Master and Servant 3D Entry: sandro D Paoli

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  05 May 2005
Rendering: lightPass

the most beautifull of all passes if you ask me - the Light Pass - sometimes she makes you want to throw away the rest like a good sketch exceeding the all painting.
A lot of brushing work to do on that one in Photoshop to mirror the Normal Map effect on the other side of his chest -- rendering problem - no time to reRender

  05 May 2005
Rendering: Specs.....aaaaahhhh Specs

okay here comes the SPEC pass screened with the REFLECT pass -- always render them apart of course to dim one or the other -- create occlusions that sort of know. I plan to add greasy stuff and imperfections later directly in Photoshop - that way I can place them more precisely and I avoid unfolding those damn UVs that make you want to change career every time you are unfolding.
  05 May 2005
Great! This is a fantastic bit of 3d sculpture, really imaginative. Bring on the final image
  05 May 2005
Post Effects and Compositing: I ll place that one under compositing if you don t mind

So, TRANSLUSCENCEpass - screened with VELVET pass -- velvet being mainly the kid s cloth and the cushions of the chair.
TRANSL being - as I would like to say - the life pass -- It brings in some light from the inside of the characters -- its a life pulse. I m going to add veins and stuff to that one but in photoshop -- again only for a timing reason.
VELVET -- well thats a great one it can be dust or anything that brings softness to a material -- I love it on clothes.
  05 May 2005
Post Effects and Compositing: W.I.P --- thats a rough compositing

Yop - it starting to look like what I had in mind but still alot of global adjustements and a legion of fine details and refinement to be done.
I feel really frustrated not to be able to present a displaced version of my Nunck so I ll just post in some Z bruh snapshots.
It just wouldnt render with tha displace - makes you want to throw your computer or even yourself through the window at the time -- but now, well I m more relax so only the desk and the computer would do. renderSize is 4000 x 3000. If someone as a tutorial link or a tip concerning displace rendering in Maya MR in huge formats well I can trade it to him against JPGs of me in my underwears. Please send link first.
  05 May 2005
Rendering: Render damn it -- render pleaaaase...oh Crap

well all that is gone cause of rendering problems -- could only save a part of the details with the Normal Map. Anyway it was really fun to give Zbrush a try -- plenty of fun during an all evening -- I m gonna use that a lot more in the future - thats the tool we were missing - us modellers -- the gap between modeling and rendering. I bless the Gods and I - virtually- kiss the bald skulls of all those programmers at Pixologic.
  05 May 2005
Final Image: Akeem BhorisXXIV and his Nunck

so here it is -- final image composited on background - Zdepth Lens Blur added.
So it is over -- thx to all the comments and the concern. Its been a pleasure talking to you guys all along the competition - Good luck to all -- I m off to bed. will post the story attached to the image tomorrow or maybe now if I found the courage...
  05 May 2005
Congrats man, great result in the final good luck

Master and Servant 3D Entry

  05 May 2005
I love the models you made for this scene they look great good luck to you
  05 May 2005
Post Effects and Compositing: recap

just a recap of the different layeres-- of course there was a lot of brushing taking place in photoshop -- mainly for the correction of the hands and of the kid s face.

  05 May 2005
Hey Sandro,
You have done an excellent job on the render. I liked your little explanations on your layer renders. Just learning to render in layers so I found it interesting although I didn't understand it all ,I will reread your post.
The model of both characters is well done , the only minor,minor thing is the Nunck's head I think could be more textured or have its eyes more visible. I am nitpicking though as this is a great image.
Good luck.
  05 May 2005
Concept Sketch: the Story

the Story

Akeem received his Nunck servant on his fifth birthday from his father, Baron Asheem Von Pelt.
The war Lord baron had just returned from a six month campaign on the distant planet of Yiist. His troups had engaged the Nuncks in the plains in front of their huge cities. Baron Asheem\\\'s ultra modern legions faced the ferocity and fierce determination of the female-warriors of that alien race. At dawn they charged only armed with primitive weapons and where crushed in a record time of less than 6 minutes by the powerfull XMBs heavy artillery and by the HellCopters of Cdt Sinkletom.
Shortly after the male Nuncks where deportated. Nunck society was mainly matriarcal, females conducted the politics and the war affairs while males took care of the eggs and children. They became slaves of domestic use for the aristocraty of Terra-Minor and Panaple.
Nuncks became very popular among young children of high-rank. But soon after, they were overclassed by Aerial Ochoons from Nimhf.
The Nuncks were then sold on huge exo-markets to extracting companies.
But Akeem never got tired of his Nunck and their relation intensified as the years passed by. He stopped calling him Jam Jam for his ancient name Ashz.
A few years later, a rumor ,stating that Nuncks where carriers for dangerous exo-viruses, lead to their massive extermination.
As a sign of protest against that stupid massacre, Akeem-Bhoris XXIV commited suicide on the 18th may of year 5425.He was nine years old.
That act caused a huge impact among the aristocraty. In the end it lead to the Lawrence\\\'s Amendment of slavery Abolition, still valid today in the whole empire.
  05 May 2005

Awesome stuff, my friend! The lighting is great on this image...! It looks really soft and realistic! Also your making-of steps are awesome! Especially thos of the post-stage!

I'm to buzzy now to check the story and so really tight, but I'm gonna do that soon!

Very much good luck at the voting - neighbour-country-dude - and have a nice day!,
multidisciplinary creator of films and spaces
design image film music
  05 May 2005
Oh yeah, the lighting in the last picture is really realistic, great job and interesting idea
  05 May 2005
Nice and funny. You did it very well
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