Master and Servant Challenge FAQ/Answers/Questions (Update 24 March 2005)

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  03 March 2005
Gamoron - good point. Having read the rules I also think this needs clarification. I very rarely do line art. Indeed, I normally up-size a concept thumb and work from that. I would be interested to hear if the rules dictate that you must create your art in a certain way. I can't imagine they would (i.e. what purpose would it serve?) but it's better to be clear about these things.
  03 March 2005
Quick question: Can there be more than one master and servant in the image? And if so, must you focus on one particular master/servant relationship, or is it ok to just have them all? Does this make sense?
  03 March 2005
mybutterflyiris, I believe this answers your question:

The theme can encompass an entire spectrum of relationships from benevolent leader and adoring followers to maniacal dictator and abused slaves.

Since it mentions slaves and followers in plural, I believe it means there's no restriction on the number of figures.
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  03 March 2005
FAQ Update

Line Art Milestone:
To be honest I am completely unsure why this milestone has been a requirement for the last two challenges and why it suddenly becomes an issue after successfully being a required milestone in the last two Challenges. Did no-one bother to say that it was redundant in the last two challenges? 2000 contestants each time and not a single comment until now? Wow.

If it's redundant to you, then simply submit your Concept Sketch again as Line Art. I will have to check in with the others here to see if it's really a redundant milestone and remove it before the end of the challenge if necessary. Will keep you all updated - please watch the FAQ.

Does one have to be human or can it be semi-human?
It needs to be 100% homo-sapien. I did not write the rules (it was collectively written by numerous people), but we are all accepting this as a rule and interpreting that one needs to be a 'human' (i.e. character depicting the globally accepted homo-sapien species form).

Sorry if this is going to deter anyone from entering the Challenge, but the rules have been set and the interpretation from the vast majority of Challengers so far (as can be seen in the entries to date) has been that one needs to be a human being. Many people have already started their concepts with humans as one of their main subjects.

Do one of the objects need to be 'alive'?
I very honestly found this question to be very difficult to answer. I had a long discussion on the semantics and definition of what it is to be 'alive' or 'animated' with some others and quite honestly it is a total waste of everyone's time to argue about such a philosophical subject here (don't even try me please). So I'll leave this one open to interpretation and say NO - SURPRISE US WITH YOUR CREATIVITY.

Other questions
I do sincerely apologise to the others whom I did not answer your questions. I had a quick glance through look and honestly, the majority of your questions have already been answered in some way, shape or form in the FAQ and Rules. I will ask other Forum Leaders to try answering the rest, as I do not have time for the more trivial questions/matters at the moment.



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  03 March 2005
Thanks for clearing that up Leo
  03 March 2005

Q: Can I use pre-fabricated models?
A: No.


Just to clarify, please be patient with me...

This means I can't use anything I've built myself before today?
  03 March 2005
Originally Posted by DimitrisLiatsos: Sorry for brinking this up again...but if dsomeone from the moderators could help me i would apreciate it very much.......

Can i do this or not ...'cuase my painting skills are really bad ..thank u and sorry for bringing this question again here.

I don't see a problem with it Dimitri. You are working 3D right? If you're going to use a photo collage or sources from other artists in your concept drawing or mock-up, just make sure that you give credit to your sources. Stick figures and basic shapes are perfectly acceptable for concept milestones too. Skilled line drawings are not a requirement for concept milestones. Just communicate your idea anyway you can (photo collage, playdough & toothpicks, photo of your action figures & toys in pose, whatever).

DO NOT use copyrighted material or source material from other artists in your finished work. That would be a major violation of rules, laws and ethics.

pixelkeg - Start from nothing.
  03 March 2005
this is my first time entering a challenge and I noticed several new entries did not post any sketch and yet they are in there. I registered but now it's asking me to submit a concept sketch, why is that ? i don't have anything yet, just 2 ideas I will post in writing. Also i'm not sure if one idea will be ok for some reasons.
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  03 March 2005
now on cgtalk it does show my name.. on cgnetworks page it's asking me to sumbit an image. Can I skip that part for now ? or if I do that I will be deleted from cgtalk 2d challenge?
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  03 March 2005
Daoine and

It has to be 100% done in *this* challenge. If you're using anything prefabricated make damn sure no one finds out!


As the FAQ says, all post trickery is allowed. No restrictions. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you end up painting most elements (not just the background) then you might consider going into the 2D challenge instead.


That's indeed an issue with this many entries but it's something every person has to deal with. Update often, advertise in your sig and have an exciting entry is all I can suggest.


You can take all the time you want before submitting as long as you have one of each milestone.

  03 March 2005
Question challenge-copyright

when we enter- is our work automatically copyrighted!
  03 March 2005
but i get this on the cgchallenge page:

Step 2 of 3 - Image Submission Process

Error: One of the required fields is missing.

so can i just cancel that step and continue my process on cgtalk and post my sketch later this week ?

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  03 March 2005
Sorry Leonard. I didn't enter the first challenge, tried 3D in the last one and now I'm trying 2D for this one. Thats the reason you haven't heard the question before and because of the 2000 I'm the only one that really thinks outta the box. And because instead of doing the smart thing and figuring out a work-around, I had to join the whinning throng thats pestering you guys. No worries. It doesn't bother anyone else I can come up with something to submit.

Just ignore me.
  03 March 2005
reven - Under copyright law, anything you create is automatically protected in your name. By submitting to the CGChallenge, nothing changes. The work is yours and you retain all rights to the work. Read the info provided on the Challenge pages. This and CGNetwork's usage of your image is covered. You should have read and agreed to these terms before you entered the challenge.

sebek27 - If you're submitting an image, use the CGNetworks submission page. If you'd like to just add a text post (no image) use the "reply" option on your thread here on CGTalk.
  03 March 2005
thanks, can you or Leonard read my entry and tell me if I can continue with my ahem, part of a man's anatomy idea ?
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