Master and Servant 2D Entry: Bryce

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Old 04 April 2005   #31
ok here goes, dude u cant have textures, why ? the answer is really simple, CUZ ITS TOO DAMN FAR!!!
having said that we conclude it doesnt really matter what the monolith is made of. so what do u do ?
simplify it, make that atmosphere work For u . the top cant be so dark, yes there is sun and yes there is contrast but also there is a serious density of humidity in the air, make the tower gradiently coloured from orange reddish on the top to cobalt in the bottom, now in the next layer overlay some light effects, the light thru the clouds is verry appealing, sharpen it, the highlights on this one must be clear, cuz the light is direct and from above! now select the whole second plan with tower and people and make a layer and on it drop some gradients. if even then u need texturing then drop by on my thread ill post some quicktexturing tuts.
later man
Old 04 April 2005   #32
Sweet, dude! I like the Idea, and the vortex too!

Old 04 April 2005   #33
thanx everyone let me try some more stuff tonight. Welcome it is nice to see you here, and I see that you have entered the master and servant contest. Good luck, to you.
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Old 04 April 2005   #34
this is a wonderful image... but i am not sure if it fits into the treditional master/servant category... but yea that's just my 2 cents... i love the idea i am pretty sure i have a version of this thing somewhere in my sketches too... so keep it comming.
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Old 04 April 2005   #35
Red face

Is there any beelow here ? Youhou ?
Old 04 April 2005   #36
The whole monolith thing... have you considered making it a statue of a person? That way it would seem more like 'master and servant' rather than an object that regular people have a hard time relating to.

Avoid texture on objects in the distance. These objects should only have low contrast shadow shapes. Look at Maxfield Parrish's illustrations or Bierdstadt's paintings. Follow the light logic that you see in those pieces. Objects that are close will have high contrast and full saturation. Objects in the distance will be low constrast and less saturated.

Keep all you textures in objects that are close to camera.

Remember those two statues in Lord of the Rings? Look at the qualites of those statues. Even if you keep it as a non-descript monolith, it should have characteristics that imply scale.
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Old 04 April 2005   #37
Yeah, Sheff, I have thought of that. But, I thought that would be too generic, because you see what force is there and a lot of people are doing that in this contest but have different drawings and different ideas, wayway different, some strange and errie...ooooooo scary. I like the idea of presence, like God in the Holy Bible. I think it is more glorious.
I extended the canvas to get in more elements like lighting (I am considering other forces) to show its present, but you can not see him/her/it or whatever this force is. I this master to show its strength and not who it is doing the work. In reality, I believe there is a force at work that is running things. I do not want to offend anyone or anything like that. I wanted to create the tower pertaining to the story of the Tower of Babel. Judging from what information that I have got from all of you I think that I will do minimal changes to the monolith and focus on the relationship of the people with the Diety and the tower is just an extra element to communicate their relationship. thanx Sheff, Spacesnail, Slav, THE Wizard, nebezial, calisto, kaleith, the1st_angel, Virtuoso and others that I have not mention because I can't see your names here while I am typing because I am too slow and too lazy to go find out those! Keep posting.

Spacesnail-Also, I've been buzy with school and work so bear with me spacenail. I have a Visual Effects class Modeling an Texturing class and Pre-Production team. So that means a lot of 3d and plus I work. Yeah, smart huh? But, I will get this done. Yur work inspires me to work more so I will do so...holla
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Last edited by beelow : 04 April 2005 at 08:27 PM.
Old 04 April 2005   #38
Originally Posted by NOOB!: cool,i'll check back tommoraz

la la la la bad

*a week later*

colours are looking fine.

listen to nebezial,he knows what he is on about.
Old 04 April 2005   #39
Coloring WIP: deity

Here is the next step. I took some you guys suggestions and it helped alot. I still want to make some changes to get this looking right. Just gotta keep working at it. Don't mind the characters, I am going to shoot some reference shots at home for those. I want to be accurate with the way the cloth lays and I am also thinking about making the attire that the people are wearing blow in the wind, to add to the strength of the piece. My head hurts from all of this
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Old 04 April 2005   #40
Hi beelow

good progression !
About the horizontal format, I'm not quite sure it's wise.
You're planning to depict some kind of deity, which suppose to look at the skies.
The horizontal top border catch the eye and stop the ascension. So imho, you should keep it vertical.
About the lightings, shouldn't they hit the tower ?

Keep going on
Old 04 April 2005   #41
Nice progression......You know bryce.....I agree with spacesnail on the format....I too think you should give this a vertical format.....for all the reason's he mentioned.......I like where you are going,the idea,all of it,the execution of your work........just also think vertical is the way.....Anyways keep it coming,best of luck to you.....
Old 04 April 2005   #42
OK, I will make the change to vertical format. I also, may some changes to the clouds by making them darker, but I saved the wrong file at home. I don't have internet access at home to make the post so I will have to hold it off till tomorrow. Thanx, Spacesnail and Virtuoso.
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Old 04 April 2005   #43
Talking Uber!

This is such a cool entry! (I'm gunna have to start to post on people's work that I DON'T like lol... so hard to find any though!)

The second I looked at this one I thought "If Jesus does decide to pop down for a quick visit again... this is what it will look like.."

The only thing I can say... is that, I greatly prefered the other tower!... I think the new one looks like a giant stone trifle, lol... I think you should do the other one again... or even.. a very uneven pice of huge rock... almost like a mountain but not if you know what I mean.

As for your concept regarding a presence as opposed to a visible entity... It is by far the most original angle I've seen in this entry type so far! They are servants to that which they can't even see and have been for centuries before this phenomenon even occurs!! They are servants, willingly so, to their faith and in that which they worship!! Love it! I'm eating a bag of crisps right now and this picture is actually improving the crisp enjoyment experience lol

Please please please change the tower back

Keep it special
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Old 04 April 2005   #44
Thanx, JimmiMak. I am glad that you like mines in paticular. I tell you what I will do 2 different versions and see which one everyone likes better. I still have to adjust the canvas. I still have not yet got around to doing that. I am trying to get this 3dmodel out the way for my Preproduction Team class Final.
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Old 04 April 2005   #45
Coloring WIP: deity

Yeah, this is the one I meant to upload a while ago. I have not worked on since then. So, I will be making those changes that everyone has asked for. Well, here goes.
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