Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Adam L. Richards

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Old 11 November 2004   #1
Talking Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Adam L. Richards

Adam L. Richards has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: the field

final coloring. just a few tweeks here and there.

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Old 11 November 2004   #2
#1 Girl

Heres my first comp. I was going with the concept of "iconic images of conflict" and imediatly thought of the nazis marching through france. I put a sci fi spin on it by showing a little girl on the sidewalk clutching the hand of her robot nanny. She is in a crowd of people watching the troops march through her town. The newspaper the man on the left is holding will show an article about the invasion and the TV behind her will be a live news broadcast of the invading army marching through the street.

#2 Overwealming forces

Heres my second comp. I have a lone female soldier defiantly standing up to a massive army. Her fellow soldiers in the foreground all have looks of defeat on there faces. I realy like the icon of defiance in the face of overwealming odds.

I did about 10 thumbnails after these but didnt like any of them enough to post. Id like to see which of these apeal to people more, and im deffinetly going to come up with a few more concepts before i build up on these any more.

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Old 11 November 2004   #3
Nice Concepts. I like both of them. As for the compositions, I think they still need some flushing out. The girl in the first one is smack in the middle, I suggest moving her to one side in order to open up the composition to better tell your story. The second one is good for an establishing shot, however your story centers on the girl. If you want us to empathize with her, show more of her. Have her possibly turning back so we can see the emotion in her face because of the pending doom. Good start, welcome and good luck. This is a good forum with good people.
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Old 11 November 2004   #4
thanks for the advice SideAche! Yea i think i should change the comp of the first one to a 3/4 view and pull out a little so you can see the marching soldiers in the picture. because now im thinking its too confusing to have to look at the TV behind her to figure out whats going on in the scene.

heres some new concepts im throwing around, honestly i think i still like my first idea best. but i dont wana to commit to anything too soon. sory about the cross sections, i was in the mood to do big comps and i have a small scanner. and i couldent find my camera.

#3 Hide

this is a soldier hiding with a little kid while alien troops are searching for them. He is all out of amo and is now just waiting with his knife. Theres large ships overhead with spotlights searching for them.

#4 Opera

In this one i took "space opera" litteraly. I took insperation from the character Teluse from "moulin rouge". Basicly there is an actor who's only passion in life is to entertain and bring beauty and life to the world. When the war broke out the theater was dystroyed, and now he is standing on his empty stage with tears running down his face watching the bomber ships pass overhead.
I just wanted to stay away from the glorified "hero" style imagry for a couple comps, try to tell a story outside the soldiers point of view.

#5 Sniper

I just couldent live with myself if i didnt at least attempt the pin-up soldier girl! so i decided to give the sniper girl a chance. Basicly whats going on in this pic is the sniper character is having her picture taken among all the dead aliens she just killed. She wanted to make sure the tower in the distance was in the shot so she can show everyone where she shot them from. I wish i had scanned it bigger because i realy like the crazy look on her face.
Im not too terribly excited about this comp, but a realy hot friend of mine offered to pose for the final if i decide on this one... hmmm.....

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Old 11 November 2004   #5
deciding on a concept....

well im trying to decide between #1 and #5.

#1 has good story telling possibilities if i widen the shot. So im working on new compositions there.

#5 would be alot of fun, and probably catch peoples eyes better, but the story telling is kind of weak.

right now im leaning towards #5 because im in this to have fun and learn from the experience more than being a competitor. I dont have enough experience with photoshop to have much chance of competing against the other amazing work ive seen here so far.

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Old 11 November 2004   #6
Hi, I believe you aren't allowed to host your own images. You'll have to go here:

You can upload each image (from concept sketch to final color) that way.

Anyway, I would have to agree with Sideache. I think #1 would be really hard to get the epic feel going since the composition is zoomed in so tight. The same would go for #3 too, I think. In terms of having enough room in the composition to work with, #5 may be the best at the moment. The storytelling may not be as strong, but I think you could do a lot of visual elements that would suggest a more epic feel. The composition would benefit from off-centering it, and adding a little more space for you to work in the background.

Good start
Old 11 November 2004   #7

didnt realize how to post things, ill do it through the proper forum from now on. Thanx for the advice.
Old 12 December 2004   #8
Concept Sketch: Those who live by the sword....

Ive been sketching out ideas all afternoon. this is the only one that jumped out at me.
Old 12 December 2004   #9
Hey Adam, I like this last one. I might make the figure in the foreground a little bigger and higher up in the composition. Also, maybe, give him or her a defensive stance. I really like how you have placed the viewer in the image, as if I'm with the person in the foreground. I can see lots of scifi stuff around. I think this one has great potential to depict confrontation. Keep em comin.
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Old 12 December 2004   #10
Concept Sketch: those who live by the sword...

i think im gona settle for this one. I widened the shot to show the character in the forground holding a sword in one hand and a pistol behind his back.

and its raining now too.
Old 12 December 2004   #11
I agree with SideAche...'s a great start.
Old 12 December 2004   #12
I'm sorry to say that for me it looks more like Highlander than Space Opera... You could add spaceshifts in the sky !
Old 12 December 2004   #13
The background is awesome. I can feel the vastness of the city behind them, but I personally don't like the gun idea. The reason is that the story is over before it begins. I know that he's going to surprise her and kill her. So I think you shoud just show a duel about to begin, and leave it at that. Who wins? Let the viewer decide. It makes it much more captivating in my opinion. Nice image overall. Great sense of lighting you have here!
Old 01 January 2005   #14
Red face

I like the composition...Although I agree with Nathaniel that you should let the viewer decide and not show a gun...Although I think that knowing she may get shot is dramatic and sad....but if you are going that route, then maybe don't give the man a sword at all...just a gun. Not sure if that helps, hope so.
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Old 01 January 2005   #15

so where is your stuff! deadline is comming!!!
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