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  03 March 2005
Unhappy Learn to draw proper

Hello all.

Am 19 years old, and I cant draw sh*t but I would like to be able to draw like the leading concept artists. I am aware of that it takes practice and that they have been drawing for many years, heres my question. Do you believe that anybody can learn to draw? Is it too late for me to start lerning now, when I am 19? I believe that nobody is born to draw, some have better imagination then others, but isnt the ability to draw just like to speak or write? Or is it something in the great artists genes / brain that others dont have?

If it isnt something you are born with, a talent. If it is generated by trial and error, does everybody have equal chance in getting good at drawing, no matter age? For example, if I would start to learn a foren language at this age, i wouldnt be able to learn it as quick/good as i would when i was about 10, do you think its the same with drawing? Many of the good artists have been drawing at young ages, is it harder to learn to draw when one is 15+?

As i sead, i am 19 years old and my drawing skills are limited. I understand the basics of drawing, the propotions and perspectives, and it looks so easy when feng and the others at gnomons concept videos does it, but when i start drawing lines on the paper everything goes wrong. The propotions are messed up, the perspective is wrong, line quality really bad etc. Do I have any chance in learning to draw properly, in 1,5,10 years? Or should I just give up since iv started this late and just admire those who really can draw.

Sorry for bad grammar and spelling,
  03 March 2005
anyone can learn to draw, I didn't start until I was 18, all it takes is practice practice and more practice, draw images you see in magazines, draw whatever you see, draw as often as you can and draw whatever you can, don't stop studying how light falls on objects.
  03 March 2005
Just draw you'll get better
  03 March 2005
If you really want to then you can do it, Jason Manley of conceptart.org started when he was 19 I think, and i know it's nice to know how others did it, but just find your own way and draw non stop.
  03 March 2005
I was in your position just a few months ago - wondering if drawing talent is innate and if I should bother training that skill. Through threads on this site, I found this book:

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

and I would wholeheartedly recommend it if you can find it or buy it online. The book will help that lightbulb above your head turn on, but keeping it powered will still be a matter of practice.

My drawing skills have improved in a short time - while it's still crap, it's leaps and bounds ahead of where I was half a year ago. Practice makes perfect, but knowing what/how to practice was the key for me.
  03 March 2005
Originally Posted by cyartist: Just draw you'll get better

This man has the correct answer.
  03 March 2005
I didn't have a formal drawing class until I was in my 20's, but I scribbled and doodled in the margins of my papers my whole life. I was amazed at how much my technique and personal style emerged under instruction, rather than just drawing on my own.
There are those who have an incredible natural gift for drawing, and your typical concept artist probably started out amazing their grade school teachers with their artistic abilities. Drawing is just like any other thing: you get better at it with practice, and some will be better at it than others. It's important not to set your bar too high and to realize that it's going to take a while. You wouldn't pick up a cello at age 19 and say "I'm going to play the Dvorák cello concerto like Jaqueline du Pré," and neither should you pick up a pencil and say "I'm going to draw cool robots like Feng Zhu. RIGHT NOW!"
I suggest you start out taking a drawing class, or at least pick up a drawing book and practice, practice, practice. I know it sounds totally lame, but start out by practicing drawing in perspective, drawing lines to your horizon points and all that good stuff that any "beginning drawing" book will tell you about. Draw cubes in perspective, or spheres, or cones, or any primitive shapes, then slowly move onto more difficult subject matter. If you draw from a photograph, flip the photograph upside down and then draw it. It will help your brain really look at the photo objectively, and help you define the true shape rather than what your brain perceives.

Anyway, good luck. Keep drawing!

  03 March 2005

You should try and take classes at a local community college, I here from a lot a people that I've talked to, that they went in there not knowing how to draw at all, and now they do it for a liveing. But that can only go so far, pratice, pratice, and more pratice is required to become better at it.

I do think anyone can learn to draw, paint and do cartwheels upside down on top of a plane while riding a uni-cyicle if they have the will to do so. Look into a few books, perhaps some one to teach you a few things personaly, and pratice evry night. You dont have to try and make a whole master peice evrynight, you can just doodle.

You can even post your stuff on this here website in the WIP forums and get it critiqed. Dont worrie what people will think about what you post, the fact is you are going to be told what is wrong with your picture, and then you will know what to do to correct it and perhaps not make the same mistake twice. I have found that being hard on your self and not taking other peoples crits personaly but seriously will improve your work a lot.

I would start out by doing a lot of sketching, I've found this to be a huge peice to improvment. Also when sketching dont just sketch the same thing in the same position over and over, but mix it up a bit, make it more intresting so you and who ever looks at your sketches wont become bord with the work.

Just a few thoughts, theres a lot more to it then that, but Im sure you know that. Good luck to ya! I hope you will get to were you are going. And welcome to CGtalk!
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  03 March 2005
Well my friend, I'm 22 and I still don't know what I wanna do with my life.
I recently started drawing, and doing some digital painting in Photoshop.
I will tell you that 2 months ago I could barely draw stick figures with life, and now I'm drawing landscapes and figures. I'm certainly not good but I am getting much much better.

Please draw. Never ever consider yourself too old to start doing something. I'm sure you are aspiring to be a illustrator/animator or something. Just keep in mind that you'll probably change your "career" many many times in your life.

Life is a complete waste of time and you should just do whatever the hell you please.
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  03 March 2005

Chuck Jones once said, "Anyone can draw, it's just getting past the first 10,000 bad drawings..."

So if you do 2D animation you'll get there a good bit faster. I know when I was doing 2D animation and pumpiing out a couple of hundred sheets a day that I was improving weekly. Just wish I was still doing that.

Even if you're doing simple shapes you're still training your muscular memory and control to be able to do things that you couldn't do before. Take a small book with you wherever you go and work in it when you're waiting on something. This can be anything from going to a restraunt and waiting for food to going and sitting on the toilet. Your mind can always find stuff for you hands to do so put them to use even if it is drawing something simplistic as triangles, boxes, spheres and simple shading techniques. If you work hard enough you'll see things happen week to week. Even if I have to put down the pen for a week I can tell that I need to loosen up next time I draw again.

Hope that helps.

rock on
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  03 March 2005
Hey, thanks for all your posts, now I got my hopes up again!
Im really glad that I still have a chance, I'll do as you say, draw as much as I possebly can. I'v heard about "drawing on the right side of the brain" and its supposed to be really helpful for beginners, so thats defenitly something for me. I am just about to finis "gymnasiet" here in sweden, I think its the same as highschool, so now I can choose a collage as a concept artist and really improove my drawing skills.

Once again, thanks alot for all your posts, now Im right back on track and motivated!

Kind regards,
  03 March 2005

my friend told me the other day he didn't even pick up a pencil until his mid 20's!

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  03 March 2005
If that fellow from conceptart.org is the one I am thinking if, his progression was amazing! Is he the one who kept on online visual diary and posted something every day? If I recall he started off with spheres and squares (and not particularly good ones at that) but every post you could see improvement. His latest stuff is pretty darn good.
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  03 March 2005
MindCandyMan is an inspiration to all people who want to become artists. He's improved more in 2 years than most people would in 10. He started out not being able to draw cups and now he can draw anything with near perfection. I should point out that he got classical training at an atelier, Pantera Studios, I believe. Personally I think you should find an atelier(a school modeled after French art academies). They specialize in classical art techniques and can push you in the right direction. Check out www.artrenewal.org for a complete listing of ateliers in your area.

I didn't start drawing till I was 19 too...I don't think age matters too much. What does matter is willingness to learn and improve. And always keep positive...no one ever got anywhere by having a self-defeatist attitude, right?
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