Thoughts on the Master and Servant theme

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  03 March 2005
You are not being confusing at all with english. I can actually read and lsiten to english without any problems, also speaking and writting, it's more when it comes to some terms etc. But i'm getting used to it. As for the french from candana and from france, it's about the same yes, with some difference. One can clearly understand the other, pretty much like english from USA and those from UK.

Back to the subject.. I too thought that it would be a bit hard to really illustrate the master/servant theme with this idea.. But i did not think of anything else to date. Though i still have plenty of time to think of another concept or find another way to illustrate one of those two... But hm... It's still food for thought because i didn't want to go into the typical too obvious master/servant relationship...

I'll see i guess.. Since for now i cannot do a thing since Photoshop decided to enter the freezing festival once again (long story.. D: ), i'll be able to just juggle with the ideas in my head. Or i could try and learn more how to use Painter but i'm not feeling comfortable enough in it to paint something meant to be used for a challenge with it (not that i would win or anything, but still.. I'd like to be at ''my best'' and since i am used to PS... ah well, too much talking and rambling, like always...)

Well well this is it. Written enough for now.
  03 March 2005
Originally Posted by Ilikesoup: It's interesting how some people throw out sketch after sketch as they develop their ideas, while others write paragraph after paragraph before they do a single sketch.

Drat, I've rambled off topic.

I did not read all of your post before writting mine but now i read this and i feel kind of pointed at! [insert exagerated surprised face here]. But no worries hehe. I do write paragraphs after paragraphs just throwing ideas here and there, but that's the way i am.

Thoguh i guess just carelessly sketching random ideas on the subject could be better for me, to get my little artsy hand back...

On the other hand, i tend to always write too much. If you see soemone writting 25 lines for something that could be written in 3, that's me!

(Sorry about the double post)
  03 March 2005
imo Ilove all the themes, it's the way they're portrayed that's creative, even when it's a newbie, it's just great to see the humongous amount of talent here
Quote: Originally Posted by urg
Didn't I tell you? I'm rowing over to save money. Wish me luck!

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  03 March 2005
Hm, Does anyone know if it's possible to do two themes, side by side, but only submit one of them as the 'final image'. I honestly can't decide between these two ideas that I suddenly have and I'd like to develop both images fully to see which is 'better' of the two.

I can resist everything but temptation.


Painting eyes
Painting hair
  03 March 2005
I don't think that's a problem Linda.
I seem to recall that question came up in previous challenges and it was ok.
  03 March 2005
I don't why there would be a problem either Linda. As long as you have all the milestones for the one you pick to be the final.

I was thinking of doing something similar since i had some concepts in mind and having them in the same piece would be way too confusing for the viewer (and probably myself. )

By the way, thanks to those who responded to my posts and gave me their opinions. Helped a lot, i'm now going on a new track.

P.S.: Nice new avatar Enayla!
  03 March 2005
I've seen people submitting loads of different ideas as concepts. It's probably fine.

In the FAQ section it states that you can't have multiple entries, but everything submitted is a milestone. Maybe you should post a question there to clear it up.
modelling practice #1

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  04 April 2005
Wow excellent thread!

I've got a dilemma here guys, could you help me out?

1. First of all I'd like my entry to carry a message...thinks that's important, cause art makes a difference and if it can help others in life that's a huge think imo.

2. I love humour, but this is a bloody serious issue in the world today (even inside families, in countries, at workplaces, hierarchy just IS everywhere...) so I thought I'd take it seriously...
I thought of addiction being a number one problem to millions...(drugs, alcohol, smoking...etc). So I thought I'd try do an image that warns us about these dangers (you can't warn people about this enough!

3. Cliché - not cliché, this one's a tough one, cause I chose a VERY cliché relationship (puppet), but gave it a twist (at least I think so)

arrrgghhh gotta go, will check back later, couldn't finish this post,

Q: does my image carry a clear message? and could it be original, but cliché at the same time?

check back later!
  04 April 2005

@ Adamos: I think your image (the self-pupeteer) is great.. which introduces an interesting Master and Servant angle worth exploring. One person who is both master and servant and how that affects him as a whole- It's similar to the concepts where love, or any emotion, is the master, but you included habits and addictions, in other words even things which are not as deeply rooted as love and such. In other words, anything that influences the way we behave, particularly when it advances to being compulsive but even before then.

Slave to our tastes and preferences, to our hobbies and pasttimes? When and when not? Interesting food for thought.

Reading your thread also sparked the realization that a artist/performer can be a servant to his audience and fans.
  04 April 2005
ah yes,master and servant.

my entry is kinda metaphorical.explaining how we are controlled by media etc.

however the *metaphorical* meaning isn't very clear,which is great,cos i like to make people think.

i like the challenge,i like all challenges.

its also interesting how people are motivated more ,when there are prizes at hand.which is sumthin else i had an idea for an entry,but let it slip.

i kinda annoys me how an art newbie,sumone who has never drawn before in thier life, posts up an entry and gets tons of help with it,then when they go to post in the WIP forum,they get no response.which is kinda sad,because people shud be willing to help others without wanting a wacom cintiq or painter

i urge many people new to art to get in on the challenge.

phew...kinda drifting off topic now...hah! sorry i do that allot.i like to get me views out.

all the entries look fantastic so far.

good luck to everyone,and don't get discouraged.
  04 April 2005
So, who are your favorites to win so far?
  04 April 2005
Cliché is not always a bad thing- if handled right. ;-) Most people tend to forget about this. We can't be constantly demanding avant garde pieces, sometimes is good to re-visit and re-vision the past (which is from where cliché is formed).

  04 April 2005
Originally Posted by oz haver: Cliché is not always a bad thing- if handled right. ;-) Most people tend to forget about this. We can't be constantly demanding avant garde pieces, sometimes is good to re-visit and re-vision the past (which is from where cliché is formed).

Actually, I consider Clichés being very bad.

If you use clichés in a smart way, then it's masterfull.
  04 April 2005
Well, there is a theory going around that there are only about 36 stories that were ever told. That is in one way or the other. It stands to reason considering that the amount of emotions we experience is limited. So in simplified form it could be tru, then infinitely varying it is a must I think because a lot of stories are standing out on their own. But I guess it indeed turns into clich'e sometimes.
modelling practice #1
  04 April 2005
Actually, we discussed that in the Writing & Style course.

Basically, it is almost impossible to depart completely from the 36 plots. If you are an illustrator you will work with plots quite a lot...anyone versed and witty enough can find cliché in any work/artist. In the end everything can become cliché by simple overuse. However, I love cliché when it comes to comedy (parody mostly). I still don't think it is always a bad thing. Then again I don't see the world in black and white; I stick to the grey.

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