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  02 February 2005
Originally Posted by KWAK: yeah, what is that guy up to these days?

It's like he disappeared. Last I saw he was doing covers for video games and gamer mags.


Madureira got so into games (besides games cover mags) that some years ago he made he´s own game company, at the same time he was publishing Battle Chasers i think, it went bankruptcy before launching the first title, after that he pretty much disappeared...
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  02 February 2005

I should know better. But no, I followed the Liefeld links. I forgot how much that style of art made my skin crawl it was so bad.
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  02 February 2005
Originally Posted by Troy: Alex Ross and Simon Bisley

I'll second that.



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  02 February 2005
I almost forgot about Walt Kelly.

Fired from Disney after taking part in a strike in 1941.

Creator of Pogo.
Floyd Bishop

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  02 February 2005
I've never really understood why there are so many liefeld haters out there. I mean DAMN that's alota hate!! I really don't know much of what he did after youngblood tanked but ya gotta give it up to his old marvel, x-factor/x-force days. The guy did design Cable I think? I was one of the kids drawing stuff that mimicked his and jim lee's stuff. That's what you do when you're sixteen, have a passion for drawing and want to learn how to draw comics so you can get a job doing what your idols do. There are alot of guys out there with funky drawing styles. Mcfarlane's stuff wasn't exactly anatomically correct either but he was able to pull stuff off with tons of detail lines in every panel. I think maybe if it wasn't for his personality flaws and reputation for copying designs, Rob would have faded away like other break out sucesses that eventually got out of the biz or took on other roles in the company. I really don't follow comics anymore but is Rob still doing anything? So much hateration I thought that comic con 2004 sketch was soooo mean. I laughed for like 2 minutes straight but felt kinda sorry for the guy. I'd be pissed if I were him and not in the game anymore and still had people making fun of me.
  02 February 2005
Liefeld got back at Marvel and he´s drawing X-Force again... i took a look at it one of this days when i was "browsing" the Comics at magazine store.

Take a look and judge for yourself:
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  02 February 2005
Well I don't wanna come off sounding like I'm defending Rob. It's nice to know that after all that's happened, especially with that whole captain america / agent whatever comic that he could still go home again and get work. At the end of the day that's what matters. I just don't see his stuff as being completely awful. I mean what is the point of comparison? You can't exactly put his stuff up against Alex Ross or Adam Hughes and say ok who draws better? However if you look at it, his stuff is consistent. Good or bad it is his style and he really hasn't deviated from this look.. ever. In fact I think he's improved alot since his old x-factor stuff. Erik Larsen, Jack Kirby, even Frank Miller have some real funky stuff going on when drawing human figures. However these guys are far superior storytellers no doubt. Just trying to say that all of them have unique ways of drawing iconic characters. Some better than others but it all comes down to style unless the artist is drawing direct from photo ref like Ross, Tim Bradstreet and others..
  02 February 2005

Jack Kirby,Frank Miller,Pat Lee and Matt Groening ( i think he counts...)
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  02 February 2005
Comic Strips:
Bill Waterson - Calvin and Hobbes.

Kitagawa Sho - Complex, BB Fish, 19..etc.

Nishi Keiko - all of her stuff.

Shirow Masamune - His early works (Appleseed, GITS, Orion, Black Magic..etc).

Yamashita Ikuto - Dark Whisper.

Sanctuary - Story by Sho Fumimura, art by Ryoichi Ikegami

Comic Books/Graphic Novels (I don't think there should be a distinction--it's only a matter of binding format or being serialized or not, but the craft itself is identical):

Hernandez Brothers - Love and Rockets

Milo Manara - anything he does

Alan Moore - anything he does

Neil Gaiman - anything he does

Jon J Muth - anything he illustrates

  02 February 2005
I like a lot of stuff, I can only mansion a few off the top of my head...

Hiroaki Samura

Kia Asamiya
Yoshihiko Ochi
Shirow Masamune
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Pat Lee
Joe Madureira
John Romita Jr.
Todd McFarlane

and me real soon
  02 February 2005
On the subject of Rob ... here's another link. You make up your own mind.

My fav comic artists have already been mentioned.
  02 February 2005
My favourite graphic novel as to date has to be The Compleat Moonshadow (gah, the spelling of 'complete' gets to me every time, I hate writing it like that, ha ha)

It is so beautifully drawn that it is almost ridiculous. It's funny, sad, and intriguing. I love and hate some of the characters equally and at the end of the book, I always wish it wouldn't end.

John J Muth and John Marc DeMatteis make such a wonderful team. Ah, now I think I shall have to re-read the book again
  02 February 2005
Originally Posted by Kirt: On the subject of Rob ... here's another link. You make up your own mind.

My fav comic artists have already been mentioned.

OMG!!!I didn't know it was that bad. Ok I now retract all earlier statements. He should be ashamed of himself. I would never hire a copyright liability artist like this. Wow. Thanks for the education. I have that issue of youngblood where he ripped that panel from DC comics.
  02 February 2005
Masamune Shirow
Katsuhiro Otomo
Enki Bilal
Jean Giraud
Lewis Trondheim
Simon Bisley

  02 February 2005
OK, maybe this guy wasn't mentioned because he's probably the least prolific comic book artist of all time, but I think he's one of the best and I wish I could get my hands on more of his stuff, especially illustration and cover work:


P.S. I also used to love Berni Wrightson and Richard Corben.

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