Master and Servant 3D Entry: Trey Harrell

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  04 April 2005
Concept Sketch: Servant - Reference sheet

Busy week at work -- no time for updates till tonight.

Quick sketches of my caffeine addict that I'll begin modeling tomorrow.

I think I'm going to shy slightly away from realistic and go for somewhere between real and a caricature from a form and coloring perspective.

Something about the pose I'm ending up with is reminding me a bit of Alex getting reprogrammed in A Clockwork Orange.

I think I'm okay with that (unconscious until now) nod/reference for this I think because I'm walking the tightrope between funny and scary and that particular silhouette will read really quickly for his emotions -- hopefully on the funny side -- and alternately it's such an archetypal pose that people should "get" instantly.
  04 April 2005
Modeling: Servant head modeling

Beginning servant modeling.

Using reference pics from for the head.

I'm trying a hybrid of Krishnamurti Costa (Machineflesh android woman) and Jason Osipa's (stop staring book) head boxmodeling styles -- the face is going to be 'pushed' a LOT further than I usually go -- he's going to be in pretty serious agony/bliss, so I decided to study up about edgelooping for ultra-clean deformations. Most of my CG work to date has been product stuff, and very few of my characters so far have progressed past the dummy head stage because they wouldn't deform nicely.
  04 April 2005
Very nice modeling

Master & Servant

my site

  04 April 2005
Modeling: Servant - more modeling

More modeling on the servant.

I played with the head a little more, and decided to tweak it until it was a self portrait (the concept is a confession, right?). Besides, I can get much better reference of myself with just a digital camera.

Rough, initial blocking on the body, arms and hands. I've used the initial blocking to quickmodel a t-shirt and jeans with maya cloth. Just created panel curves, ran a few frames of simulation, deleted history then went in and sculpted a bit with artisan.

Neither the jeans or undershirt are going to be terribly visible in the final, so I didn't see the need to agonize over them -- detail can come from texture here.

  04 April 2005
MOdel looks very good! I wanne see this texture and finished, should look great
  04 April 2005
Yeah, looking great so far! BTW, Jason Osipa's "Stop Staring" book is worth its weight in gold, isn't it? I have my copy open as we speak.

(Well, typing, not speaking, but you get the idea).
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  04 April 2005
Gotta say, I absolutely love that book. I picked it up around Christmas time and haven't done any character stuff since then. I really like Krishnamurti Costa's boxmodeling approach -- so I've tried to duplicate Jason's edgeflow doing boxmodeling techniques. I've never been comfortable extruding an edge at a time in open space like Osipa and Julian Mortimer teach. I'm more of a clay molding type.

Regardless, the first time I played with the rigs out of that book I was hooked. They deform as fast as you can scrub and the jaw/fleshy eye setup in there is worth the price of the book alone. Blendshapes are such an ugly solution for faces. I'm glad the industry is heading toward muscle based deformations.

On another note I also just learned the "collapse hierarchy" trick so that Mental Ray will render sub-d's with tris and n-gons. It makes the mesh heavier, but it's worth it (I try to stick to quads, but I put too many edges in when I have to close every single loop -- and tris are great for wrinkles!). I'm sure this is common knowledge somewhere, but I figured the more people that find out about it, the better.
  04 April 2005
Far out Trey, I really like your concept and your models rock Looking forward to seeing this one at the finish line...good luck to you mate..l8r
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  04 April 2005
Texturing: Servant head shading - first pass

Initial color and bump tolerance tests for Mental Ray's mi_sss_fast_skin shader.

I've put a very quick color map in the overall slot based on camera projections of my own face.

I've also painted in a little detail in a bump map, with initial skin pores and modified that for use as an initial spec map.

Moreover, I've run a test to see if Maya Fur will be usable for the bedhair look I'm going for. The first test isn't too bad, but it's got more than a little bit of Keith Richards in it. In a bad way.

At any rate, I'm really pleased with the skintones under my studio lighting rig. I'm curious if the subscatter shader would flicker when animated. I wonder if we'll all react to glowing ears how we do to lens flares five years from now? heheh.

Next up, the eyes are a little dead, and I think I'm going to go in and modify the lips and jaw some more. Something isn't looking right about them and I can't put my finger on it.
  04 April 2005
great shading ! love the textures
  04 April 2005
blackdragon: Thanks for the kind words. It's funny how challenges like this can really make you push yourself farther than you think you can go. I'm learning a ton, particularly in the modeling arena right now. It's really nice to see some of the lighting technique I've been working on with my product stuff translate over to character work too (my studio light setup worked beautifully with the SSS shader with very little tweaking). Hope to see you on the finish line as well!

d-tox: Thanks! I'd be embarassed to show the actual texture maps that were used in the last update. They're really really fast (like 20 minutes fast) and rough unwraps of my own face that I just took with a cheapo digicam yesterday. Something about the SSS plug-ins softens everything though so bad seams and ugly cloning artifacts aren't really noticeable -- might be the closest thing to a 'make it pretty' button in all of Maya, if it weren't such a pain to work with.

Those are really meant just so I get the saturation and tonal ranges down for the different SSS layers, get the bump tolerance set right and get the scaling of the SSS backglow set in the right ballpark.

I'm going to temp in the rest of the scene textures next, then posing, lighting, and the real texturing comes when I've got my framing down.

There's some stunning work already this early in the challenge. I'm going to have to polish the hell out of this thing to a level I've never done before to be able to compete!

But that's the fun, right?
  04 April 2005
Very nice modelling man! The textures are great too... I liked the mesh, very clean And finally the hair are well done. Keep on going friend

Master and Servant 3D Entry

  04 April 2005
Modeling: Servant modeling final draft

Final massing on the servant's head. Textures and shaders still temped, although I probably won't polish those any more until I finish posing, lighting, and have my final composition blocked out.

Hair is pretty close to final, temp glasses are in so I can get a feel for personality. I need to redo the eyes as the retinas are a little too big, although they're not dead looking any more.

All the nitpicky that's left is beard stubble, eyelashes and eyebrows, and I think I'll save those for the final polish phase as I have the tendency to obsess over little details like that and would prefer to get the big stuff out of the way first.
  04 April 2005
hi tharrell, nice texturing your wip! so good
  04 April 2005
outstanding modeling and shading
Some eyebrows and its woow
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