Master and Servant 3D Entry: Clifford Phillips

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  03 March 2005
Master and Servant 3D Entry: Clifford Phillips

Clifford Phillips has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: close up

I thought i would submit a close up of the man, as it is a bit hard ot se the detail in the low res post of the final image and this way you can get a better idea I think, or hope. Bit self indulgent but hope you see why.
  03 March 2005
Concept Sketch: so many masters, so many servants

Further to Yesterdays post:
The other reason for picking a tube train is its similarity, in the crowding and shape, to ancient ships that were rowed by slaves for the wealthy.
So also as another explanation: I said we are all slaves to money and as we know the proverb Time=money, we are therefore all slaves to Money as well.

The view will be from the upper part of the train downwards, suggesting the viewer is the Master. As I said the colour sheme is probably going to be browns and grays, as I think these are reminisant of places we don't much like, and also reminds me of London (although it is apparently a lot cleaner now).

C and C's welcome (although I still havn't got a new sketch)

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  04 April 2005
Concept Sketch: mood board

a second concept sketch
  04 April 2005
nice concept dude... you should be a teacher or something !
Eddie Ellis
  04 April 2005
Interesting idea, though you may want to consider ways to further emphasize the relationship of the viewer as master or you might miss out on that aspect somewhat.
  04 April 2005
Hey Clifford, you do realise that this has now become a Mester and Student Competition ?

Let the games begin
Eddie Ellis
  04 April 2005
yep, good point, Eddie but this is always an interesting relationship. Its amazing how much I learn from students!

To 'Cole': Yep I am aware that this may pose a problem, with the viewer being the 'master' but I am not totally sure if this is a problem (I like the idea of the duality of the way that image can be read). I have been working on ideas for how to make the different relationships a bit less subtle though, and if I get to it will try to work up a few more sketches. (thanks for posting by the way)

This weekend I started the modeling but think it will get binned! I also did some more sketches on the way I want the faces to look, but not happy yet.
  04 April 2005
the cocept looks cool, and its a very interesting idea and take on the challenge. how many charcters are you planing on having int the scene?
The way out is through:
  04 April 2005
sam, the plan is to have as many as I can, but it will depend on how they fit in the view, as I don't wna them to obscure the camera angle and so on. At first they will be basic clones of each other in order to work on placement and so on, but then I hope to work them up more.
They will all be business people though, my main problem is that i wnat there faces to look really ward down and I am having trouble sorting out references for this at the moment.
I even deprived myslef of sleep in order to try to get that look, but guess I am too healthy!

Should post first 3d stuff within a few days.
  04 April 2005
Modeling: Modelling to date

I have been having trouble with the hand and the face. I want the face to look stern and gaunt to reflect the servitude. The hand of the master is supposed to look a little warn and perhaps old, yet virile.

The watch that will represent the master is missing as I havn't done it yet and you will see that only very basic materials have been used so far, although this image is not supposed to look real, but is suggestive of a scene on a tube train somewhere.

So the face is just one of the face for a passenger, yet to do a suit or any other people for the scene. I really would appreciate feedback on this lot.
  04 April 2005
Wow Cliff, its really coming together, last time we talked you had barely started. Did you end up sticking with maya in the end? or are you back onto max? I think your realising your concept really well, the head does look stern and gaunt, just as you intended. Stick with it mate, dont give up, and get some sleep! see you tomorrow
  04 April 2005
Fraid i went back to Max as I still prefer it for modelling, but then I did learn that first. I may well go over to maya for hair and final rendering but it will come down to time it the end.
Some compromises are already being made due to time limitations and so on, but hopefully they will not detract from the final image. Hope you enter the next challenge yourself.

I spoke with one of the 3rd year students here about the head and they thought I could push it a bit further which I tried but not sure if I like it. Also I plan to post up a sketch I did of the face's look I was going for, although the model is a bit better than the sketch (in my opinion).

I got three hours sleep last night, so thanks for your good wishes!
  04 April 2005
hey teach, my turn to comment on the it might be just the angle nut the fingers looks kindda strange, as at the moment they look alittle like stumps. (not sure if you have finihed modelling them yet).. PLus i think it would be a good idea to give him some knunkles.

The face is cool, but could do with alittle more detail on the nostrals. i cant remember how you model, but i find modelling so much easier when i have Nerbs Subdivision on (rather than mesh smooth)

I have nothing it crit on the train, as its looking cool (maybe just put my graffitti in their somewhere)...

Aprt from that, keep it up dude (im sure you will finish in time)
Eddie Ellis
  04 April 2005
Eddie, thanks for your comments. I forgot to mention the hand wasn't finished and yep those were stumps! 'Finished' it yesterday evening but not happy with it. I have also changed the view, as, when i put the hand/arm in the scene it looked a bit stupid and not what I had had in my mind.

Not sure about graphiti. The whole texture thing will probably be very painterly, as I plan to do them in Painter and then apply them (more like the mood board) and so it may be at odds to do painterly version of spray paint. However I will give it some thought when I come to do more texture work. Struggling to light the scen at the moment, so would be good to have soem advice?

Umn. i used to have problmes modelling hands and ears, but these are bit better now, but nostrals always look wrong to my eye. I have done a bit more work on this but not posted it yet. I was watching the Snooker last night and didn't realise how much my model looked like Peter Ebdon! well maybe not but he would have been good reference.
  05 May 2005
Are you the teacher at Pompei Uni?
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