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  09 September 2005
Hi meate , nice to see U here .first sorry for my bad english .
I wanna know is it any hope to me that work with some team in america .my location is iran , and I have strong skills to animating character .thanks for ur point , goodluck ...
  09 September 2005
Hey Meats. I love your work, and this probably isn't going to be my only post, but here's the questions I could think of now.

1. Why did you choose maya over the other packages available? Have you ever tried XSI (I'm an XSI user myself).

2. HOW DO YOU DO YOUR WIRE STYLE IN MAYA?!?!?!? (I know people will ask this before and after I do, but this should give you some added incentive to answer it, becuase I really want to know).

3. What is your favorite piece?

4. What setup are you using?

5. How do you get the ideas for some of your pictures, like redoing captain crunch, which by the way I loved. I used it in a poster against someone who was running for student council. I put under it "This is what Charles Lubic really looks like." Everyone, including him, found it hilarious, especially since everyone was floored by the picture, since most of them had never seen anything like it.

6. What was your favorite movie you worked on?

7. What exactly did you do on Sky Captain?

That's all for now, I'll probably be back later with more questions. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.
Dialog and characters that transcend their video game origins, thus highlighting humanity's place in the universe. -Paul W.S. Anderson IMDB Trademark

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  09 September 2005
Hey Meats!

I missed a chance to meet you in person when you were out in Denmark. It's a shame because all of the students still talk about you. You were very well liked!

My couple of questions:

You obviously are very artistic, and your style looks to be uninhibited by the technology... Do you ever find you need to fight the program to do what you want it to do? Can you give any examples of what holds you back in cg software?

You have lectured and taught students for some time, where do you feel most instructors can improve?

And finally,

What is the best weapon/fighting style to deal with an unruly class?

Mike R

p.s. A lot of the students were reading this thread as well... IN class time. Im talking to you Jakob.
Mike Rhone
-VFX Artist-

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  09 September 2005
Hi Meats, I've always found your work especially inspiring.

Just one question comes in mind right now: Have you taken inspiration from some artist/style in specific? There's something surreal in your work, like Salvador Dali's or even Giuseppe Archimboldo's paintings.

PS. I too would be interested in how you create all those wires
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  09 September 2005
Hey Meats,

I've respected your work for quite a while. You truly have your own style and nothing you do seems to be slightly related to cliche cg.

couple of things I was hoping to get some insight into:

1) What artists or specific pieces have the greatest influence on your work/thought process?

2) What else might influence your work? (evolution of man? Darwinism? the complex, elongated musulature, compositions, and poses of Mannerism? heh i dont know anything?)

3) If you could rid the world of one thing, whether it's a characteristic, behavior, phrase, tradition, holiday, law, etc... what would it be?

4) If you could bring back one artist/historical figure into today's society, who would it be?

Thanks in advance and and congrats on everything.


"Should you ever be drowned or hanged, be sure to make a note of your sensations." E A Poe
  09 September 2005
Hi meats!

I'm at the 2nd(11th class) year of high school here in sweden. And we're studying to work with paper when we get out of the school (in 2 years). I'm studying to work within the paper industry. But it's so boring, I feel like skipping many classes and be at home studying 3D!
Or i could also choose to continue on college/universaty about 3D/games, but i really can't do that either because they only accept people with high grades or with talents within painting(creativity).

Do you recommend me to skip classes if i tell you this?:
I'll skip school time to time, become pro within modeling, animtion and zbrushing and when i come out of school, i'll then start to work with 3D instead of going at those 3D colleges/universaties(2years/3years).

There is no future for me when it comes to school, because i totaly suck when it's about school.

The only future i really is 3D, please tell me what you think..
I relly need your inspiration..

other questions:
How old where you when you started 3D??
Did you go at a 3D school/collage/university??
What career would you choose: Cleaning/wash plates..Work with a boring job..or have fun working with 3D if your hobby is 3D?
What 3D app did you use??

Your a big inspiration for me, thanks.
  09 September 2005
HI Meats I really love your modeling workflow,
I had save the image on my desktop (The Last Of The Leaves) so every day I've enjoy your Organic style. How long it's take you to create sometihng like The Last Of The Leaves?

  09 September 2005
Hey Meats! This is awesome, I've been waiting for this for such a long time!

1. My first question was about your style. How did you get the idea/inspiration for such an incredible unique style?.

2. Meats Meier is a rather unique name. Is this your birthname? If not, where does it come from? And where are you from originally?

3. What exactly does resident artist mean?

4. You should make a poster for "The Last of the Leaves" with Gnomon! The other two are awesome, but The Last of the Leaves is definitely my favorite piece of yours.

I'll probably have more questions later, so I'll be back

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  09 September 2005
meats.. I bow to your skillz. much respect.
all the questions you will have to field will be so technical. I have to ask a less technical one: what kind of inspiration (music, meditation, etc..) do you draw upon as you work?

thanks for taking the time to indulge all of us mere mortal 3d monkeys.

  09 September 2005
Hey Meats,
You have an incredible impact on me, with your demo reel. I actually felt bad when watching it. The red dudes grabing on to nothing just freaked me out! very cool stuff!

Are you ever coming back to truemax as an instructor?
Btw it was great meeting you at the danish IT-university and at 3d college!

Best Regards, Jakob Kousholt

Originally Posted by MikeRhone:
p.s. A lot of the students were reading this thread as well... IN class time. Im talking to you Jakob.

Damn.. you caught me! well.. this is my way of spending the 10 minutes break

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  09 September 2005
Was your father a butcher?
  09 September 2005
Mr. Meier,

Thank you for taking the time to do this Q&A. Itís the very first time Iíve posted any questions to a seasoned veteran and I feel very privileged and honored to have this opportunity.

My questions mainly revolve around zbrush. I have recently bought the application and while I feel more comfortable working with this 3D app more than any other Iíve used in the past, I do have to admit I am still a bit of a newbie. When you first started using zbrush, can you please state what was the one tool or trick that sort of put you over the learning curve, or one tip about zbrush that you would recommend over all others to help beginners? Also, I noticed you do not have an interview available on the pixologic site, yet they used your art for the cover of their zbrush guide. Any chance youíll be doing one soon? Thank you for your time! Ė Joel Carlo
  09 September 2005
Is Giger one of your big influences?
  09 September 2005
( ( ((DrFx)) ) )
  09 September 2005


Congratulations, and I'm excited you are the featured artist! I have just one question for did you arrive at your unique style ~ was this something that evolved over time, was it a happy accident, were there specific influences which you were consciously working with, or some combination of the above?

Also, does this make this thread, 'Meats the Artist'? I do like the cheese...



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