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Old 05 May 2005   #16
Hi mr Blanché... I am relativly new in the cg art world and must admit I never heard of u before this day ... but from what I see on the small pictures u are very skilled and I would very much like to see more of your work... is there a website with your art(I strongly believe so!) could u or any other reading this plz give a guy a link? thx
keep it up M8!
Old 05 May 2005   #17
Hi Pascal im a fan i must admit, i saw the movie kaena, and omg i couldnt believe you had something to do with this movie, i mean the models looked like my 3yr old son made them, this does not fit you at all Pascal.

Im pretty sure that you were limited on what to do and you just did your job, keep up the good work.
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Old 05 May 2005   #18
Pascal, I just want to start off by telling you that your artwork is just amazing and I only hope that I can be half as good as you are one day.

My question is this, do you ever work with other types of mediums besides digital art and sketching and 3d animation? I mean like photograpy or clay modeling and that sort of thing?
Old 05 May 2005   #19
Hi Pascal I just take the chance to congratulate you for your great pieces of art. Certanly those inspirated me to enter to this 3d maniac world haha , and, how old where you when u thought "hey is it possible that I can make 3d stuff??" when u started to enter the 3d, where??, have u moved to continue with your 3d career??, greetings
Bernardo Delgado
Videogame Artist
Old 05 May 2005   #20
thx guys! lets continue

welcome to the club! here's my website:

CgTalk member:
actually, on Kaena, i was only in charge of animation.. just one among many talented animators, it was really hard to catch up...

i wish i had more time for sculpts, and come back to traditionnal painting ( i used to work with acrylic and aquarel painting) but for now i stick to what i fin myself the more comfortable with: digital

Bernardo D:
i started 3D at the age of 18, on an amiga500 at this time the firsts 3D package "friendly user" had just arrived on the marquet... caligary, real 3D... i wish i had some picts to show you... ill check it out
There was no 3D school yet, so i learned all by myself with other students at the artschoool where i studied in south of france.
then yes i had to move to Paris, where most of the companies are..
-- pascal blanché --
- - " If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes... " (Roy, Nexus 6). - - -
Old 05 May 2005   #21
Dear Pascal,

First, thanks for taking the time and doing this, it's an encouragment for us students.
I have a few questions about animation,

1. When doing a walk cycle for a character, what is the most important thing you try to achive? Of course the mechanics of a walk should be worked out first but beyond that, how do you communicate the attitude of the character through a walk cycle?

2. about weight, after developing a character who might be a big guy who weights a ton, do you keep his weight consistent throughout the animation? for instance if in one scene he is super-happy and in another he is really sad, should that emotional state affect his weight?

3. How do you go about creating facial animation for a character? do you have a clear idea of what the character is going to do (for example with his brow, upper lids, etc.) or do you start layering the body first and then add what feels right to the face?

4. And lastly, who's your all-time favorite animated character?

thanks again,

-Michael Lee
Old 05 May 2005   #22
Originally Posted by pascal blanché: thx guys! lets continue
Bernardo D:
i started 3D at the age of 18, on an amiga500 at this time the firsts 3D package "friendly user" had just arrived on the marquet... caligary, real 3D... i wish i had some picts to show you... ill check it out
There was no 3D school yet, so i learned all by myself with other students at the artschoool where i studied in south of france.
then yes i had to move to Paris, where most of the companies are..

would be great , if u find some dont forget to post them, or mail them haha my email is , keep the good work man
Bernardo Delgado
Videogame Artist
Old 05 May 2005   #23
Pascal..One of my inspired 3D artist!. I like the recent wif small green creatures attacking the Gal. Dynamic Masterpiece!! ..Especially, the Steel Man wif Huge arms! UNBEATABLE Impressivism!

I luv every pieces of 3D art u got in the website(Yesterday, i was browsed the EXPOSE 3. To be Frank, I browsed to yours site again yesterday.)
As we all know being a True & serious 3D artist is gonna spent more time & stamina than a 2D artist( in my sense, it is...cuz my Slow & Lame PC processor will be the main obstacle)

Here are some questions if u won't mind:
How is ur daily life mixed up wif ur working schedule? How many hours u spent to work on personal artwork?

Currently, What is the average hours that u spent for one piece of 3D art normally? How much times u had spent to complete ur FIRST satisfy 3D image or character design?

I always try to model 3D character.. Ur website 3D artwork had been my only motivation to push me into 3D character design. SOmehow, i got the pro to be pushing up!..haaa..

Old 05 May 2005   #24
hey Pascal:

My first look on a cg piece in 3d stills was your Gladiator :bow:
Caongrts and more in the future....
Quote: Originally Posted by urg
Didn't I tell you? I'm rowing over to save money. Wish me luck!

Latest Work
Old 05 May 2005   #25
1_Actually i am right now working on some freelance stuff (cant tell more.. because of NDAs)
well i have a rule when it comes to personnal work: no more than two days a week, never before 10pm never after 2am
So basically i have an average of 24 hours a month. I could do more , but it would be time i take over my family and free time to get out, play games, watch movies...
2_ good question... it took me years to be satisfied.. really! i am still using the same male/female bodies i created six years ago, and i am still perfecting them. now i have moe variety in anatomy, bulk guys, thin guys, same for the girls.. and still, when i see stahlberg or Taron'swork. argg. i still need to learn...

thx cha0t1c1

@ Bernardo D: finally found some almost early works:

an animation test i made inspired by a manga (battle angel) i modelled all the stuff, light an all on 3ds4 (last version of 3d studio series for dos)
an animation/modelling test based on a specific design for haikus studios... i got the job..
got the third place for this animation at a challenge in france.. done on 3ds4, rendered on 3dsmax1.2, people thought it was done with professionnal material.. lol...

maninflash , sorry didnt see your post:
1_ would be pacing and rythme first... remember the old little bouncing ball ...
then well, of course for more accurate rythme you need to ask yourself about the motivations of the character... walking happy, affraid to be heard...
2. you know im not that good for animations.. i know the rules and try to use them, so i am affraid to drive you in a wrong direction by telling you specific advices.. actually i think that,weight should be always present in your animation but depending on the mood of the charater his muscles should cary the weight more or less..
3. i always go with your second choice when it coms to my personnal illustrations
4. ahah OOooo tough one... i really like Akira the movie, just love the way they pushed the animation.
-- pascal blanché --
- - " If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes... " (Roy, Nexus 6). - - -

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Old 05 May 2005   #26
Hey Pascal!

As everyone has said, your work is really amazing and inspiring, and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to answer all these questions!

My question relates to your personal style of your designs, models and compositions: You have such an incredibly unique visual style, and this style is more or less consistent throughout your works so that the images you create are instantly recognizable as "Pascals." Is this a conscious effort on your part to put this in your work, or does it just "happen" as a result of the way you work? This might be a dumb question because everyone has some sort of style, but yours is so unique and illustratively impressionistic for a 3D artist that I have to know

Thanks again so much for taking the time to do this!
"Not all those who wander are lost." - J.R.R. Tolkien
Old 05 May 2005   #27
Hey Pascal,

What did you do on the movie Kaena? I saw it in the theater here in Los Angeles when it came out. I'm assuming you probably modeled and textured some of the main alien creatures, like the flying worms. Great style that u have. What current projects are u working on at Ubisoft?
Old 05 May 2005   #28
Hi Pascal,

I'm very glad to see you in "Meet the artists". I wished that you would come, when cgtalk asked which artists we want to meet.

First off, I will just congratulate you with your titel as Expose grand master! It is well deserved!

Your artwork has inspired me alot! Since I have been a small kid i have always loved to draw characters. And seeing your characters has only pushed it further!

I am just curious if you ever had considered writing a tutorial about character design?
I think it would help tons of people. Including me of course!

And for last, thanks for being here and answer all of our questions! It's awesome!

Best Regards, Jakob Kousholt

Old 05 May 2005   #29
Salut pascal,
tout d'abord je voudrais te féliciter pour ton travail que je trouve vraiment remarquable. Pour tout t'avouer je t'ai découvert sur le mag studio multimédia (un hors série) ou tu faisais la couverture avec ton pirate. Depuis je suis un peu ton évolution et toute ton oeuvre est vraiment remarquable. Voilà pour les compliments je vais marréter la

sinon maintenant je souhaiterais avoir quelques conseils, car je suis actuellement une formation dans le domaine de l'image de synthèse (à l'ESRA bretagne peut etre connais tu...). Mon problème pour le moment c'est que mon nivo en dessin est assez faible, et d'un point de vue général sur le plan artistique (peinture...). en revanche il est vrai que j'ai un relativement bon nivo texhnique et qui jusqu'à présent (je suis en 1ère année) s'est avéré suffisant. Mais je c très bien que dans les années a venir ce manque de nivo en dessin va surement etre un frein important à la création dimages de qualité. Je voudrais donc avoir ton avis un peu sur la question. Et que me conseillerais-tu pour améliorer mon dessin par moi meme ?
on me dit souvent de ne pas reprendre des dessins de bd pr ne pas copier le style d'un dessinateur. Mais moi personnellement je pense qu'au départ on est obligé de recopier, tous les artistes passent par le recopiage avant de saffirmer dans un style. Sans doute as tu des conseils aussi de ce coté là.

voila j'espère ne pas avoir été tro long et encore un grand bravo pascal pour toutes tes oeuvres !
bonne continuation.
Old 05 May 2005   #30
Pascal website

Martin Leblanc Bakmar

Visit my website!
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