Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jeremy Love

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  11 November 2004
Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jeremy Love

Jeremy Love has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Final Image

Thanks again to all who helped me out. This challenge has been great, and there has been no shortage of tallent to be inspired from.

Best of luck to all!


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  11 November 2004
Red face Concept Sketch: The Station

Well times ticking on so I thought id get started. I've jumped straight in with some very rough colour sketch concepts.

Basically the story so far behind these concepts is this...

Some time in the not to distant future...

The image will show a fleet of every available space able craft from our future planet fighting in defiance of the iminant and looming space station.

The inhabited space station has for years become more alienated from planet earth, infact hole generations are born with the knowledge of what really goes on down below. It's been decades since friendly communication has been cut. They know answer to no one.

The station inhabitants now consider themselves indepentent and the founders of the new continent. They have watched life on earth with distaste for years and do not agree with the treatment of their true homeland.

The elders say "One day we will decend upon earth with fury and rid the planet of the greedy race, we are the ultimate big brother... we are gods".

... it's a rough story line which I'll definately update.

I'm finding the sketches I've done so far a little boring and lets face it, as far as I know that apart from the story line, we've all seen this before.

So, I've got a lot of work to do!

The entries I've seen so far are amazing... hey.. at the very least, I'll end up with some cool paintings for my portfolio. ; )

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  11 November 2004
You've got some nice concepts so far. I'd recommend working on the composition so far- everything looks too ordered (the ships in the first, and the explosions in the second). Yes, it is an organized fleet battle, but in order to portray the scope of it, there should be some amount of chaos.
  11 November 2004
good story and your coloring skill very great!! and about the composition , i think you can add some element infront near the camera to give more depth!
good luck!
Secret Agent

  11 November 2004
Thanks guys, I totally agree with making this image more chaotic and adding someting close to give a sence of distance, scale and placement of the viewer... I kind of didnt follow my own rules for these... heaps more concepts to come though. : )

  11 November 2004
I really like what you have so far, but i'll try to offer up a few crits :

First off, for some reason, the picture seems closed in. I'm having trouble seeing the true vastness of space... Perhaps if you widened the frame to include a few distant stars and a little bit of void...

Second, your picture looks a little bit flat... (I know it's just a preliminary sketch mind you, ... and a NICE one too!), but the depth of the planet and the distance between the ships and the station seems off for some reason.

Finally, the colors seems oversaturated, and that might explain #2...

Great work keep it up!
  11 November 2004
Concept Sketch: station concept 3

Ok here\'s an update on the story I\'m going to illustrate from... this particular image is a view from earth looking up at the chaos. I did this sketch before this piece of writting sorry, so will be doing more fitting concepts from now on...

here goes...

Originally established as a first line of defence, the USC (United Space Corporation) platform was charged with the protection of our Earth and the control and maintenance of our satelite network. Through a combination of entrepreneurship and Earth government grants, the corporation has since expanded its research beyond weapons and military communication. Using its scientific resources to investigate the cause and prevention of disease, the development of abundant sourses of food, and the prolonging of human life.

A power shift on earth has meant that the majority of global industries have undergone internationalisation, the funds and assets of these companies being appropreated and devided between the world powers. Next on the list is USC.

The inhabitants (and shareholders) of what has essentially become a self-supporting colony are understandably unhappy with the news that their utopian way of life is to change, and the CEO of USC has announced his intention to resist, by any means possible, what is seen as an act of war against the corporation.

A power-hungry madman, he has ordered the construction of \"4 ships of the apocalypse\", designed to fight back with the very threats that USC was supposed to protect the planet from.

We enter the scene just as the ships are about to enter the Earth\'s atmosphere, their combined arsenal of conventional, biological and chemical weapons designed to bring death, pestilence, war and famine. A critical blow has just been dealt by Earth\'s defence grid, signalling the destruction of the platform and USC itself.

We will view unfolding events from a single lifepod, the occupants of which managed to escape just before the missile hit. Unbeknown to them, they are the future of the human race...

Hope to get some better concepts of this up soon. : )

  11 November 2004
Concept Sketch: Station - concept #4

I like the idea of the story but am finding it difficult to capture the action and make it look interesting... I\'m thinking of changing the idea.. or maybe do some concepts from on board the station? Anyway here\'s another try at the composition.

  11 November 2004
Does anyone know why when I post a new image thru the 'new entry' menu, it comes up twice in my thread and deletes the first images I posted?

  11 November 2004
Hiya Jeremy,

Came over to give support. Nice concepts, I really like the second one.
Waiting to see more.

Sorry not sure about the posting issue.

I create therefore I am....


EON Challenge
  11 November 2004
hey jeremy. nice concepts and idea coming out here. i feel the newest concept is too calm. there are only a few ships and everything is on the same plane in space. perhaps add more ships, at varied angles and positions to add more dynamicism. love the reflections on the glass by the way.

as far as the post thing, the very top post in your thread will always be the most recent new entry, and the repeat of that further into your thread is the actual placement according to date and time of the post. so each update will replace the one previous, but in your entire thread, you should have a single post of each update you have entered. i hope that made sense and my comments help. keep it up.
R.L. Hunter
  11 November 2004
Thanks mark, looking forward to seeing you image progress as well.

misledtomisery - Thanks for the crits... I totaly agree, I think I'll try a few concepts from the stations view and maybe add a conflct between two of the main characters. I'll also add dog fights happening every where... total chaos! Viewing from a life pod just seems too safe and not close enough to the action. Back to the drawing board. Thanks for explaning the posting situation... although my first two images are still missing?? Never mind, their on my challenge page.

  11 November 2004
hey i dont really have any crits for ya, youre doin great keep it up
  11 November 2004
Concept Sketch: station_concept #5

Another concept but from station looking out... crits on composition would be great. I'm liking this more as I get to put a bit more action into it and bring in some characters.

  11 November 2004
Thumbs up

i like your new concept but i think there could be some more action like maybe a strggle on the balcony or more enemy ships coming in to the gun turrents fire but thats just my opinion hope it helps keep up the good work
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