Waking Hour Pilot WIP (Crowd Funded Movie\Sci-Fi Series)

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  06 June 2011
Talking Waking Hour Pilot WIP (Crowd Funded Movie\Sci-Fi Series)

Before I begin posting , please allow me to introduce my project "Waking Hour".
Following the information below you will find my personal Demo reel and video and still renders from my WIP project to date ,thanks for taking the time check it out !

About Me

I am a South African born British Citizen living in Abu Dhabi and I am a 3D

and Visual Effects Artist,my writing is inspired by the work of JJ.Abrams and

shows like Flash Forward and Fringe, I like to explore ideas of where we may

have come from and how we could be tied to the universe.

The Story

Waking Hour is to be a 3D ,motion capture powered, science fiction series and

this 14 minute pilot is the tale of young Abbigail Brink, torn from her bed

and dragged into a life threatening situation by Lt.Rushton . Stuck between

two opposing forces she is faced with an imminent threat,with nowhere to go

something deep inside her takes action,with devastating consequences. The

short film and proposed series afterwards deals with themes based on the ideas

and different aspects of quantum physics.

The Impact

Other than developing a successful and visually stunning series , my goal is

to release the motion capture library built during the production of the short

and the series,to the open source community for use in games and Movies ….Free

of charge.I come from an open source background and feel the need to

contribute to the community.

I have launched a Sponduly.com Jump Starter Campaign , I have also launched the project on Wreckamovie and Indiegogo

Head on over and see what we need and what you get !
http://www.sponduly.org/project/waking-hour-jump-start (Just received our first contribution)

Waking Hour Teaser

This is the part of the credit sequence , the camera flies through the streets and up into the building where Abbigail is sleeping , there is a tremendous amount of work to do.Modelling props and buildings to start with, I want to make the resources as modular as I can in order to be able to rapidly build the city from the story.


Video Test Renders
These few video's are test renders on my modest system , they took a long time to render so I opted to render out animatics for future updates instead

Still Renders

The set of the first real scene of the film is starting to take shape ! Theres still lots to be modelled for the set .Enjoy and let me know what you think.

My modest Demo Reel

More updates coming as I continue to work on the project , C&c is most welcome.

  06 June 2011
updates !

More updates ! Still more to model but it is coming along nicely now , added a few new objects ( light switch,door handle,mattress , side tables,light fittings and a new bottom to the bed) . I want to flesh out the scene a little with some more props before I begin animating the camera for the next animatic update. Let me know what you think


  06 June 2011
Waking Hour Update !

Waking Hour Animatic Update

This is the second part of the credit sequence , it makes use of the set that i have been building for use in the first scene of the film.As before there are many details that still need adding , once I have all the props modeled and UV Mapped I will move onto making the scene look more like a room thats’ lived in’.
We’ve had some backers, this week on Sponduly ! You can check out the campaign here http://www.sponduly.org/project/waking-hour-jump-start
  06 June 2011
A special update to welcome JJ to the team , JJ has taken on the role of concept artist , he's an amazing artist and I can't wait to see what he has to offer. I've included a link to his blog , check it out http://johanntebrake.blogspot.com/ .

As work progresses on the set and more objects are modelled , so too does the polygon count increase and in turn the render times begin to climb.Thankfully there are only a handful of objects that I need to model before moving on to the next set.As rendering using the HDR file has become more time consuming I have opted to render updates using more modest means for the time being.

The blender 2.58 build in now available so I will download it and do some render tests , I can't wait to get my hands on a stable Cycles build though.As is usually the case there are many things that need tweeking in the scene , I have turned off subdivision surfaces in preview mode and left it enabled in render only so as to navigate around the scene faster.

I have included some fresh renders and an updated animatic video , as always C&c and suggestions are more than welcome.


Updated Animatic

  07 July 2011
Kinecting the dots

This is my first motion capture test,done using ipisoft and the Kinect controller for the xbox 360.There is a lot of potential for this as a viable Motion capture set up and if you use around 4-6 PS3 Eye Cameras you can get some super accurate data.


I will carry out more tests as the week marches on and hopefully I can start blocking out scenes , improving the animatics greatly.

  07 July 2011
Kinecting the dots part 2

Hey there ,
I did a quick and dirty test of re-targeting the motion capture data I got from a capture session , using ipisoft's desktop motion capture suite trail version.I slapped it onto a base mesh and simple rig that I had lying around . It was a fairly simple process and I was quite impressed with how the motion translated to the simple and fairly limited rig that I set up for the mesh.The video includes annotations with some extra information


  07 July 2011
Smile Let The Motion Capture Commence

I've been doing some experiments using http://www.ipisoft.com 's Desktop Motion Capture 30 day trial , while it was easy to use and yielded great results , as a trial version it was limited to a 5 second export so I twisted some arms and managed to purchase a license for the express version.The express version is a kinect only version of the application but you can upgrade to the multi-camera version at a later date if you so choose. I'll start doing the motion capture for the first minute of the film within the next few days and rig it up to a base mesh that I have created.Thank you again for taking the time to read my posts and I look forward to posting some more fleshed out animatics soon , contributions are still being accepted over on the contributions page at Sponduly http://www.sponduly.org/project/waking-hour-jump-start

  08 August 2011
New Developments

Hey there folks ,
After a much needed software and hardware upgrade I've been hard at work and these are the first glimpses of the fruits of my labor. The sculpt is something that I created to test out the new base mesh that I made , it was very quickly decimated inside of Z-brush and rigged up in blender.I have recently acquired a 4 camera motion capture setup and have been testing it out and doing R&D on an efficient workflow.
There are a few issues with the video , like foot sliding and the feet dropping through the floor , that is due to my current rig and its something that I'll continue to work on and refine.The mesh needs to be retopoligised and I plan to paint it and use it in my new Reel.

I am really excited to start getting the scenes for the film fleshed out and push my new system to its limits.

Software used iPiSoft Desktop Motion Capture Basic Edition , Z-brush 4 and Blender 2.59. My new system specs are i7 2600K 3.1Ghz Quad Core with 16GB RAM and 1GB GTX Nvidia 550 Ti card.


  08 August 2011
Talking Update


After revising my re-targeting workflow , I tweaked some things and started blocking in hand and head animation.The feet still drop through the ground here and there and I have to adjust the rotation of the left arm but I will be fixing that shortly , after this test I will most likely adjust the proportions of the sculpt , re-topologise , uvmap ,texture it and go for a final version.

  09 September 2011
Smile Waking Hour Progress Update

In an attempt to improve the quality of my character work I spent the better part of yesterday on my anatomy studies .I have been reading Scott Spencer's "ZBrush Digital Sculpting: Human Anatomy" , it is without a doubt one of the best learning resources that I have ever used and I will no doubt be re-reading it many times over the next few years.

After having spent so much time studying I decided that it was time for a break , I opened up Sculptris and created a base mesh of sorts and began sculpting , spending 1 1/2 hour on the head and another 15 minutes on the torso.

Its a WIP so there are still a few things here and there that need to be corrected but I am happy with the over all improvement in the quality of my work since I started my studies. As far as my workflow is concerned , I like to bounce back and forth between Zbrush and Sculptris for sculpting before decimating the mesh (The original Sculpt comes in at around 400,000 Tris )and exporting to blender for test renders using the default sss shader and a few lights, I have included the test renders that I did in blender and a render from Z-brush as attachments.

Ultimately this is the quality of the character work that I'd like to do for Waking Hour (with a fair deal of re-topology and texture painting of course ) and any other projects that I get involved in.

Still 1
Still 2
Still 3
Still 4

  09 September 2011
Talking Waking Hour Places at Hollywood Screenplay Contest

Hey folks ,

I received some good news recently and wanted to share it with you .

The results are in from the Hollywood Screenplay Contest , Waking Hour placed as an official finalist in the treatment category , the pdf that I entered is an earlier version of the script and I am continuing to flesh it out beyond the pilot.

You can check the other categories and finalists by following the link below.


  10 October 2011
Greetings from south africa mr Nexy.
Congratulations on getting to the finals! That's a super achievement in itself. How many people do you have working on your team? The work looks very insightful and very productive so far. When did you start? Oh, and love love love the concept!
  10 October 2011
Thanks for the Feedback

Hey kvdo ,

Thanks for the support , for the most part I have been working on the project on my own though ,I had someone working with me on the concept art but as is usually the case he got paying work (which is fantastic as he's really talented) and couldn't lend as much time to help out. I'd love to get some other people on board when I have the resources.I started work on the script around July of last year while I was on holiday in Johannesburg and Tokyo , development has been going on slowly but steadily since then.
I love the concept too ! I hope more people jump on the bandwagon even if its just to add their 2c.
  11 November 2011
New Updates

Some time as passed since I last posted here , there have been some positive developments on my side.I went from doing R&D on Stereoscopic 3D for the studio that I was helping out , to doing the stereoscopic compositing on their animation project. Since then I have also joined forces with a new concept artist as JJ was not able to fulfill his duties , I should have some concept art up in the next couple days to show. In the mean time I also gave my blog a much needed face lift Waking Hour Movie Site

  12 December 2011
Talking Concept Art and Waking Hour Adopts Stereoscopic 3D !

Concept art has started rolling in , thanks to Scott Harris the new concept artist that I joined forces with a short while ago.What you’re seeing is the early stages of character design for the female lead “Abbigail Brink” and a concept for the city that she lives in.Scott and I decided to start out with stylised character designs, working further towards more realistic versions using referance pictures of the performers who will be lending their voices to the characters.

Also after much research and the experience gained from my recent post as Stereoscopic Compositor at a local studio , I have decided to pursue Waking Hour as a stereoscopic production.I have been hard at work , developing the script further and looking into Digital Asset Management systems.

For the time being I have set up an ftp server , populating it with folders and resources to aid in the organisation and tracking of digital assets, coupled with .xls progress reports I think that this should help keep things organised and on track with less effort.

Other less important updates, I've taken the fall and opted into a tumblr account if anybody is on tumbler you can follow the project there too

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