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  04 April 2005
Talking great artist!!

hey feng hi there
I've been looking at your art for some time now and I really like the idea of you newest color sketches, your enviroments are awesome, as a matte painter I can see you are really good at drawing,concept, color etc, you have an excelent eye, have you ever thought of the idea of becoming matte painter?? I BET YOU WOULD BE ONE OF THE BEST AROUND THE GLOBE !!
maybe you should try some day and make one .
Jaime Jasso
Lead Digital Matte Artist
Industrial Light and Magic

  04 April 2005

in your painting video you mentioned that you keep changing your opacity setting for your brush in PS.. what about the flow do you keep it at a set % or do you keep changing it as well?

  04 April 2005
Hey Feng, great advice here, thanks for answering so many questions. I just have one for now, I've been curious about this

About your perspective work:
How do you manage to get your basic structural lines set? You usually need a LOT of extra room for your vanishing points and it would be hard unless you have a 5 feet tablet with a 98 inch monitor.

What hardware do you use for that and how do you keep your structural lines to follow so nicely?

Thanks, great work man.
  04 April 2005
Hey man!

Just a quickie for ya..

Do you think everybody can reach your level of technical skill, or does some people just doesn't have 'it'?

Watching your first DVD I'm starting to doubt.

Keep on inspiring!
  04 April 2005
ive been seeing your work over the past years... was really inspired.. i am currently an aspiring concept artist and would like to thanx you for it.. i have converted many of your concepts into 3d and it was great learning.. but i never knew how to show them to you..i can understand that you are a busy person but if your still intrested please see this..
and im not a pro like you so please dont expect much.. its made for personal use only..
  04 April 2005
Sorry if this has been posted earier, but how does a 2d artist/ concept artist break into the games industry when conpanies never open a position for concept artists on their websites.. Everytime I go to a company's website, they are always looking for a 3d/ 3d texture artist but no 2d artist spots are ever open.

And could you put some free tutorials or W.i.p. on your site. That would be nice.

I saw your starwars designs on g4 a while back and I was inspired a little.
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  04 April 2005
As a huge fan of your art I really appreciate the chance of asking a few questions to you personally, Feng!

Since I am seriously trying to get deeper into the field of concept art and take on paid jobs I was curious about...

...1. whether you think it would be absolutely neccessary to study architecture or industrial design or anything else in order to be able to work on a fully professional base like you do.
2. Do you know of people who haven't had an educational background and made it among the top artists?
3. What's the usual resolution and dimension of your digital artworks?
4. Do you, as an overly skilled person actually have 'bad days' in your everyday's work when you absolutely can't get certain things right (which is exaggerated :-P and I don't believe you do have...)?

I know you are very busy and seeing all the flood of questions I don't really expect an answer but would of course appreciate it immensly!

Thank you Feng!
(you were the person who continuously inspired me the most among all the pro artists!)

  04 April 2005


on your painting video you mentioned that you allways keep changing you opacity level.. what about your flow. do you change that as well. or dose it stay pretty concestent also do you use the airbrush icon at all?

  04 April 2005

HI Feng,

your work is really wkd,
k heres my question,

im really good at art, but when it comes to concept art/desgin i often
get a artists block, and cant think of what/how to take it on, at the same time i wanna get into the gaming industry.
is there any help for me :(
  04 April 2005
Hi Feng,

How much of reference do you use? How much of before compared to now? How much of using reference is important and how much is it "cheating/copying"? Do you study architecture? Animals? History? Or do you get inspiration and then look up reference? Any advice is appreciated.
Take care.

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  04 April 2005
Hey Feng,

1). Your first portfolio what kind of art did you have in it? Was it all environments or characters too? How many pieces did you have in it?

2). Do you have a favorite architect designer or one certain book that you really enjoy of architecture?

3). Out of all of your work do you have some favorites? If so which ones?

4). Do you think you could share some pics of your studio at home?


  04 April 2005
Hey Feng, thanks for giving us some of your time, I'd like to ask you a few things:

1. How much time did it take you to master perspective, and be able to draw all the complexe mechanical shapes so fast, without mistakes (like in your quick sketch videos)?

2. Do you visualise the concepts in your head before drawing, or do you just draw without thinking?

3. So you work 100% in digital now.. I suppose you still do sketches "on the road" on paper - don't you find paper more "comfortable" to draw on, due to the stronger friction, precision and speed? Or did you get so used to digital that it makes no difference? If you weren't in a production environment, and had a lot of time, would you still use digital?

thanks for reading,


Colt .45 XSI Video Tutorials
  04 April 2005
U got any Thin Lizzy MP3's ?
  04 April 2005
You do great work Feng, you are an inspiration. all of my question have been answered by your first post. Hope to meet you one day.
steampunk legend
secret agent
  04 April 2005
Thanks for replying Feng.

If you can't afford Art Center, would you recommend going to California State University Long Beach to learn Industrial Design?

Is some training better then no training?

What do you feel are the advantages of Art Center as opposed to CSU Long Beach for Industrial Design?

[Note: I can hear the snickering, but I'd rather hear snickering from Feng Zhu.]

[Edit]Actually, it might not be such a bad idea since one of the teachers teaches at Otis Parons as well as CSU Long Beach:

Quote: David Teubner
BS (Industrial Design), Cal St Univ, Long Beach. Animator for educational films. Graphic designer and illustrator in advertising and marketing. Political cartoonist with a syndicated cartoon strip. Videographer for industrial and educational films. Screenwriter, film set and prop designer.


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