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Old 05 May 2005   #61
Originally Posted by pukvete: oh. yes it works. I clicked on your name and your homepage there and I came to which has only one (but beatiful) image.. now I found your site

it's my old site! you should try here:

1_art education is good thing to have if you want a wide visual experience. You wont try that much different kind of medias if you are only by your own. So before trying to get a good profile, try to enlarge your visual art expertise, it will always help you for the future. Then know what you'd like to do for a living (job) Again that's something that art education can help you with.. You know what? I seriously doupted about all that stuff myself when i started artschool... but believe me, it's worth the patience
2_ I studied first nude drawing at night sessions when i was in highschool, from year 1987 to year 1989 , then i went to the artschool of Marseille, Luminy (south of france) and i studied there for five years. I got my degree in visual communication arts (photography, digital and video)
3_ my most common technic is boxmodelling, but when it comes to mechanical parts, it tend to work slowly, elements by elements, using extrude splines for example..
-- pascal blanché --
- - " If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes... " (Roy, Nexus 6). - - -
Old 05 May 2005   #62
Wink Greetings from old pal! :)

Actually wanted to say hi after such a long time! And wanna say big thanx for all Your support in far year 2000 - when U helped me out with guidance in 3D thru Inet - that helped me to complete the test myself and get the job @ Gamestudio (earlier called Sybersoft) in junior 3D artist position - afterwards it leaded me for 5 nice years of work in some more videostudios as well! As for now I'm manager of erotic wear and don't do 3D for some time - but as some cool guy told me - it's never to late to do the art! So BIG THNX once again and keep up your extremely good work! Cheers pal! -Ozzy-
/Long time no see/
Old 05 May 2005   #63
Mr Blanché, you are one of my inspirations to attend graphi design school to become a better illustrator and i totally agree with you when you say that CG artists need to broaden their horizons and art school is n excellent way to acheive this.

okay on to my question

Do you have any advice for beginners who feel they have what it takes to eventually "run with the big dogs" but don't want to slip through the cracks?
Old 05 May 2005   #64
Thumbs up

Thanx a lot for rescuing my post... here is a new one
Reviewing your creations, I can say that I love your art cause I can feel 'something' in each of your images. NEWBREED is one of my favorite. it is simple but a great piece of art for me (mon fond d'écran pendant un moment ). this kind of illustration makes me dream. your last work THE NEST is also one of my favorite.

In fact, I'm a 'classic' artist and I've just switched to CG... hum... hard for me. Huentes, McCaig, Aaron Smith, Stahlberg, and you, are the CG artists that inspiring me the most. Indeed, I'm a great fan of 'classic' designers, painters or artists such as : Doug Chiang, Keith Parkison, Brom, Ralph MacQuarrie, Angus McBride, Paolo Parente, Paul Bonner... and many others....
I've just purchased QUANTUM DREAMS of Stephan Martinière cause this artist is also inspiring me a lot. I can't say when I will finish my first CG image but I will work hard for it!

I like lovecraft too. I'm played Call of Cthulhu the 'paper' RPG a lot!!!
J'espère que tes projets se réaliserons...
Imagine what is not, then create it

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Old 05 May 2005   #65
thx for the kind comments De'Vill

if you think that you have what it takes, you should not be affraid of sliping through the cracks!
Eventually you may have some disapointments, but when you get a negative response, try ask (gently) why, so you'll learn form that experience. The more you'll wait, the more you will have great expectations, the less you will learn.. So my advice would be go for it, dont be affraid to fail, and if you do fail, learn from it and continue to go forward. I learned that a long time ago, i france we say: ``si tu te prend une porte dans la figure, passe par la fenetre``
meaning: if someone close the door on you, use the window
.. something close..

merci dork vodar
-- pascal blanché --
- - " If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes... " (Roy, Nexus 6). - - -
Old 05 May 2005   #66
keyframing and motion capture

hello pascal!

i know these are very generic questions so don´t bother if your answer is also (generic or short ). what are your thoughts on keyframing and mocap? what you guys use most at ubisoft? have you worked with both techniques? if yes, what are your thoughts on the subject? do you think one is more "artistically" than other?

i´ll be doing a short thesis on the subject and would love to hear your opinion!

thanks a lot!!

Old 05 May 2005   #67
Ok, thanks Pascal...
Go on with your art!

May the force be with you...

| my demoreel on cgtalk | |

...... O L D F U T U R E d i g i t a l ......
Old 05 May 2005   #68
Thank you man!
Go on with your art!

May the force be with you...

That's an error...Sorry to all...

| my demoreel on cgtalk | |

...... O L D F U T U R E d i g i t a l ......
Old 05 May 2005   #69
Hi Pascal,

First of all I'd like to join the long line of posters congratulating you to your great work!
Secondly, my question:

Are you using blendshapes, bones and influence objects for your character deformations or are you using any sort of muscle simulation? Some of your characters seem very bulky and I assume it can get very hard to get the deformations right, especially in extreme poses?!

Keep up the good work!


Old 05 May 2005   #70
KAENA was a challenge (a struggle). given that one part of the team came from the video game industry, was it a problem to create high rez assets rather than lowP meshes?
Imagine what is not, then create it

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Old 05 May 2005   #71
pascal, to echo others i would like to say again what a fantastic artist i think you are and how i have very much enjoyed your images.

my question is this, you are a successful artist in the video games industry and in the freelance world (as far as i know), do you think it is possable for an individual to generate a living purely creating their own art, such as many traditional artists do in selling their painting, scupltures etc. do you believe you could you generate an income from things such as cg prints, cgkits on turbosquid etc or perhaps creating a short and selling it to a broadcaster and if so what other avenues of income are there for individual digital artists.

Also for artists such as yourself that have a renound name in the industry i would imagne getting freelance work fairly accessable, do you have any advice for how people with no statre or reputation could go about forging themselves as a successful freelance artist.

Thanks so much for your time and keep up all the excellent work..
Old 05 May 2005   #72
Hi, I just thought I'd say I absolutely love your work.

As an art director in the games industry, do you ever find yourself developing visual ideas that have a direct impact on gameplay, like giving the player feedback in some way.... or is that left up to the designers?

I also have a question about a game that as far as I know you didn't work on but maybe you can answer it anyway... Do you know why they changed the style of Prince of Persia from a charming fairytale to gritty gothic rock? ... cause I really liked the old style in Sands of Time. D'you think they'll ever return to it?
Old 05 May 2005   #73
Hello Pascal,
I thought of another question. A very simple (futile?) one actualy.

Is the title of your pictures important to you? Do you like when the moment comes to find a name? Do you think of it for a long time, or is it intuitive? Do you know the name since the early concept sketch?

Thanks a lot.
"If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes..."
Old 05 May 2005   #74
Hi Pascal my name is Luis, I'm also a big fan of your work I'm always revisiting your site to find a new illustration.

Who was your big influence on 3D, the persons which works helped you to learn model, texture and rig your characters, anybody at your work influenced or helped you with 3dsmax and how it was?

Always thanks for your time.


Luis Arizaga Rico
Old 05 May 2005   #75
Hey Pascal!!! Congratulations!!!
You're one my favourites... cause you are "the guy" for 3DSMAX users...!!!
I follow your work since 2001, and I think you really deserve this distinction.
Congrats again!!!
and keep it up... cause you are really a Grand Master!!!

Best Regards.
"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." (Albert Einstein)
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