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  03 March 2005
i can turn very difficult problems into easily solvable bits and pieces and that really helps me when i do some sort of cg-related scripting (like actionscripting in flash etc), i've noticed not everyone can just break everything down to basics again and get that to work before working on advanced solutions to the problem, think in steps (and learn to take a few steps back) instead of always writing messy code or getting stressed because it doesn't work. (certainly with programming it's normal you have conflicts in your code, breaking it down or even starting a whole piece over again often saves time over breaking your head for several hours straight)

also i need structure, but not in everything (e.g. my room and workspace is always messy, i need a little bit of mess to work in) but on my computer the files need to be structured.. i would even format my pc every once in a while just for the sake of getting rid of all those files that got spread around over time.

furthermore the night-rhytm ofcourse, it's just so much more relaxing if you can work late at home when everyone else is asleep.. you just turn on a little lounge music, fill up a glass of iced-tea and let the creative process begin. it also helps to have a broad range of interests, because you can get stuck with a few weeks of 'graphics block' (as we call it here) where you really can't get any good lines down on paper or good ideas to pop out of your head, in that case it's always good you can do some more routine tasks cg has to offer.
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  03 March 2005
A bit colour blind!

A bit blind in general!

Very lazy!

Love to work wierd hours.
I do love the fact that I think it is a job that you can still do when you are 80!
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  04 April 2005
Heh, I'm very lazy too. Well, 'very' isn't the word -- it's like a black hole of inactivity. I can have the stress of exams, not having studied or practiced music, the build-up of not having attended to the leftovers of last times' buildup all piled on my head and I'll still just *sit* there, reading or whatever irrelevant activity... For the rest of the day. I'm doing it right now. XD

It does help a lot with finding time for art, but I'm aware my mind is training itself to exert effort on only the things it absolutely wants to. So... it's a bad, stupid thing that I should stop. >_<
  04 April 2005
Well, artists,

I am living with a chronic illness, and art keeps me sane...
  04 April 2005
Man, there's alot of vision-impaired people here! Maybe I should up my font value and change the color.

My imagination pretty much thrives off of an "interesting" childhood, depression, anxiety, and stress. No prescription reliever nor illegal drugs to alleviate nor enhance it. If I stay f*cked-up, so will my pieces. But, get me in a good mood... my imagination dwindles and I am worth nothing.

I had a few projects lined-up that may have taken till mid-summer to complete, but felt so good knowing that I was finally doing well and making money (doing paintings that really didn't fill my taste for the "bizarre"), I lost total thought of HOW to paint. I gave up on all the projects, putting me into a downward spiral of depression, enhancing my ability to do my typical themes again.

I live off of my pain. I think that's why I "enjoy" coming here; I feel so out of place and rejected here that it only feeds my "illness" (rejected in a sense that I use Poser for model reference, and out of place because of my dark subject matter).

  04 April 2005

Quote: Signal to Noise said:I'm ugly. Me =

I share that condition. I am under the impression that alot of artists are alienated at some point in their life and it helps to give an open mind towards curiousities.

Lessee, I can consider myself obsessive-compulsive, yesterday I discovered scoundrels charged $2,164 to my credit report. 6/04 I moved out of slum. 8/04 I called to make sure everything was ok, as far as landlord confirmation, AND TransUnion report confirmation. All was well. $0 balance $0 owed. 9/04 they charged me $2,164 for an unkown reason and put forth absolutely no effort to contact me reguarding the matter. I discovered this yesterday (04/05/05)at work, 4 hours before I got off work. Got a migraine during the 4 hours, left work and drove directly into 6:00 traffic. I still have my TransUnion report from last year, thank goodness.

Manic Depressive, Everytime I take a step forward, or something is given, something is taken away. For instance, If I find a full time Job. At some point my car will break down. Never fails. I spend all my earnings on fixing my car. Learning new CG programs: fun once I learn them, but always takes at least a few months of being a hermit. Sometimes even with no success(maya) Everytime something good happens, something bad of equal or more magnitude is bound to happen. Not much has happened lately for example because I proceed in all things with extreme caution. To almost a full neutrality which noone understands. When I am over the hump, There'll be much artworks from me. The trouble is not over, see paragraph above this one.

Overall, I got hip to the paranoic-critical method way too early on in life, and involuntarily apply it to about every situation in some way or shape. Yin-and-Yang. I suppose it helps. And being brainwashed into some gonzo form of mysticisms doesn't hurt as long as I keep it to myself. The imagination is vast., now if I could only figure out the sciences to apply.

Eventually I want to try using my left hand to draw.
And it's not my problem everybody else in the rest of the world is all messed up.

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  04 April 2005
Good gawd.....

I think The Click is my manifested self-doubt and life force. Or, is it me as a voice in my head that has taken a flesh-form and has typed it from some other realm?

Now, I am confused... must go home now... must do... artwork...

  04 April 2005
I think any change in "condition" can help. The thing is if you're in a different state, you see, hear, smell things differently, you focus on things you've never noticed before.

For me, the best creative time is right before falling asleep. My thoughts and "problems" are shuffled around, reorganized, infered upon... If I can managed to write that stuff down before really falling asleep, then I got great stuff to work on in the morning.
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  04 April 2005
Originally Posted by Jean Genie: ... If I can managed to write that stuff down before really falling asleep, then I got great stuff to work on in the morning.

Me too exactly,
Creep out of bed,.... lite up a smoke (sorry non smokers) and start scribbling.

Ok another method follower
The terminal velocity of individual particles is directly related to pink rabbits on a bank holiday.
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  04 April 2005
well, i seem to be in good company here.
I'm red-green deficient, but my perception of value is very good, I sleep about 3-4 hours a night, and I'm a bit manic depressive. I'm on an upswing right now, so nothing gets me down.
  04 April 2005
It's maybe a bit of a foolish question to pose here but here goes.

Anybody here ever stare at the screen for so long that all depth perception went bye bye? A while back I had the problem, it happens when I try to see depth in all the great artworks around here. But they're mashing my brains!!! Help me!!!
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  04 April 2005
Thumbs up

Originally Posted by PaulGanguly: I had to comment on this thread because I did something the other day that just straight freaked me out. In addition to the above (which are oddities that I think add to my art, specifically the thing about the glasses) I was told as an exercise to 'loosen up' when doing gesture drawings in my figure drawing class the other day.

What better way to loosen up but to use your non-dominant hand?

So I, being right handed, started using my left.

My left hand kicked my right hands ass.

Well, not really, but for some reason, I was much more able to distinguish the sillhouette of the figure, and get a much more accurate representation, although the finished product was sketchy in comparison to the usuall pretty precise work of my right hand.

It's like my left hand couldn't lie, so to speak. I couldn't get it to put the lines that I wanted to be there, but I could get the lines that werein fact there.

So I decided that my left hand had not been 'trained' the technique that my right hand had, thus when I had the opportunity to finish some of the ones that I had started with my left hand, I used my right hand to add the proper shading and tones.

It's kind of an annoyance to switch hands, but hey, if the finished product is all the better for it, then why not?

Using your not dominant hand get's you very interesting compositions! And suprisingly original lineart! I do that quite often! Better than drugs and alcohol together! Ooops did I say that loud?! hehe

seriously I mean it!

  04 April 2005
Originally Posted by jmBoekestein: Anybody here ever stare at the screen for so long that all depth perception went bye bye? A while back I had the problem, it happens when I try to see depth in all the great artworks around here. But they're mashing my brains!!! Help me!!!

It seems normal to me that this happens. When you're watching 3d on a screen, your brain makes up for depth that isn't there. It can't be fooled forever. I would say that by nature your brain wants to see things in many ways, change perception. But if you keep staring at the same screen for a while, it will see the depth and after a while, the flatness of the screen and get confused.

When that happens, my bet is a little walk or a little nap would fix things up.
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  04 April 2005
ADHD... or lack of sleep... or just plain ol' insanity.

Its one of those. I'm pretty sure its causing the others.
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  04 April 2005
depression. i am overwhelmed by it 80% of the time. my creativity goes way up when i'm sad.
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