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  08 August 2005
Hey Jeff,

First of all I love all your work and I remember in the days of year 11 in highschool (yr2000) showing my class Killer bean 2... was a hightlight!

For my question, do you have any preferences on facial rigs? - using morphs or a skeletal system of bones? - I really want to get a quality to my animation with an easy of use and easy setup.

I guess kinda like Jason Osipa's stop staring method using morph targets versus Tyson Ibele's - bone setup tutorial he has on his site... which he said he developed from someone on the forums.

Thanks for taking the time to answer peoples questions!

-Mark Tavares

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  08 August 2005


Just wanted to say that your DVD is by far the best animation DVD I've ever seen and it's a one of a kind gem. Good luck in your future endeavors and keep breaking those glass ceilings. BTW, consider releasing another animation DVD of some sort...I'll defintely buy that too!

Your work is inspiring man


"I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it."
  08 August 2005
hi there ,when your reviewing your own shot or sequence do you have a checklist or something that you ask yourself to make sure you've covered all your bases?
thanks Ari


i was ofcourse reffering too the shot or sequence in the previous line of questioning in regards to the 'all your bases' comment
  08 August 2005
Hi Jeff!

I also started in one direction and decided to get into animation. Do you feel that now that you've made the switch from engineering that you've found what you want? Do you find the Career aspect of animation to be just as tedious as engineering?

The spiderman ride is awesome!

Thanks for taking the time to do this!
  08 August 2005
Hi there Jeff !!!

I'm very glad finally seeing you here on Q&A forum at CGtalk.

I just wanted to say that "Killer Bean 2" was one of my first short movies i'v seen when i only started learning CG and i liked it a lot. The moment when the bad bean falls/dies and at that time sees his all life, the moment when he sits on the toilet was so funny, great stuff.

I was wondering when the 3rd part would be out ? Are you constantly working on it or due to your real life work you're lacking spare time for it ?

I didn't know you were also involved in such project as "Matrix Realoded" and as i understand you were using AM for the animation but i thought that mostly Maya was used for the movie. If so did you have any problems working with the team using different applications ?

And the cow in the Kung Pow movie is absolutely hilarious.
Thanks Jeff for your time and good luck to you in every new direction you choose.

- Astahov Sergey
  08 August 2005
Ho Ho! Jeff, you are! It's incredible... I remember when I'd seen Reloaded, the Burly Browl, when I think...."No one made a fighting like this since now"...And now you are here!!!
I must to say that there's a bit of frames where clothes look a bit strange, like when Neo jump over the Smiths near the end...But it's fantastic! Wow!
Just a little question... What is the approach with an animation work with so much elements...
I think that anyone work on singles objects and then they're joined... What is the setup of this, and on what processor a so complex scene is rendered...???
Thank artist, an go on so...Good luck...

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  08 August 2005
HI Jeff Lew ,i am your big fan .are u chinese?what's your chinaese name?
now here is my question: to be a good fighting action u have systemic studied kongfu or sth else?i am working a shaolin kongfu project,imagenation or kongfu knowledge,which is more important.
Can u give me some resoure u usually referrence?thank you !
  08 August 2005


Love your stuff. Been following you for a while.
  1. You are a self trained animator (I am too). I was wondering if you think you should have taken classes teaching you Maya or Softimage. Do you think it would have helped you out and if so, do you think that those who do have an advantage over those who study on their own?
  2. What do you think of the state of the industry today? Are you concerned about jobs being done in the UK, India, and New Zealand?
  3. Do you see the larger animation and effects studios downsizing to function more like the smaller boutique studios?
Thanks for taking time to answer our questions. A lot of us appreciate your time.
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  08 August 2005
Hello Jeff,

What has been your toughest assignment in animation so far? Maybe not the most technical, but the one that gave you the most "trouble"?

Now that you've got so much animation behind you, what would you change, if anything, about the first "Killer Bean" film?

Keep the cool work coming!
Floyd Bishop

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  08 August 2005
Thumbs up to mr Jeff lew

hi mr jeff I really admire you and your work killer bean 2 and I saw this short 2 years ago. But in 2 years my level does not grow in 3d modeling and animation so can you tell me please what to do and what the important areas in the field that I have to master.
  08 August 2005

hi jeff... i am 18 years old and my name is Darko . I started doing 3d 1.5 year ago ... and now i am skipping mainly to animation , i wanna become character animator... but i don`t know where to start , what to do?
i have your DVD it is awsome...

couple of tips would be great... what do to at first ( i am animating balls at the moment )... , then what to do next and so on... thnx

Concept designer
  08 August 2005
Hi Jeff huge fan so hear goes

1) Since you have had great projects to work on both realistic and cartoon what are the major differences or obsticles you face when dealing with each of these styles?.

2) What is the most important advice you could give a junior character animator?

3) What movie or animated scene influenced you the most to become a character animator?

4) What is the most significant animated movie that revolutionized animation?

thanks Jeff
All the best
"Back off Warchild he's with me"- Broady
  08 August 2005
Hey man!

Just to start off love your work dude your under my bookmark folder called "idols"

Anyway my question is, What advice would you give to a 15 year old animator wanting to get into the game or film industry when he has finshed school? I already animate for mods for half life 2 to build up my portfolio and i plan on going to uni. I just wondered what advice would you give me at this stage of my life.

Cheers man!
  08 August 2005

uncurvyhi Jeff....
1-For movies like MAtrix reloaded or Xmen (i mean the Realstic movements),how many Frames per day do you animate??? (or what is the average time in Hollywood studios,if there are any)

2-For same Realistick Projects,do You animate all the caracters in a scene??? like what Pixar peoples do???and is this methode Diffrent in diffrent studioes???

3-what are the presures and stresses (if there are any) of Working on High Budjet Hollywood movies???

4-was there any deadlines for that CompleX shots on Matrix reloaded???i mean there are always some Unexpected they make U guys under some presures to finish them ontime or was The Quality more important for them???

5-again for realstic animates,,are The main animatores involved in the Setup/rigging part???or its done by other teams????

6-you more like to animate Cartooni style or realstick movements????


Last edited by kmest : 08 August 2005 at 03:53 PM.
  08 August 2005
1. How is your progress going on KB3? I remember that break dancing test you made a while ago with KB doing a headspin on a table while shooting up the bad guys. Will you still use that scene in KB3?

2. Do u think that u will ever go back to working at studios? or do u want to just focus on personal stuff from now on like your training dvd and KB3, etc?

The KB forum that you used to have was the very first online forum i ever joined. Animation Master was the first 3d program i used back in 2000 when i first got started in CG. Both you and Victor Navone at that time pretty much put AM on the map, and you guys were my first big CG influences. I now work full time on video game cinematics, and i want to thank you for influencing me early on when i first saw KB2. I use maya at work, and I kinda miss using AM. I was wondering if u still prefer AM over other programs you've used? Oh, I also bought your dvd when you first released it on your website, back when u still had your forum. Great stuff, you animate so efficiently on that dvd. Alright, enough praise, I know yer sick of it by now, hehe....
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