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  03 March 2005
No one wants to post after I revealed my 'secret'. Uh oh.
  03 March 2005
I'm insane, that's my condition. I haven't figured out if it helps or hinders my artistic sense though. I'll have to get back to you on that one.
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  03 March 2005


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  03 March 2005
Lol paperclip!

Sounds like you're dealing with it just fine! I'm tlling you, I think you're dead on. When I'm working on my computer I often have the tlelevision on for distraction but the sound's a little too distracting so I turn it way down. I've seen all my tapes a gazillion times anyway, lol.

The part of the brain dealing with images however is really big, I think being blind though must be terrible.

Hey you say people have to repeat themselves and that you speak with them. You lip-read?

btw, van Gogh had a rare form of epilepsia which happens in his image procesising brain parts, notice how the colours on his paintings are alqay kind of weird. He probably actually saw them like that. Weird aint it?
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  03 March 2005
Talking ...

Dyslexia: But man does it make me push myself to my limits. I learn much faster by doing rather than reading (Also "visually" it sticks better in my memory). I believe if I wasn't dyslexic - I would have gone down a different career path (electronics, etc) - But because I am, I really have analyzed visual/audio elements all my life, shapes, colours, human/animal movements, noises, etc.
Originally Posted by odubtaig: ...I'm truly introspective with a great understanding of emotions through self-analysis and strong empathetic ability.

Me too!
  03 March 2005

Yes indeed, I do lipread and pretty well too, although since i got my implant (aged 11), I've been able to use both that and lipreading. My implant is good for most things, I can figure out what most things are, can distinguish instruments in music but have a problem with speech-- it's because everyone speaks with different accents, different inflections, speed, emphasising different parts of's so complicated! I could probably understand about a quarter of what you said without looking, much more if I know you well. Lipreading fills in the rest
Another thing is that I rely heavily on body language to tell me what someone is talking about, like anyone else really, but maybe a bit more? Hard to tell. If they are talking sadly, I'll know they are talking about sad things and have a context to work from.... you know what I mean. I am also very sensitive to light levels, having to 'read the face' means that you need good light and talking to someone with their back to the light is a no-no....
Hope this helps. One of the toughest things about having a 'difference' is that you need to work around others' preconceptions about people with that disability and I know people do have them, I experience that myself when faced with people with a disability that I don't know anything about. Disability is such a negative type of word though and one that I wouldn't really use. Ok, enough talking and more CG!
  03 March 2005
i have 20/200 vision, thats legally blind.

i have NO depth perception (so 3d is like 2D to me)


My whole life, ive only been able to see things up close, therefore i remember details better. I model things beter than my bro, hes been at it for 3 years, i just started 2 months ago.

Somehow i have a photographic memory too, and then when im understanding math i can be a programming wiz
  03 March 2005
I'm a bit too sensitive as a personality, which i concider to be bad generaly, but it helps with the art a lot. I catch up details most people don't bother with. The problem is usualy nobody cares if i do more detailed work or not. Its just for my own satisfaction most of the time.

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  03 March 2005
I just need to have good music playing in the background. Genre specific music that is.
  03 March 2005
An accident at the emergency room during my birth left me with a crippled right arm and hand.
That forced me to think up ways to pull off tasks you'd need two hands for with just one hand. That started off with lifting a glass or balancing a cup on a saucer when I was about 3, to lifting heavy objects or tying my shoe laces as I grew older. I guess it helped with concentration and oh yeah persistance! I never give up on something no matter how much time I spend. I just keep working at it until I figure out a way to get it done.

I remember being very clumsy using my left hand so I might have been right handed, don't know if it's related but I can draw a sketch upright or upside down with out any problems.
  03 March 2005
mash, having obstacles to get over sure does make you perseverant.... (millennia in speech therapy, i know what I'm talking about). I'm kind of surprised actually, a lot more people here have depression than I would have thought. I wonder if it's a condition peculiar to more creative people, I know a lot of artists who suffer from depression. Are they related?
  03 March 2005
I have just found out I am Dyslexic to and might have scopic sensitivity syndrome but it does not help my art because I am rubbish! I am on a degree that is all wrong for me (Electronic Engineering) becuase it is all theoretical and I learn from doing stuff. There are things I have a hard time with and there are things I really excel at, the difference between them is quite shocking.

I think dyslexia is what gives me a drive to learn, study and practice art when I can. It is like that is how I get high! I spend a disturbing amount of time just thinking stuff up and I believe it is the reason for my creativity.

I cant explain it but when I am under lots of pressure my dyslexic traits begin to show up, otherwise I can compensate for them quite well. Once I graduate I really want to begin learning and teaching myself stuff because most of these courses just dont agree with me at all even though the subject matter is interesting to me.
  03 March 2005
Originally Posted by paperclip: I wonder if it's a condition peculiar to more creative people, I know a lot of artists who suffer from depression. Are they related?

I don't know about that, but I've never liked settling or accepting my circumstances. This was also what kept me up at night when I get a really good idea, I don't stop until I've realised the idea and not just call it a day when I can't go on or feel I've come half way through. Sometimes it feels good, but on certain occasions the pressure and the enormity of a certain goal I feel I must accomplish in life bears down on me. Not wanting to give up but at the same time not knowing how to go on. I guess that might be where depression stems from for some people?
  03 March 2005
i can be quite the insomniac myself...i would come home from the lab at school around 10pm and go back to work until 11am sometime....been slacking lately sleeping pattern changes every now and then...right now i am going to bed too early...night time is the best time to work....peace and quite gets the creative juices helps too...i would come home from the lab at school around 10pm and go back to work until 11am sometime....been slacking lately sleeping pattern changes every now and then...right now i am going to bed too early...

when u die you will have all the time to sleep
  03 March 2005
me noctarnal

i like most of us in our institute belive designer are nocturnal creatures. i am convinced. after i goy into animation i cannot sleep before 6 morning. u should belive our local time now in five o clock morning. i dont know i feeling so comfortable and fresh. I thought of my final project few nights ago somewhere around this time.
is there any doctor around. is 4 hour sleep bad..
please prescribe something other than dope and wine
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