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  05 May 2005
hey Pascal, it's really nice to see your first 3d jobs, thanks for taking some time to answer here
Bernardo Delgado
Videogame Artist
  05 May 2005
Pascal! Fix your homepage! wanna see your art!
  05 May 2005

Decided to add to your torment by asking you yet another question-- when you see younger artists' work, what are their most common mistakes (in all levels, not just beginners) and how would you suggest they rectify them?

Merci a toi..
  05 May 2005
Hey, Pascal love your work.

Have you ever ventured into the realm of 2d animation, or thought about it?

What are your thoughts on the state of 2d animation on the web?

P.S. if ypu have the time check out i think its the first to really push what can be done with flash animation on the web.

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  05 May 2005
Ah... Is it true? Well!
Only a real 2d background!
Mars Damn!
Hei...but...but...u fly over the question...

How make 3d landscape.... Do u know how?
I'm in trouble...

(Is it real too???)

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  05 May 2005
Haha, I remember when I saw that skating animation... You were one of those who inspired me back then, and you still do Great to see you're still going from strength to strength. Keep up the awesomeness and don't let my avatar scare you, I'm a nice guy, really!
Environment artist blog - iPhone 2D Shmup Ultrablast!
  05 May 2005
thanks for your reply pascal.
  05 May 2005
Hi Pascal!

I must be honest and say you were one of the first cgartist back when I joined cgtalk that made me want to go and pursue character modeling. I remember following every post of your entry in the first ever cgchallenge. Your works over the years have always been a huge inspiration to me personally and left me know that I have years of hard work ahead of me.


1: How important do you think it is for a cg artist do develope a presence on the internet? Are studios really watching?

I have seen people go from virtually unknowns to forum/CG celebrities with one good piece of work.

2: Does the extra attention you get push you do better and better work or does it make you hesitant because people will always expect better and better?

3: Have you noticed any artists over the years start to give some of the big names (like yourself) a run for there money?

4: I'm also a huge comic fan and I always use ideas from comic for poses, mood, and attitudes of characters. That said, I always use a bit of the personality traits of my favorite comics in characters I do. Do you find that there are certain traits that always show up in your models (Brom?)?
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  05 May 2005
i will for sure, send me the adress

DO you remember those old movies where a big monster attacks the city and people start running everywhere screaming? That's pretty close to what a close deadline looks like.. ahahah
Ok more seriously, when the deadline is coming closer, the production becomes more and more efficient. Technical issues that lasted too long are erased or avoided (like in movie industry the goal of a game is always a little higher than the result, and there is always certains issues that are easyly removable ), people concentrate more on getting the thing done, less on details, and the whole pipeline is used at 120%, wich mean communication is at its top, and, strangely, you feel less stressed. It doesnt mean that you have time to sleep or stime to see if it is snowing or raining outside, i remember crunch times on Myst Revelation where i did not know about the outside world for days.. it could have rain elephants that i wouldnt have noticed it!

pukvete: ?? it's working! you cant access to it?

paperclip: they tend to do and redo the same kind of designs, without knowing what as been done in this field for the lasts ten years. They tend to forget about creating a backstory that would help then grouding their designs, forget about accessories... tend to detail too much everywhere, they tend to imitate style instead of being inspired by it... that's the general ``mistakes`` i noticed in beginners work.

thx Gemini82:
that's for sure something id like to explore.. i wich i had more time
2D animation on the web (flash) will continue to devellop, series like the clone wars could easyly build in flash, in something close to the original.It's good to have those technical restrictions such as bandwith and streaming because people tend to find new solutions to continue to tell a story... Somehow, Flash helped a lot 2D animation.. i think..

neofg: ahah sorry if you felt this way, but really, i rather like build my landscapes using 2D references ( the example you sohw is another photomontage, sorry )
than going full 3D, because you have less control on lots of things with 3D landscapes. Even if i had to create a 3D landscape for a cinematic, i would go with plates and facke backgrounds.

no way.. you knew about thoses animations?

de rien

1:well, you never underestimate the bright side of exposure. Studios ARE watching forums, especially big forums like cgtalk. So yes for the artist who plan to stand out a bit and have a chance to be hired for his own creativity, you have to submt your work everywhere you can. Actually that's what i did six years ago when i planned to go to Montreal. Remember that being exposed is good, but you can t make people like your work. That s the second good side of exposure, it gives you a good idea of what people like or not about your work.

2: I am the kind that gets refueled by people expectations.. Doesnt mean that i always succed, but it clearly gives you a clear idea of what people expect to see from you, so i my case it always push me to go on specific details and finitions i would have not done overwise (hu ho.. i hope i am clear enough)

3: There is plenty of new a talented artists every year, but most of them never really try to keep some consistancy in their work other the years.. i feel like a bit alone here :P

4: Brom for sure, he had a huge impact on my work. Some manga artists like Shirow, Otomo and Terada too when it comes to girls, and moebius for my constant will of trying something fresh...
-- pascal blanché --
- - " If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes... " (Roy, Nexus 6). - - -

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  05 May 2005
Hell yes, I've been stalking you for the last 10 years Seriously though, I've been using 3ds since -92 so I've seen your early stuff, for example back when I was looking at max3d (when it was just max3d) for news and 3dluvr for inspiration and what not. So yeah, you've been a part of my cg-life for quite a while now and I'm really glad you're still inspiring me and a lot of other people

Hmm... That sounds a little creepy, but I mean it in the best possible way!
Environment artist blog - iPhone 2D Shmup Ultrablast!
  05 May 2005
Originally Posted by urgaffel: Hmm... That sounds a little creepy, but I mean it in the best possible way!

even creepier when i look at ... your... err... face
ahha i had to place it ..

Dork vodar:
.. oooops.. sorry, just reviewed the whole thread, i forgot your post!
i really like the project...
The answer is YES definitivly!! it would be my dream come true!
(one of them)
i just .. only.. need.... money!
-- pascal blanché --
- - " If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes... " (Roy, Nexus 6). - - -

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  05 May 2005
oh. yes it works. I clicked on your name and your homepage there and I came to which has only one (but beatiful) image.. now I found your site
  05 May 2005
Hi Pascal, you are one of my idols in CG anlong with Craig Mullins. I simply love every your work, except one girl in one picture, but that is not the subjet.

Question1 (related to your saying, that you started in the comics):
I would really like to know, if you want to get hired somewhere (studio or whatever some place like that) - is previous art education important or is your profile got to be the one thing to rely on?

I guess, that you have studied art somewhere, but where? I would like to know that. (just for facts)

The one thing about your 3D works has always kept me wondered - what type of modeling do you prefer or you somehow mix them or do you maby use different types of modeling in different objects

You will inspire me for ages to come, keep it up - being one of the best CG artists around and inspiring me and other students like me.
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  05 May 2005
I'm sorry, I just can't decide if I want to change or not... At least this one is easy to remember

Anyways, keep on rocking, it's good to see that one of the first artists I saw can still inspire me now that I'm thirteen years older (holy crap!) and thousands of years more cynical
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  05 May 2005
thanks pascal

I feel guilty posting so many questions but thanks, I have clear vision on how its like in the deadlines, I'll post questions later if I need to ask beware...MUHAHAHAHAAA

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