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  04 April 2005
which artschool in sweden did you go to?
would love to get some recommendations from ya!
.personal gallery.
  04 April 2005
Phrenzy84, you mean 2d or 3d? If 2d, I'll scan something really early tomorrow. If 3d, you can see my first female face, and subsequent evolution, here:

][ndy, 1. I hesitate just short of categorically stating it's necessary... but I suspect it might be. Maybe not painting skills per se, but some kind of generic artistic skill. The good news is we can acquire these skills, if we really want to.
2. LOL I did play table-tennis in my teens, and I was better at it than most other ball-sports, I really enjoyed it... doesn't say much though, I suck at anything requiring bodily coordination.

Farins, thanks.

Xform, I went to school in Adelaide (1 year) and Stockholm (2 years).
The company I asked was an illustrators agency in Stockholm, Rithuset, 1985.

Mysterious X, the future of Malaysia in CG and filmmaking right now might be good (can only get better right) but the situation today is not the best. One problem is, there's no local movie industry to speak of. Another is, locally made tv content is so cheap it just doesn't pay at all to try to do it in CG. Any CG studio into long form here has to turn to the international market, which is what POV does, and what we tried to do. Short form (tvc) is not a growth industry. Concerning games here, I just don't know, I'm not really into that.

Spinmeister, this pose is live, so to speak - no retouching, all done by rigging and automated deformations: Of course it's far from perfect, and she breaks even worse if pushed too far, but it's ok for now.

Noodlz, I only lived in Australia until I was 3, then my Swedish parents moved back home again. I went back to Australia when I was 19, left again at 21. My cultural background would be more Swedish than Australian, I think.
This is not done for a client, but it's my latest animation: My other latest work - still images - would be on my website, gallery one (3d) and three (2d).

Ahmed Hosny, next evolution after the 3d visual effects industry? Well I'm sure vfx will be fully able to fool anyone in most situations soon, but if you mean virtual characters, that's going to take a while longer I think. Anyway, my goal isn't to be photoreal anymore... I think once it was, for many years in fact... but ever since FFTSW I've had a growing conviction that's a dead-end, for original content creation at least (like if you want to make your own all-3d movie, not just mix some 3d into a live movie). I'm into contour rendering now (not cel-shading though, never really understood people's fascination with that).

BiGMaCHiNe, my hours aren't too bad. I work maybe 10 hours a day in my office, then more surfing and email-handling and maybe sketching etc at home. Like now for instance, everyone else just went to bed but I'll be up until 1 or 2 am.
I have to keep regular hours, I need to get home for dinner at the same time every day, otherwise it becomes impossible to control my diet (which the doctor has ordered me to do). If I'm really busy I can go back to the office after dinner (because it's just a 7 minute walk from the flat). But I rarely do that. The time after dinner is our quality family time.
It's never gotten to a point where it's too much really, not in the sense that I'd chuck it in, hide in my bedroom, or buy a ticket to Mongolia or something. I don't think it could ever get that bad with me. I've learned from some really hectic periods in Hong Kong (before we had kids, so I used to work much more, like 100 hour weeks) not to take on too many commitments, when to say no.

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  04 April 2005
Wow, I was not aware you were brought up in sweden!... Haha, that leaves 2 of my favorite artists on these forums to be swedish. And, to the boot beeing swedish myself.

I wanted to tell you that you've inspired me into good ways of visualising ideas in a simple form to later expand it in 3d, Thank you!.

So, questions was it!. Is there any other things that you want to try around the art area ?
Have you tried other software for 3d, or have you stuck with the same one ?

Ha en härlig dag! Och fortsätt att med ditt fantastiska arbete, låt kreativiteten flöda killen!

  04 April 2005
The way this is going, we'll probably find out next week that Feng Zhu guessed it....swedish..
What's the deal with sweden and amazing artists!?

Maybe I should move there! My sister in law is finnish though, does that count?
  04 April 2005
Hi Steven
Will you share your experience in facial rigging?thank you!
the girl's facial animation is amazing !!
  04 April 2005
Hey steven - ive admired your great work for years, and your great topology and modeling skills have been a big influence to me!

Heres my questions, if you dont mind.

1: Have you ever tried making charicatures? Yknow - stylised characters or cartoons? Your realistic girl characters are always great, but ive never seen you try anything that strays from attempts at realism. Id love to see your modeling skills applied to different, more unusual things. Maybe even animals, machines, creatures etc...

2: Do people frown at you for creating so many 'sexy girl' images? I know its an odd thing to say, but the endless amount of naked sexy CG chicks seen around here is getting a bit much!

3: Have you ever considered making an in-depth tutorial for creating a realistic stahlberg girl from scratch? Maybe even as a gnomon dvd?

Sorry if some of these questions sound a little cheeky - i mean no disrespect - but all of the questions i was going to ask have aready been said

  04 April 2005
Hey Steven!

It's so cool to have you here at CGTalk Q&A, man! Awesome! I'm a huge huge huge huge huge fan of your work. It's just OUT OF THE WORLD! Believe me, it was your 'Fairy and Snake' still that really inspired me to get into 3D and learn it. I'm from India and am relatively very new to 3D. I am still working on my skills. I'm not very good at modelling. I have a lot to work upon. Could you please guide me as to how should go about approaching any model that I intend to make?

Furthermore, is there any way that I can request you to crit my work in future? I would be grateful if an artist like you could guide me.


If we could see in 4D, 90% of the mysteries of the world would be solved!
  04 April 2005
Wow, i'm really surprised hearing that you originate from sweden. I first got acquainted with your "Jealousy" piece, and it totally blew my mind, definitely one of my favorite images i've ever seen, might even stretch is as far as saying that it's the _best_ image i've ever seen!
Well, since this is a q&a forum, i might as well pose a question. Well, since your from sweden, you must know swedish, right?
that is the law according to the rules
  04 April 2005
Personally, I think that if you were to make a full length CG movie with characters as detailed as your current work, movie goers would wonder why everyone made a fuss about Pixar and Dreamworks Movies!

I have a question:
[QUESTION INTRO]I always had a bit of skill with the pencil, and used to spend hours sketching characters on my notebooks back in school. I never kept at it though and nowadays all I can manage are sketches of incomplete images such as a face or a hand. If I attempt to draw a complete scene it either loses detail or my imagination just doesn't keep up. I feel like my imagination is this muscle that has been left idle for years.[/QUESTION INTRO]

How much of a commitment do you think would I have to put in so that I can render -with a pencil- detailed, visually balanced scenes? Would it take months? Years?(I guess you'd have to judge by looking at what I can do. check the sketch for that). This is not my destiny, I'm taking up sketching just for the love of seeing something go from your head to the outside world i.e it's just a hobby. So no need to take the question too seriously

It's good to hear you have a happy family life, that's important. Good luck with any dreams you wish to fulfill and we sure appreciate your opening up to us n00bs!
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  04 April 2005
Hello Steven,

I must say I really love your work and look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

I just have one quick question. On your site you link to a place where you can buy prints/posters of your work. Do you have any intention of putting 'One Last Time' or 'Psycho Girlfriend' into print too? I personally would love to purchase these in poster form if possible. Esspecilly 'One Last Time' as any time I see more of your work I go back to your site and just look at that one over and over again. It is truely a work of art. (pun only partially intended ;-)

  04 April 2005
Hi Steven,

Well first of let me say that it was one of your images that inspired me to give up my job and go back to uni to re-train as a 3d artist. So its kinda cool that i have a chance to just say thank you. Hopefully one day i'll be as great as you and will inspire other people with my work, in the way you have for me.

Eddie Ellis
Eddie Ellis
  04 April 2005
Hi Steven...

It was your site some time ago that really kindled my interest in 3D human figures..and photorealism, if you will, although I think that may be an incorrect manifestation of 3D modeling. I would rather see things that are humanoid and real, but not necessarily photo-real.

Where are you going with your work. How "real" do you intend to get...
  04 April 2005
Hi Steven,

dont know what to say... maybe in can start like this..
If someone would ask me if i have any idols i would probably answer
Carlos Santana at the guitar and Steven Stahlberg at the mouse.
My favorite picture from you is this vargas style girl, its a breeze.


btw. i have a family with 2 children as well, its always nice to know that
there are others daring to do 2 of the most time consuming enterprises
at the same time.

Last edited by Matze4d : 04 April 2005 at 09:57 PM.
  04 April 2005

Hi steven!

I lost my artistic identity, although I'm not sure I never had it...I don't feel like I'm going anywhere else than making cool characters, buildings, textures, etc. for games or whatever.

The thing is that when it comes to personal artwork I don't resolve my renders successfully...I feel inspired and then I make a a cool character or something...later, when it comes to the important stuff...I lose everything with mood, composition, in fact: my style sucks!

any tips?

btw you are one of my favourites! You make the most difficult thing, making a great body become something more than that.

Thanks man
  04 April 2005
Hi Mr. Stahlberg,

first of I'd like to say that I admire your skill and diligence and inteligent approach to making art. You adapt very fast and well to new things. I also really enjoy the kind of women you make model paint. I have a few general questions actually. For now that is.

1. You mentioned you copied styles for a while. I'm very curious as to what styles artists and maybe artworks have had a profound inspriational effect on you personally?

2. I heard from time to time about shorts Optidigit would be creating, and series and similar. How's that coming along, if I may be so bold?

3. What is Optidigit? I know you run it or are a co-founder of it. But I really don't know what it is as a whole.

And of-course! Thanks for being a help and inspiration to us! I found the resources you provide an excellent starting point. And some of the threads you've started are abominably helpful, if I hadn't learned about toppology after getting on the internet, I would've been in a bad shape 3d wise.

modelling practice #1
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