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  04 April 2005
Theatre is my second love. Acting and set design where minors in college. I made a few feable attempts to start a stage career, but it was harder than I expected. Come to think of it, any art career is tough.

I also cook a mean omelette.

  04 April 2005
I don't think that's true about knowledge not being with span or depth. You've got to admit that getting to the frontiers of mathematics will take much longer now than during the Renaissance, when there was just in absolute terms less known mathematics to know. The same for physics - and now there are so many subdisciplines in physics. There is just way more to learn nowadays before you can even approach the frontiers of what is known and add to the sum of human knowledge in the sciences nowadays. And most of what people are researching nowadays is of little to no direct interest to you or me.

As for me, I dabble in stuff and am nowhere near the edges of what is known. I do a little drawing, a little programming, a little sculpting of little sculptures, a little music writing and on and on.


"it is a matter of choices we make in our lives to select what we want and ignore the rest."

That's the thing about the people during the Renaissance that you were initially pointing towards - they were able to span the whole of what was then human knowledge - medicine, engineering, mathematics, sculpture, painting, natural sciences. They weren't ignoring bits and focusing on this or that specifically, which I think is where we got the term Renaissance man.

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  04 April 2005
Its funny, I was thinking about starting a thread just like this a few days ago, then got distracted and didn't : )

In addition to my professional character work, I go home to my art studio and indulge in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, assemblage, collage, music (mostly guitar, but anything I can get my hands on will do), and sometimes writing.

My fantasy is making short animated films that somehow incorporate all of my creative interests.

Mostly I just play with my little boy anymore.
  04 April 2005
Originally Posted by doodlehead: I don't think that's true about knowledge not being with span or depth.

The expression here is that knowledge is infinite. The metaphor signifies there is no limits to it, that is why I used quantitative description.

There is no questioning to the fact that human knowledge has grown in span and depth, which in turn makes it more difficult to cross over, however if we examine the single human being level of activity nowadays, is much higher than that 4 centuries ago. The sophistication of reasoning gets higher with every new generation. Without doing much, we are more accomplished (Renaissance) than someone who lived 4 centuries ago.

Some ideas of Aristotle look so funny for a 10 year old now, but other ideas he brought in are immortal. In general, we may say knowledge is relative to space-time and culture, and the cross-over is inevitable.

  04 April 2005
Originally Posted by adam crockett:
My fantasy is making short animated films that somehow incorporate all of my creative interests.

In architecture, there is a term called a "Total Architect" or a "Master Builder" which denotes someone with diverse mastery of things that lead to constructing one structure. I guess with this technology, it is very realistic that we can train ourselves or the next generation to be Total Artists or Master Artists.

just shaking my head around the Y axis, for amazing!
  04 April 2005
Basically, we are the new auteurs.

au·teur theory
Pronunciation: O-'t&r-
Function: noun
: a view of filmmaking in which the director is considered the primary creative force in a motion picture

Now the director can write, design, create, animate, light, and edit the whole film! To be clear, I'm not thinking feature length, though I don't think thats entirely impossible.
  04 April 2005
my professor says i lack focus... i think so too, but i can help myself... i am too much a sagittarius... heehe

jack of all trades, master of none... i dabble in arts, mathematics, engineering, life sciences, programming, martial arts and poetry.
I am a flawed mirror am I not?
  04 April 2005
I'm a better martial artist than a digital artist... i've also been acting for about 10 years.
"There Really is No Secret"
Martin Brennand - mocha Product Manager - Imagineer Systems
  04 April 2005
I'm just at home with a chunk of wood and a "Foredom Flex shaft " carving tool as I am at 3d modeling in Wings3d or Blender. I started out with the wood carving and moved into making shapes with virtual 3d art somehow. I think that 3d modeling has taught me more about shaping objects as it is a non-destructive more re doable process than working with wood, in which all cuts are final.

Yeah, I look forward to booting up to a PC that has a keyboard that has bits of wood dust in it. Hehehe. That's living. I will promote some of my woodworking products with this computer media stuff at some later day. I may even develop some woodworking DVD's and what not. You have to use everything you know, ya know.

Have fun!
Modeling 3d objects on a 3d Beryl desktop. It's the 21st century, forreal.
  04 April 2005
interesting topic! And fun to see so many interesting people!

I like writing, I do web design professionally, graphic design, photography, im the on-hand fix it man and computer guy, I draw, play guitar, getting better at 2d animation, and I'm learning digital painting and 3d animation. Physics, math, engineering, science, all that stuff always fascinates me.

Lunatique, I had the same discussion with some friends a few years ago, though they disagreed with me. They were not the brightest bunch of blokes and probably just couldn't relate.

Starting to see a trend here....
  04 April 2005
I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. (even drew the General Lee in kindergarten! –I wish I knew where that pic went to)

At work, I'm a graphic designer. That alone entails a number of different disciplines and ranges of knowledge from page layout to color theory to typography to photo manipulation and more.

At home 3D is a hobby, I maintain and improve my house, including things like adding new light fixtures or replacing faulty plumbing. I used to do landscape, irrigation installation and general construction..all different physical "creative" jobs. I used to do jewelry and metalsmithing in college, that was a lot of fun! the space for a small studio would be great right about now

It seems that as long as I get to create something, I'm happy

oh yeah, I cook a lot too

great topic!
"…What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon!?"
"Every day is an opportunity disguised as a challenge" - Tiki Barber
  04 April 2005
My list:
I do some...(any particular order)
drawing, video, 3d, photography, graphic design (web layouts, logo's, covers, labels etc.), programming (some html, php), animation, occasionally some carpentry (If I need another closet or something), philosophy (if you can call it that, mostly me thinking about stuff),...
I might have missed some stuff.

I think (very important), I learn, I explore my possibilities.

Basicly I do a whole lot of things at a decent level. But I can't really say that I excel in anything in perticular.
  04 April 2005
Personally, I am a professional gemcutter, carver, and jeweller...
I also paint for recreation, although I have sold some, also have sold some digital work, which I framed and matted myself, since I also do carpentry and joinery... I have a long-term animation project underway, and am involved in getting together some Stereolithography equipment, so I can combine my interests in sculpture, CG, and gem work, as well as including holography and fiber optics, all things that I have worked with in the past...
(I also play drums, and have a KORG M1 symthesizer in my studio, on which I do a little composition... )
Of course, some of these I specialize in, but I have been studious in absorbing all of these activities, so that if you hand me an airbrush, a flexible-shaft handpiece, or an Oxy-Acetyline torch, not only can I 'hold my own', but I can claim some facility with all...

And, since I live on a sailboat, I also am a decent navigator, mechanic, and general repairman, having done a fair bit of machining and lathe work, as well as rebuilding such things as carburetors for my diesel furnace onboard...

We live in an age when flexibility needs to be the engine that drives our journeys...
  04 April 2005

I kind of forsook most of my old trades to focus into being a painter & draftsman.

But I am a lil bit of a performing artist too, been involved in theatre (acting, light & sound, stage design, make up design, costume design). I used to play the saxophone (soprano and tenor), and the recorder, and a bit of flute and piano too. I also have done some singing though now only loved ones, and the shower could catch me singing. I've also danced...stage thingy when young...Somehow now I am not always mentally prepared for publics.

I also write...I recently picked this up again. I've done graphic design, but it's not my passion (though people bug me a lot for this...!!!@#&$%). I also quit architecture school...but know the trade (unfortunately I kind of have a problem with today's approach towards it). I love philosophizing and wasting time thinking about "stuff", love a challenging argument...Languages too!

Sports never caught me long enough of those...I only liked volleyball and swimming- and karate do, but I prefer dirty fighting. I am desperate to learn Chinese sword fighting but here there are no teachers of that art. Are hiking and mountain biking sports? If so, then I am definitely a lover of these.

Domestic things: cooking, and overall handyman stuff.

Overall and in short, I am a humanities faculty student...so I have a lot from where to fish.

  04 April 2005
First of all, I'm a musician. Not a very good musician, but very versatile, tending to a real calm and experimental style. Beatles, Björk and every Bossa Nova player are my greatest influences. Play guitar, drums and bass (a whole one-man band! heheh)

4 years ago I became a photographer. Lights then became my passion . Studied some physics, but it was too abstract for me, since I have nothing more than high-school physics. Still, the creative side of photography kept with me. Recently, VERY influenced by architecture and arts, mainly oriental.

2 years ago I opened 3DStudio Max for the first time. WOAH! that was SO amazing! a whole universe was opening in front of my eyes. Of course, I still can't really understand what is this universe. Some difficulties with 3dstudio led me to 2D -> Photoshop and Painter (this one really stays in my heart. lovely!)

My father ALWAYS wanted me to be a medic (he is and my sister is about to graduate), so he would teach me every thng about the human body.

I almost forgot: 2 years formally studing theatre, plus some independent researches that halped me a LOT in animating.

Summaryzing: I play guitar (7 years), bass (4 years) and drums (2 years), I'm a fotographer (4 years) and i'm learning the power of 3D (2 years). And know lots about the human body because of my family and I can act. Oh, I'm 18 years old.

It's not even NEAR to what I wanted to be. I believe that an artist should be much more flexible.
Animator and TD
MSN - umanotaseusilvio@hotmail.com

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