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  05 May 2005
Hi pascal! glad to have a chance to talk to you , your work are amazing and inspire a lot of artist here , i see you constantly made 3d illustration , and it come out greater every piece, my question is
1. what do think about the future of game industry compare to film industry( visual effect)? because now I hear from my friend that many game company in japan is close , so no work from them, and it will be good to hear your opinion .
2. your job is art director at Ubi soft ! what your everyday job? low poly model , highpoly. or concept design?
3. Can i send you my image to your email for critiques?
many thanks !!
sorry , my english is not good ,
Secret Agent

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  05 May 2005
Hello Pascal,

Very nice CG creations, I like your style very much. What do you think about Doug Chiang's project ROBOTA? it's an art book, but also a 'maybe' feature film??
I mean, I like this kind of art book with a background story. Can you imagine creating such art using this kind of mix-media?

Imagine what is not, then create it

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  05 May 2005
Hello Pascal,

Firts of all, congrats for beeing grand master! You deserve it, really. I'm so glad CGTalk decided to ask you for this Q&A session since you're one of my favourite artists. Thanks for your time and patience.

Here are my questions and I'll probably forget some and ask them later (if you don't mind):
1) Is your Chthulu project still on track? Can you tell us a bit more about it?
2) Technical question: Do you think your style as it is now (mix of 3d and 2d painting) fits animation? I mean in a profesionnal situation, do you think it's possible to animate your style bearing in mind (imginary) production constraints?
3) Would you be interrested in working on a live action film as art director? Do you like live action films? (I guess the answer is yes)
4) Sorry I have the same signature as yours. C'est un pur hasard It's just that line is one of the best I've heard in films.

There it is for now. Thanks for your time.
A bientôt.
"If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes..."
  05 May 2005
Congratulations, Pascal
you have a great gallery of brilliant works...very suggestive indeed
merci beaucoup
delicious ice creams for cold times!
  05 May 2005
Salut Pascal,

Congratulations on the title,you truly are a Master of your art.

My questions are:

Who are your influences and why?

(yeah,I like ask that question )

Thank you for your time.
  05 May 2005
Pascal, you are a great of the 3d, i love your style, no too words only can i say thank you for sharing your art, you, meats, rolhion and marcel are the best inspiration for me.

It´s a pleasure can make this little tribute for a giant like you.

Greetings Master

PS: The question is: What is your next project?
  05 May 2005
it the picture of pascl we can see that....He has a TFT monitor!!
that's great
  05 May 2005
hi pascal

I love when people choose to interview game developers or people who worked in Game Developers, so I gotta ask some questions related to this field
  • I am a student, many people disagree on degrees in Games, especially in the art section, I found a uni that teachs Game art, from 2D work to 3D to Animation, I am 80% interested in this uni, so heres my question, do you think its worth taking a degree if you want to break in, or does Ubisoft employ people with degrees or self tough, at the end of the day, its your portfoilio that matters, right, so whats your opinion on this matter?
  • Have you ever worked in one of the Tom Clancy Rainbow six series? if not do you like them
  • whats the most important thing that young coming up developers should be aware of
  • I am really looking farward for this answer: The first time in Game industry, for you, how was it like in the first 2 months, did you feel happy, excited?
  • How fast can you sketch a character? 2D?
  • finally, what do you feel of EA taking over Ubisoft, (ubisoft were the company that EA took over, right
Thank you very much, your work is great and you must be proud of yourself

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  05 May 2005
Hi Pascal..

you have really admiring work.. something a lot of CG - Artist (including me) would like to archieve..

here my question:
is it true that the trend is going to hire Freelancers than permanent employees for various game and film projects ?

  05 May 2005
Have a good day Pascal.

Must I say that I like your works?
I have a specific question 4 u! I look at your renders, And I seen that u make landscapes very real. I have problems, in fact, particularly where the horizon find the sky...
How do u work with landscapes?

Good art man, and thanks for your attention to us!


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  05 May 2005
Easy one for you Pascal...

Maybe this has been mentioned within this thread but I'm lazy...

Anyway, I LOVE how you saturate your works in yellows and greens!

Keep it up!
  05 May 2005
If I might add one slightly ludicrous idea

Have you guys ever thought of making a Goldorak game?Risky but it could be a big hit in Europe and Québec,especially that the DvD's are coming out soon.
  05 May 2005
oh my.. did i sleep that much?.. already a new page of questions? ahaha..
ok so first question:

woadiestyol: Well i would go for an half and half answer.. sometimes it happens, sometimes i do it on purpose. But more precisely i think that my style is a reflexion of my personnal tastes.

i was first animator, and lead animator at the end of production. We where 30 animators working on the movie here at montreal, 5 leads, and on director of animation. (Phillip Giles,a great guy, i learned a lot with him)
Actually i am still working as Art director, but the project is undercover, can t tell much more about it

well actually i am working on the next D'artiste modelling with Stahlberg and Cortina (mr final fantasy the movie) But ill maybe make a gnomon dvd about the subject in a next future...

Sorry ill have to answer to this one in english
well, it is really important to have a minimum of classic bases.. It`s easy in france to find drawing courses.. i did lots of nude drawing at my beginnings.. Repicating other drawings is a good execice too.. no worries about copying someones style, its about learning first.

1. Well, i think that gaming industry has a good future, but working in this field will become more and more difficult im affraid.. First off, companies tend to become huge , they merge or disappear. For us employees, it is more becoming a tough job too. production are getting bigger and bigger, deadlines are tight... but hell.. that's still a really cool work
2. most of the time it is.. meetings! lol.. There are two main works when you are art director. preproduction, where you decide with other leads (gamedesigners and programmers) about what everything in the game will look like, and then there is the production,where you help the team to keep good quality and overhall look of the game. An art director is more or less like a director of photography in movie industry. There is times where you do things by yourself, but most of the time you elegate, and supervise.
3. of course!

igor sandman:
1_ well it`s still on track .. in my mind for now ill jump on it again when i have time!
2_ most of the 2D touch up i use are not really far form after effects filters.. So he answer is yes, i could find a way to have the same kind of mood in animation that's one of the motivations i have when doing my illustrations. some day ill find myself confident enough to go back to animation, with a visual close to my still work..
3_ i like live action ys, bu my heart belongs to animation, or puppetry.. or stop motion.. there is so much things you can do, live action is still ``limited`` in a way.. look a Dark crystal for example
4_ totally agree with you, it always give me chills..

merci a toi olijosman

well.. My biggest influence are illustrators form the 60's to 80's. Frazetta, Bisley, Arthur Suydam, Moebius, Corben, Brom (could create huge listing here)
my last biggest influence is Katsuya Terada....
I like artists that have a will for creating new worlds.

thx ilusiondigital.. my next project would be to create a cg comic book and try to start my lovecraft novel, and try some new illstrations i have in mind and... :P

1_ first you have to ask yourself what you like to do the most.. Actually you are up to work 9 hours a day for years on it, so youd better get ready if it`s 2D that you like the most, but dont have enough expertise in it, then you know what you will avec to practise more...
it`s godd to have a general understanding of creation process, 2D,3Danimatio,FX, but at the end put in front of your portfolio what you like.
2_no i didnt.. i just made one braistorming with other creatives form ubi montreal once, to talk about specific character design that's all
3_ahah i almost slept half of the two months at work yes i was pretty exited!
4_ when i sketch for myself (very rough sketch) it takes me around 10 minutes
5_ Well, doesnt change a thing for us right now, we'll see in the future, but i am not supposed to talk about that kind of matter on public forums you know.. it's a business thing

i think it really depends on the country where the company is. For instance, here in canada, Ubisoft is about to create the biggest video game studio in the world. Employees are full time job, and there is really rare freelancers.
In France it's the opposite: companies tend to hire freelancers first, or short time employees...

ahah what you see behind the snailmaster is a really nice montage of multiple shots from...Mars..
(pathfinder mission if i remember correctly) No wonder you find it realistic ehehe..

thx glassefx

Stephan D: lol.. I keep pushing my coworkers and friends with that idea from time to time.. hey guys imagine a movie with a huge and rusty cg goldorack (Grandizer)
And they go like ...yeah yeah whatever pascal .. lol..
-- pascal blanché --
- - " If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes... " (Roy, Nexus 6). - - -
  05 May 2005
I forget one thing my friend: I´m working in my new web (a 3d community) can I put some of your images in the VIP Gallery??

Thanks a lot
  05 May 2005
thanks for answering my questions pascal, I know EA stuff and Ubisoft, business stuff, sorry

you know, I would predict that in my first 2 months in a company, I would feel kinda shy thinking to myself "do they like me" lol but excited and would've putted 110% effort

Ubisoft is one of my favourite companies that I would love to work for, my favourite part would be modelling and texture work, so I know which areas to put the pressure on

once again thanks man, could you tell me one final answer of this question:
  • could you describe how its like in the studio when the deadline is 2-3 months away
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