.
'Spirited away' is pretty amazing visually, and films like Labyrinth and Dark Crystal always inspired me.

Requiem for a dream, La Haine and city of god too

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Old 04 April 2005   #25
I love movies. My top ten consists of about at least a hundred of them... which means I have a hard time picking favourites.

Really inspiring movies?

Try anything by Tim Burton. Even the movies I'm not quite so fond of (O blasphemy!) are stunningly beautiful, filled with rich, intriguing colours and they usually have excellent and stirring music. I've never found another director that affects me so much, visually. Even Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings only comes close - though it's DAMN close. Those would be a second source of inspiration. They're beautiful beyond beautiful. These were my obvious choices.

Less than obvious choices...

Janghwa, Hongryeon -- 'A Tale of Two Sisters'. This is a horror movie, but it is unlike anything else I've ever seen. The colours are stunning. The movie is filled with flowery patterns that show up even in the smallest details. The music is stirring, the mood is eerie, the blood is gorgeous where it seeps through the planks of the floor. The house that the story is set in is gorgeous, the plotline is enchanting and intriguing and strange. The first time I saw this one was a serious wow experience, it's one of the prettiest movies I know.

Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain -- I so hope I got the spelling right. Anyone who's seen this movie will know why I mention it. The colour schemes are insanely beautiful. The mood is wonderful, the girl is stunning, the plotline is whimsical and alluring. Much love for this movie.

La Cité des enfants perdus -- If you haven't seen it... please do. Another of those movies that has such riveting designs, awesome plot, wonderful colours and just... arghgghh... I can't speak well enough about it, honestly, I want to jump up and down in excitement from just talking about it. Wow! Whee!

Dangerous Liaisons -- With John Malkovich and Glen Close. It's a movie about aristocrats in Roccoco France... which in itself would be enough to make me titter. The costume designs are very, very beautiful and the plot is deliciously wicked. I always want to steeple my hands like Mr Burns and go, 'Excellent', whenever I see these people plot away at each others' doom. Sweet.

Requiem for a Dream -- I don't know how something so dark can also be so beautiful. Sigh.

Der Name der Rose -- Another of those... well... plot and scheme movies. The setting of a monastery up in the mountains stirs my imagination in itself. Decadent monks and oh man, Sean Connery really manage to make this one of my favourite movies. The fat man in the tub always makes me want to paint - it sounds weird when I say it, but watch the movie and think about it when you get to that scene (you'll know which I mean), and try to tell me the colour use and the composition and the sheer FORCE of it doesn't just completely stun you. Yeah. Try.
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Old 04 April 2005   #26
Same here! I'll be trying to remember titles for weeks from now. I'm really bad with names though, but I'd hate to kill the suspesne.

Some really good titles here! The ones that I haven't seen I just saw the trailers for. Big thanks people. I've gotta admit I've had the two sisters in my hands a couple of times but I had been disappointed by those kung fu fighter movies, so I let it slip. Haha, so much to catch up. I can remember seeing Sleepy Hollow and Nightmare before CHristmas but that's it I think. Gonna have to look for some, it's been a while for that matter.

Seeing the movies named I can't believe I didn't think to name them before!
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Old 04 April 2005   #27
I'm more of a lurker but i love this kind of discussion.

Have you people seen the latest Jeunet movie A Very Long Engagement? It's as visually stunning as his previous works, it's about a woman's journey (Audrey Tatou again) to find out the whereabouts of her husband during WWI. I guess it's his most expensive feature yet.

For inspiration I recommend watching some old classics and animated short films that show that talent it's worth more than technology:

Metropolis - The granddaddy of Blade Runner, has some of the most influention production design ever crafted, from the female robot that inspired Lucas for C3PO to the towering, multi-leveled skyscrapers that inspired everyone, from Osamu Tesuka to Terry Gilliam, the movie is a timeless Classic. The original had like five hours long but most of it is lost and there are several versions compiled from pieces, some are very crappy. I recommend trying to find the last restoration with almost three hours and a soundtrack that tryes to mimic the original, "Wagnerian" one. The story makes more sense in this one.

Battleship Potemkin - This Russian political drama has some stunning cinematography, some shots from the Odessa riot received a homage from Brian de Palma in The Untouchables. I remember watching it at college for the first time and was mesmerized by the images. Too bad I was the only one that remained until the end of the movie.

i'll leave for lunch and return with more

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Old 04 April 2005   #28
Jan-Mark -- take a look at that site. It's managed to catch a bit of the 'feel' of the movie. I think you'll like it.
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Old 04 April 2005   #29
Thanks Enayla, checking it right now.

Ooohw that looks good! A while back I rentde memento mori, but I didn't ahve the chance to watch it. It seems like these oriental movies are striking way more heart than western(read american) movies are today!

btw, wasn't nightwatch a Swedish movie first? I remember seeing a Swedish movie that was about a magic typewriter, it made what was written come true in real life soon after. Really eerie one.
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Old 04 April 2005   #30
O my.

How could I forget?

Donnie Darko

I love that movie so much. So beautiful, such excellent music...
I can resist everything but temptation.


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