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  02 February 2005
I've only browsed through the posts, but I can't believe I didn't see (unless I missed it) Bill Sienkiewicz ( Hmmm, I just noticed that all these artists I like either have names I can't spell or can't pronounce. I think Gary Kwapisz (sic?) of Savage Sword of Conan in incredibly underrated. Has anyone mentioned Sergio Aragonez (sic?)?
  02 February 2005
I haven't seen alot of comics for many years... but the best illustrated and told story I can think of was the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book... I wish I still had my copy of it.

As far as artists go, from the recent works that I have seen, I'd have to say I really like Alex Ross' style.
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  02 February 2005
This might sound a little fanboyish, but creg capullo deserves a nod for living under Mcfarlanes shadow ( let the man free todd). He did some great stuff with cable #1 and spawn as well as wolverine. He's a great artist but his style seems to adapt more to the creators vision of the comic as opposed to injecting his own style, but when he does his talent is unmistakable.

Jae lee, and his wok on the submariner, he brought a whole new maturity and feel to the comic book just with his gothic style alone. Hellshock 1-4, the ill-fated series that was released at Image, still inspires nme till this day, eventhough my mom threw them away because she thought them vulgar. The story was just so out there and the art was even more so.

Sam Keith, his style is so unique and he created one of the best and most original comics ever, The Maxx.

Ofcourse, the staples: Alex Ross, Jim Lee, Masamune Shirow, Katsuhiro Otomo, and whole bunch of others I can't really remember right now.
  02 February 2005
Originally Posted by Apoclypse: Jae lee, and his wok on the submariner, he brought a whole new maturity and feel to the comic book just with his gothic style alone. Hellshock 1-4, the ill-fated series that was released at Image, still inspires nme till this day, eventhough my mom threw them away because she thought them vulgar. The story was just so out there and the art was even more so.

Jae Lee's second attempt at the Hellshock series was absolutely stunning--in both art and writing. At that point, his art had matures so much, as he dropped his comic book-ish influence and took on a more realistic/naturalistic approach--his drawings looked like life drawings instead of made-up stuff. His writing for the second series was also a huge change--it was very mature, realistic, and nothing like a typical superhero comic book. It dealt mostly with psychology and practicing psychologists in an insane asylum. The dialogues were realistic, and he obviously researched all the medical information on the subject. The feel of the whole thing was very moody, and quite intriguing. It's a shame he didn't continue with it. It really was one of the most impressive things I'd ever seen in American comic books.
  02 February 2005
I'm proud to say i mentioned Jae lee 1st
I still have the 1st run of Hellshock. I might just check out his second attempt...
Here's another one (don't know if he's been mentioned) - Mike Wieringo

slaughters no doubt the writer is most times the most vital component, but this is a thread about the artists eh? But you're right there - Warren Ellis is one of the greats! And what about that incredible Mr. Kurt Busiek? We could start another thread on comic writers!
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  02 February 2005
some more

comic books
Ryan Benjamin (phantom Guard)
Brett booth (Backlash)
Greg Capullo, (The Creech, Spawn)
Tony Daniel
J Scott Campbell (gen 13)
Angel Medina (kiss, spawn)
Marc Silvestri
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  02 February 2005
If anybody's interested, here's the people being recognized as the best and brightest in comics:
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  02 February 2005
ever seen the Marvels comic? It's sort of a highly detailed painting comic that Marvel did for a few special episodes. Not sure if they still do them or not. Very great stuff. It's not your typical ink job... Can't remember names of artists off the top of my head, but that sort of style would be cool.

Also, LONG, LONG, LONG ago (1993), there was some kick A5$ artwork done for the Deathmate crossover series. I still have a few of the Deathmate series. Never got the full series.

Oh, and even though she didn't really do actual comics... We can't forget the AWESOME comic book trading card series done by Julie Bell!
  04 April 2005
Maybe an old thread, but I don't think Steve Yeowell and Grant Morrison (writer) have been mentioned. And of course is David Mckean one of my favorites but he has been mentioned already.

  04 April 2005
gotta say,

he also switched to cg at an old/elderly age. Really good stuff I think.
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  04 April 2005
I'm glad you brought this topic back, I missed it the first time around, and I'm always looking for more comic book/graphic novels to read.

Someone already mentioned him, but I love Jeff Smith
Also Hergé.

Craig Thompson (Goodbye Chunky Rice and Blankets - although I haven't actually read Blankets)
Art Spiegelman (sp?) - Maus. That book is amazing.

for comic strips, I love Bill Watterson and Darby Conley (Get Fuzzy).
  04 April 2005
I am going to put another vote in for Jeff Smith. His linework is just stunning. I'm afraid I can't vote for too much manga stuff as much the art seems very "samey". I prefer indie comics where perhaps artists have more freedom to have an individual style vs an in-house style.

I have been reading The Complete Peanuts books, and all the interviews therein, and I have to agree with Sparky that not many comic *strip* artists are very good these days. I don't read them any more as:

1. Mosty aren't funny
2. The art is terrible.

(Dilbert and The Far Side get away with average art as the writing is great).

The last truly great strip I read was Calvin and Hobbes, and that was 10 years ago!

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  04 April 2005
One of my favorites has always been Vaugh Bode, creator of the Cheech Wizard as well as his son Mark their characters have become icons in graffiti /Pop culture.

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  04 April 2005
Right now, Ryoichi Ikegami is the be-all end-all of my existence.
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  04 April 2005
Humberto Ramos. Jhonen Vasquez.
I'd buy anything by either of them. I even have the Bad Art Collection. o_o;

James O'Barr? The Crow started off kinda wonky, and I didn't like the art at first, but it got a hell of a lot better towards the end. I even started liking the style...
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