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  07 July 2005

What more is there to say, sorry...slightly star struck...

Being pretty new to the world of 3D, I am really keen to follow the path of animation for personal and, if it comes to it hopefully professional means. I love modelling and itís a path I will always pursue to better myself...but my really love is animation in all forms.

My question is, what advice you could give to someone in my position who is taking his first footsteps on the road of animation...areas to concentrate on and possible software to use???

At present I use Zbrush for modelling and have dabbled with Maya 6, but haven't got into any animation yet. I have been reading up on Cinema 4D and a couple of other packages. Any advice for learning and possible software use would be most appreciated...

Keep up the jaw dropping work...

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  07 July 2005
Hi Victor!

1.What made you to do ALIEN SONG??

2.How was your experience doing ALIEN SONG that time?

3.Have you reached what you expected to be??
  07 July 2005
Hi Victor. Thanks a lot for the Q. and A. I am sure we will all get a lot from it. I have really enjoyed your work over the years.
Can you please give me a critique of the linked movie.
It is my June entry for the 10 second club and any advise or critique would be really appreciated.
Thank you
Chris Myers

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  07 July 2005

I've got one question for ya:

It seems like you had a hand in some of the complex action scenes. I was watching the big fight scene in spiderman 2 (the one just after the bank robbery) and thought to myself: geez, animation is hard enough, but coreographing a huge complex fight like that would just be crazy! This feeling was reflected when I saw your Incredibles showreel. How do you animate a crazy scene like the one you did with Mr. Incredible holding on to buddy? Do you just do it strait ahead? I'm curious how you would undertake such a complex scene with so much motion going on.

Greetings from CalArts!
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  07 July 2005

first of all i really envy your work as a animation student.
the question i would like to ask is, how much thought do u think i should put on classical 2d animation? do u think it would be the best to master 2d animation then go on to 3d ?
thanks a lot!
  07 July 2005
Bad question. Just delete this post moderators.

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  07 July 2005
Hi Victor!!

I remember when you first posted "Alien song" on the A:M mailing list I was just a wee-lad back then and if definitely made an impression on me!

Just wanted to say I love your stuff! Looking forward to the end of Big Bang, as well.

Now my question: What was the wierdest experience you've ever had at Pixar?
  07 July 2005
Incredibles vs Madagascar

Thanks for doing this.

Obviously you would not want to diss another studio, but...Having just had JS do a Q&A I was wondering...
  • What was your take on Madagascar if you saw it?
  • I personally enjoyed it much more than say Shrek or Sharktale because of its wackiness and style. And those penguins rocked - However sometimes I thought it was pushed too far. Would you have liked to have worked on something so crazy?
  • Finally - do you prefer the slight "Realism" of Incredibles animation or the crazy over the top stuff?
  • Then on another note, what is your take on Fan Art? I remember a poor guy getting flamed for copying Blit and another for parodying "For the Birds" with some toilet humour in a little animation short over at CGChar, but what do you think of somebody "idolising" something enough to put his/her own spin on it or represent it in their work? We ( the viewers) all know the origin but realise the Fanboy/girl is just having fun...
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  07 July 2005
Hey Victor. Thanks for taking the time to do the Q&A. This new thing is a great addition to CGTalk, and it's only with artist cooperation that it happens at all.

Anyway, here are a few questions, in no particular order:

  • What's the worst thing about working at Pixar? Often people focus so much on positives, it's as if there are no negatives. Maybe because of the size of the studio, face to face time with the director is at a premium? Things like that.
  • Can you talk a bit about the process of taking a shot from the initial sequence kickoff meeting (or whatever they're call at Pixar) to the final stage where the director says "approved"?
  • What's up with that (not so greatly animated) music video that featured the Alien Song character?
  • When can we expect to see more of your personal short with the little yellow guy?
That's it for now. Keep kicking out those great scenes!
Floyd Bishop

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  07 July 2005



Just like alot of CGtalkers here I only dream to have a rep and resume like you have.
This may have been asked and said already dude....but you give us struggling digital artist somthing to beleive in. I know how you got in to the strongest animation firm in the world. What I want to know is did you ever lose your head when you where looking for work starting out in the begining?....and I love drawing and colouring comics. The big problem is that a good idea. I've been contimplating it as far as my career in the industry...(which is non exsistint rite now) and being a the poor guy (lol) I can barley get food let alone a job in the industry.......if you can respond.



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  07 July 2005
Hey yo!

Hey Victor!

Thanks so much for coming onto this board to do this Q&A session. It's an honor to get a chance to shoot some questions your way and to be graced with your infinite wisdom!! ok ok I can't help but kiss butt to you pixar guys!

So on to the questions.

1. I was wondering what your opinion is on cheating in a shot. Being an animator for 5 years doing TV series, I've grown accustomed to cheating when ever possible. But is this something I want to avoid when I decide to make my jump into feature films?

2. On the topic of feature films, I was wondering what animation methods you prefer. Like do you prefer "Straight Ahead" for action and "pose 2 pose" for acting? or vice versa?

3. Do you have any tips for animating eye brows? When it comes to facial animation, I'm quite confident in every aspect but the brows. Finding the right time to do a brow shift from say sardonic to confused etc can be very tricky. Especially when you try to do this without a blink. At least that's my experience.

4. Just wondering if you've ever seen the 3D series Dragon Booster (Shameless Plug :P) and I wonder what your thoughts are on the series.

Thanks for your time man!!! and I think I speak for everyone when I say you're an inspiration to us all.

"Use every part of the buffalo" - Brad Bird

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  07 July 2005
shape animation

Thanks for doing this!

Could you go over the process Pixar/You use for facial shape animation? The shapes in the Incredibles were great, and I can't figure out the process. The characters' entire heads seemed to be squashing/stretching, along with their faces, etc. Is it just a simple layering of shape deformations? i.e., mouth shape over face shape over head shape....

Because it looked so good, it's hard to figure out what's actually going on.... Good for storytelling, bad for me!

Patrick Connole
  07 July 2005
Hey Victor,

Firstly thanks for doing this Q&A - no doubt u'll have a lot of replies

My question is about education & reels. Would you reccomend people educate themselves and/or get education somewhere to produce a kick-ass reel in the learning environment, or simply send out as many 'OK' reels as they can to as many places as possible in order to get their first gig?

Hope that made sense!

Thanks for all your great work, & inspiring us all to make our dreams come true.
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  07 July 2005
Hi Victor, I haven't got any q?s that haven't already been asked but I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for inspiring me so many moons ago with alien song, if not for that piece (as well as other timely stuff by Anzovin and Lew) in the late 90s, my career path would've led into engineering *yawn*... Which I'm so far from now thanks to you! So, quite simply, Thanks a mountain good sir for the invaluable inspiration!

May the force be with you
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  07 July 2005
First off, thanks so much for doing this.

I don't really have any questions Mr. Navone, I just want to say that as a self-taught 17 year old animator, that you are the true animation success story in my eyes. I started animating stuff when I was 7, and it's stories like yours that make me want to pursue it 'in the real world'. It sounds all gushy and stuff, but what you have done is what I want to do, (including the 'be a character animator at Pixar bit' )...


Actually, I do have a question regarding schools, colleges, whatever... (Actually, it's more my parents' questions, as they are worried about me going to an art school versus a film school...)

-Do you feel that it is important to have a degree in film to at some point direct an animated short/feature film in an industry pipeline like at ohhh, I dunno, Pixar? (I've been taught to shoot for the stars ) In other words, does a degree in animation restrict you to just that in the eyes of people in hiring positions?
-On a similar line of thought, once you are a character animator in said industry pipeline, does that mean you will always be a character animator and/or in the animation department, or is there still room to be able to get into the story department or wherever in that same group?

Please excuse my 17 year old naivete, but the 'choosing a college' thing is scaaaary.

Thanks again, Victor. Good luck with 'Big Bang,' (I WUUUUV your main character for that!) and who knows, I still got lotsa future ahead me, maybe I'll run into you someday.

-Eric Stirpe
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