Anyone get Artists depression?

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  03 March 2005
Originally Posted by Leigh: Just keep your brain busy all the time. That's what I do.

she's right. But dont overdo it or you'll become even more depressed. I also dont recomend u to study Fernando Pessoa or most philosophers, as u will most likely get a urge of killing yourself...well...didnt happen for me, but it's depressing.

but when i'm really really depressed, here's what i do:

Put a cool energetic music on with high volume, Get up from the chair, give a tremendous punch against the wall(tough i'm used to it since little), get down on the ground, make some push-ups until u get really tired , get up sit down, drink water, and if u still have energy try doing some karaoke even if u suck at it(if u suck at it, u'll relax alot faster when u realize how comical your voice is).
That way u have tired not only your brain but also your body(music+workout). You'll star feeling better as u continue your work because you're also resting your body.

as for the punch, pain sometimes breaks your thoughts which is really helpful(but in this case the punch is mainly for style ).
And oh yeah, i bite my hand when i start to get sleepy.
  03 March 2005

as for the punch, pain sometimes breaks your thoughts which is really helpful(but in this case the punch is mainly for style ).
And oh yeah, i bite my hand when i start to get sleepy.

As for me the punch went straight through 4 inches of plasterboard. That was when I was really bad a few years ago.

Thanks for all those inputs guys I'll try the stuff like music and stuff.

Food is a good idea, that adds to everything if i havnt got a good meal in a while, I get pretty sh*tty.

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  03 March 2005
Oh...your houses are made of that stuff? i u guys cant use the punch heh :\, houses here are made of PURE solid cement, bricks and steel, there is no damn typhoon who cant turn this stuff around.

i just remembered The WEATHER is one of the mainly depressive reasons. If it is a bright day, with birds singing, there wont be many chances of a person getting depressed(sometimes happen tought) - Like a day where clouds cover the sun really sux. I prefer rain to that stuff(it is clouded today...dammit).

i dont know if food will solve the depression...but i'm always eating so i dunno . lol

cheers mate. get "undepressed" soon.

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  03 March 2005
Well, I exactly know when I'm gonna have my next "artist's depression" because it appears annually, seasonally.
It begins in February every year, when I suddenly have great ideas for new paintings I need to start painting at once - and, a wonder! - it goes all very easy and I get results I'm really satisfied with. This "artistic" period of me has its climax in March (which would be right now =D) and ends in May to Juny. From Juny to August I try to paint further and further, but my works don't get as good as I want them to be. From September to December my artist's mood has reached it deepest spot and I'm not able to create anything decent. But when finally January comes, it slowly awakes again.

I'd say that I'm a person of spring and summer. My works are usually very colorful and bright, maybe I'm able to paint this best in colorful and bright seasons. I don't know exactly. But I've noticed my come-and-go of "artistic mood" since 2001 now.
  04 April 2005
I get depressed alot before, I had a pretty troubled teenage life where I spent a very long time away from home. That caused me to be chronically depressed. I found that my only method of expressing myself was through reading, writing, and drawing. As years past I became more despondent as my family and friends drifted away... I searched for answers in books and looked for spirituality but it never fit, no matter how much I've learned in books and how much I listened in church, I knew that depression was still worldwide and not unique to me. There is no over-the-counter medicine for it. I felt worthless and unable to resolve my situation. I felt like a thorn in someone else's garden. I gave up on life for awhile and questioned if i've ever been happy even as a kid.

Finally, one day, I felt like being happy. I felt that I deserved happiness unconditioned and unfettered to this world or it's current events. I didn't like who I was and what I was doing. I didn't like how the only time I felt comfortable was when I was up at night alone when everyone was sleeping. I wanted to feel normal and lived like the people I saw on TV. I wanted to function and be happy. Then I was, simply cause I wanted it bad enough. I sought to strengthen my relations with my peers and family and more happiness came. I started building the ideal person that I would like to be. I became fluid allowing my emotions to surface and acknowledge what my discomforts were and promise to work on myself accordingly without placing too much stress. I worked at it like it was a painting that need much care, I worked at it, practiced, smiled at myself when I'm doing okay, laughed at myself when I F*cked biggie.

I like who I am now, I'm still not completely comfortable (who is anyways unless you're an A-hole or completely have no self awareness) but I know where I came from and how far I have come. It's the journey.

P.S. Surround yourself with positive people even if you feel you're uncomfortable amongst them, just pretend you're on the same level...with confidence, or else you'll just come off as being creepy.
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  04 April 2005
Originally Posted by 99sproth: I know artistic people have a tendancy towards depression/mental I'llness. (van gogh..).

Ok, forgive me for what I have to do next. hehe

I am (perhaps un-naturally) obsessed with Van Gogh and I can't help but defend this subject whenever I hear it. It bothers me when Van Gogh is only referred to as 'The insane artist who lopped off his ear". (I know thats not what you said, but bear with me).

I have spent loads of time reading up on Van Gogh biographies, and more importantly, most of his letters sent to Theo. The letters do indeed show his depression, and he does often times attribute it to his work. Yet often times, sometimes in the very same letter, he states how much better painting made him feel.

I think more than his art, Van Gogh's depression came from the series of bad circumstances that he dealt with throughout his life. I really suggest that you guys even slightly interested, pick up a bio on him. Vincent had a really difficult life, in all areas he seemed to be plagued with failure (or assumed failure). In many towns where he lived, he was viewed as an outcast, as 'that wierd guy'. He watched artists around him sell their work, while he did not have the same success. Every relationship he had (romantic or otherwise) failed with the exception of his Brother, and interestingly enough there were tensions in that relationship in the last month of his life.

I don't feel that art caused or affected his Depression at all. It is my personal opinion that a true chemical imbalance coupled with a series of difficult events are what drove his depression.

Now on the subject of Artistic Depression: I subscribe to this theory for a couple reasons. Sure, depression is not limited to artists but I feel that certain types of artists are at greater risk.

My definition of Art is the conveyance of emotion. Whether it be through drawing, painting, music or any other medium, I feel that if you can convey your emotion or the emotion of others, then you are an artist. I think that tapping into emotions like this can be 'risky' for certain people who may not have the ability to control it when the floodgates open. Add to that fact, that most with agree that negative emotions make for 'easier' art if not for better art. If you need proof, take a browse through dA and just see how much pain there is there.

Whether there is a 'cure' or not I couldn't say because I am not a Doctor. Further, no offense intended, I personally don't have a great confidence that Doctors have a good enough handle on some mental conditions in order to offer up usefull advice either.

These of course are just my opinions.

I think a fitting quote that I read in someones Sig here on CGTalk is as follows:

"Life beats down and crushes the soul, but art reminds you that you have one." ~unknown
"Mais que veux-tu..."---Vincent Van Gogh

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  04 April 2005
Well, I wish I could be of help but I've been looking for a way out for the past 16 years or so (I'll be 32 this summer) and I have no idea of how I'll ever pull it off. I think I already tried everything suggested here - plus a lot of other stuff - and got nowhere.

Depression (or just plain emotional distress) can be inspiring - my greatest creations came out of my darkest hours - but too much of it and you're history. As it turned out, I was left with all this wondrous ideas and absolutely no will or inspiration (or whatever) to bring them into existence. (Plus, it pretty much f***ed up my whole life!)

When I take the time to care about it it's just so damn frustrating! I know I have the potencial to go very far in art but I'm not allowed to evolve with this thing always standing in my way or holding me back. Most days of the year I draw like a child and then - randomly - I find myself using skills and techniques I just seem to have absorbed from stuff I see.
No practice makes perfect with me (actually, it's usually the opposite - go figure!).

On the bright side (and it's a miracle there's still one!) you (we all) got CG Talk.
Man, I wish I had this way back in the beginning!
A place where people "speak your language" and - even if we could see each other - woudn't look at you funny if you said you were born to create.
A place to learn from those who really know about this stuff - and even to learn from those who don't know that much yet!
I've always loved learning and I guess I'm just too stubborn to quit trying!

Still, I hardly think it will be enough to solve things... And since I too live in Portugal, hitting the walls with my bare fists does not really contribute to improve my skills...

I'm rambling...
Good night!
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  04 April 2005
Don't overlook the fact that depression is a bona-fide illness. It doesn't mean "you're crazy." It does mean that your brain is "a part of your body" too. Trouble is, when you're inside, it can be hard to spot a problem and even harder to look at it "objectively." Sometimes people around you can spot it more clearly than you can; understandably so.

My point is... don't live with it. You don't have to. And for heaven's sake don't do anything rash! Instead, consider the possibility of illness ... treatable, perfectly normal illness ... and seek appropriate professional help. Mental illnesses can be very subtle sometimes, and they can be very devastating ... they can make your life a wreck simply because you don't know what's happening and don't know how it can be dealt with. (You're "inside," and therefore affected by what's going on.)

You'd seek treatment for a cough and sore throat. This is just another part of your body.
  04 April 2005
SEX that always does the trick for me.
Most of the time I'm depressed because, I'm stuck working on my art
when I could be having sex instead. Once I have sex, I have what I like to call
"my moment of clarity", and I think man what a waste of time I wish I was working on my art LOL!

Originally Posted by Leigh: It reminds me of a skit by Eddie Izzard where he imitates Hitler painting and says "Ohh I can't get ze f**king trees.... OH I WILL KILL EVERYBODY!!!"

That works for me aswell
  04 April 2005
Wow this thread got resurrected.

Maidith: I dont know how you can ever be depressed, if ure as old as people on your dev art say.. and your producing work that good. Thats amazing!

sundialsvc4: The irony of you comment I've had a soar throat for 4 months, the only way to fix it is surgery so Im putting that off. much like my downward streak. I always see any treatment to depression as either a "numb" drug that turns you into a zombie, or just talking to a shrink for far too mcuh money than I could ever afford.

SoniaNotRed: I agree I make most of my great art when I'm down in the dumps. I wish I could produce good art when I'm happy. :P.

Cynical_Saint: I'm sorry I read a lot about him too, I'm sorry for writing that idiot steriotypical veiw. I just always seem to relate myself to him in my feeling of failure and desperation. he wasnt insane.. I genralised and it was wrong to do so.. but I cant help but think we are living in the same world of sh*t.

BOY1DA: I think Ill have to go with the kill everybody stance. I find I work so hard at relationships and then she always turns around and stamps me into the ground. I see it all as a waste of time in the end. Although I've never dated a female artist... ( HOT GIRLS > EMAIL ME )

..No really.. do...

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  04 April 2005
Originally Posted by Don Kayote: According to Social Psychologist, Dipression is a mental illness that is an epidemic on a Global scale. Ruining relationships and physical health. It is a downward spiral of destruction.

The cure to depression is to live a healtier lifestyle. It is only by exercising can your body realease Dopemine and Endorphin into your blood stream. And stay away from activities that can escalate your seratonin level.

Healthy people are Happy people.

seriously, I was having issues at school until I joined the cross country team. Wow, what a difference
  04 April 2005
Originally Posted by steffenoid: seriously, I was having issues at school until I joined the cross country team. Wow, what a difference

I was in the cross country team at school to. I walk 2 miles a day now and another few on that. Plus I swim a lot.

Being healthy might help, but long walks do help me to think. Even if its about depressing things.

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  04 April 2005
most of these "artistic depressions" are caused by lack of activity/inspiration.
if your brain isnt fed enough blood/oxygen then you dont really feel energetic. if you dont feel energetic you do nothing. if you do nothing your viewed as depressed.
if you start to work out, and be active then your body will be able to take in more oxygen and so sending more to your brain.

from there you can try to read more. a brain is like one large muscle, you have to give it some excercise to make it work better.

do like leigh says, be proactive. ( but my suggestion is to do it physically as well as mentally )
  04 April 2005
Red face

Originally Posted by 99sproth:
BOY1DA: I think Ill have to go with the kill everybody stance. I find I work so hard at relationships and then she always turns around and stamps me into the ground. I see it all as a waste of time in the end. Although I've never dated a female artist... ( HOT GIRLS > EMAIL ME )

..No really.. do...


I don't recall saying anything about relationships ?!?! Ahhhh sex and violence, I feel better already.
  04 April 2005

Meh. In this country you need to do a little to get a girl into the sack.

Quote: Ahhhh sex and violence,

Oh god, please not at the same time. your not one of those kinda people are you. (with your leather headgear) LMAO.

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