Have ideas, but cant draw or model them..

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  03 March 2005
if you can look at your own drawings and anylitically state that "they suck", you are a full step ahead of most begining artists; even the ones who you may think have more skill than you.

this was sort of touched on in one post, but drowned out by all of the "just take a sketchbook and keep drawing, you'll get better"

in part this is true, you need to practice alot, but noone offered an explanation why. its only half an answer, and in fact, its only half the solution. "practice" alone in this case, i must admit, does not make perfect.

when people look at my own 2d artwork, i usually get the "wow, your just a natural born artist". this i am proud to say is absolute b.s. in truth i am completely and uttely terrible. when put on the spot to draw an image, chances are any employer who saw the first 2 minutes of progress would fire me on the spot. yup, i suck that bad.

now, if that same employer were to come back a mere 3 minutes later, he'd be overjoyed with the result and offer me the keys to the executive washroom.

so, what happens in those 3 minutes to make such an awe inspiring difference? well, its basically the exact same thing thats happening to you. you imediately realize that your work sucks. however, rather than giving up, i analyze the image.
i make mental notes as i go scribbling rough shapes as to what exactly makes it suck. and then adjust them untill they suck less.
whether you are drawing from photo reference, a live model, or straight out of your head, you KNOW when something looks wrong. the thing that will put you 2 steps ahead now is finding out WHY.
if your drawing a face, think to yourself, why does it suck. maybe the nose is too big, eyes too far apart, ears too low. in the earliest stages of your scribbling you should be analyzing these things and correcting as you go. without even knowing anything technical about perspective or light and shadow, you should easily be able to pick out and correct aspects that are "wrong".

this concept is fairly universal and can be applied when analyzing form, lighting, mood, etc.
as you progress and practice, your early sketches will become alot more refined, especially if you draw the same subject alot.

every thing else is technical. the use of a pencil and how it functions, all the way to a 3d software, are fairly simple to grasp, and generally just involve practice and experimentation.

basically what im saying is that the key to becoming good at drawing or 3d or really anything else is understading why you arent good at it in the first place. and as far as style, thats all in your imagination, and if you can learn to draw out your imagination onto paper or pixel, you'll be a few steps ahead of even some of the experienced artists.


and yes, i have fought with every art "teacher" i have every had...
and won
  03 March 2005
Originally Posted by Kickflipkid687: Hi,

I always have ideas that I want to 3d model or draw out, liek characters or something, but then when I attempt to draw them out so i can use as a reference when modeling it looks like total crap and I get mad and give up... Anyone have any ideas what I could do to keep myself going or something. I always do this, and I hate it.


Consetration without love is like waking up in a cheap motel next to a girl you have no clue what's her name is.

But your problem is that you seek to impress. You want to be desired and adored. But that won't happen.

There is no formula to success. Or to love.

So it all comes down to "do you want it or not?" But no one truly gets what they want.They just compromise.

Art is not a string of imagination pulled from thin air, It is technical and cold. What gives life to it is your exprerience displaced on it.

In the end, the things you make or do is just an expression exposing your inner secrets long forgoten by time.
  03 March 2005
Originally Posted by Kickflipkid687: Hi,

I always have ideas that I want to 3d model or draw out, liek characters or something, but then when I attempt to draw them out so i can use as a reference when modeling it looks like total crap and I get mad and give up... Anyone have any ideas what I could do to keep myself going or something. I always do this, and I hate it.


hey, we're common in this way... and everytime i pull out my sketchbook same thing happened.. though we all have differences i want to share some thoughts based on my own...

each time i fall into this habbit i always take time to browse for others work, artists which i look up into, for inspiration.. then i get back or trace back what's left on my mind and thru this i always found myself holding a scratch paper and started to draw-rough... then i look into something that would help me (a method or something) to begin and whenever i caught in the situation that my brains/imagination suddenly freezes bcuz of desperation/work-crapness i'll stop awhile and stop focussing on what i am doing and ponder on others creation or leave do something else sometimes push back and look into my work... and i think that gives me the momentum....
i thought of giving up... but my spirit won't let me...
  03 March 2005
Originally Posted by pongball: Matt, give this a go:

1. Buy a small inexpensive sketchbook w/a hardcover that you can take about

2. Pick basic 2d shapes (square, triangle, ellipse, circle, rectangle, etc) and draw them in 3d, at any angle. Do this for 10 pages straight. Do not combine any of the shapes, just draw each form in every angle possible using 1pt, 2pt, and 3pt perspective (do not attempt 4, 5, or 6 point perspective, they're rarely used, leave those to extremely advanced things).

3. Now for the rest of the sketchbook, i want you to combine the shapes in every way imaginable, as complex as you want. You can 1)add forms 2)subtract forms 3)intersect forms, etc. Try doing wireframe type sketches for 10 pages, then move to simple solid forms for another 10 pages, then move to simple shaded for another 10 pages, etc.

This is simply an exercise in drawing that gets your mind working in 3 dimensions, so that when it comes time to draw your chr, your ship, your car, etc, you think in 3 dimensions, and visually projecting that becomes so much easier.
Happy drawing

hey mate...
did step1 last week.
doing step2 currently. its fun.
will do step3 in time to come. life drawing and all.

hey matt...
the boat just got warmer, man.
i animate. been doing so for 2 years now. and i never did draw earlier. till i read hundreds of interviews which only emphasised 'thumbnails' above all else.
i'm determined. it's possible. i will swim ashore. and i know you too will, with all the determination you got.

  03 March 2005
Really thanks for your advice . I had the same problem as the topic starter, and always give up.

Tomorrow i go to the local bookstore or something and buy me a sketchbook.

Really thanks
"Pushing the leevers up and down"

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  03 March 2005
this whole thread reminds me to get back to a pen and paper, since i've been a professional, i've stopped sketching except for the rare occasion. Even those of us who already make a living with our art need sometimes to take a step back to the basics. I think i might go draw tonight at the cafe, one of my favorite drawing excercises (for muscle memory, not to improve my eye) is copying from a book, i personally love to copy from this book: Constructive Anatomy by Bridgman, it's a fantastic art book and it's cheap. Or, Borders sometimes has these books on medieval weaponry or guns, i've bought several of these and just drawn designs from the weapons (usually not the weapon itself, just it's ornaments) it's a great way to train your hand. My eye is still pretty good, but i reccomend a life drawing class that utilizes gestures heavily to develop your eye, gestures are an amazing way to quickly develop hand-eye coordination, trying to sketch out a human in motion in less than 30 seconds and have it recognizable is difficult to get right. Good luck, and this whole thing has inspired me to get back to it myself, Thanks guys
"If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles." - Sun Tzu
  03 March 2005
i have got alot of thing. i wanna other's view more.
  04 April 2005
Hey, so I'm not usually one to recommend books, especially books about drawing because in my experience it's usually alot of an artist showing of their skills, but not actually instructing much. The exception that I would give to this is a book called "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". It's all about different methods that anyone can use to train their eye to draw. The thing that I found really good about it is that it explained alot of theory behind drawing techniques that I did not know before and that really helped me. It talks alot about observing reality and making sure you are actually drawing what you observe versus what you think you know is there. There are also alot of easy little exercises that you will do (if you go through the steps in the book) that will immediately and noticeably improve your drawings. Like mastering any new skill it's alot of work and really difficult, but I found that this book at least explained things in a way I could understand and that opened alot of doors for me.

I also agree with the earlier suggestion of carrying a sketchbook. Practice and observation will get you a long way. Hope this helps.
  04 April 2005
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