Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Nathaniel West

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  12 December 2004
Concept Sketch: rough building ideation

These are just rough ideas for the shapes of some of the buildings in the background. I'm mostly just concerned with the overall shape of them, and not the details, which I will make up along the way using photo reference.

These roughs are all it takes for me to get the idea down enough to then take this into the computer and building a basic 3D model of the whole scene in order to get correct perpective without spending too much time on a tight line drawing. Thanks for all the feedback everyone, and let me know if you have any other ideas please!
  12 December 2004
Good work with the value and color research. I have horrible habit of skipping over it and making myself loose lots of precious time.

Just keep at it. I bet you can find even more interesting scenario with your skills.
  12 December 2004
My favorite is the first one. The perspective is nice and dramatic, emphasizing the scale of the city, althought the background should probably recede into darkness instead of purple.
"Never attribute to malice that which can be equally explained by stupidity." -Hanlon's Razor
  12 December 2004
Line Art: 3D Perspective Layout

Hey everyone. I've mocked up the scene in 3D to get a good idea of the perspective and the shapes of the buildings. It's still rough, and it will most definitely change as I start to paint. If anyone has any suggestions in terms of the placement of things, or some ideas about what to add etc., please let me know.
  12 December 2004
Your concepts are grea the colors and lights are very precise ! I'm surprised that you used 3D, your sketches seems to work great for me
  12 December 2004
I use 3D only because it saves time, and I can get a really good idea of how big shapes are right away, and can also move them to make the whole thing work better. I also like how I can throw a wide angle lense on the image and make the perspective a bit more dramatic. Also, it makes it easy to adjust the camera angle, and thus the entire composition in a matter of seconds, whereas if I was using a conventional drawing, I would have to start over every time I wanted to change it. I'm able to layout perspective reasonably well, but this is so accurate, flexible, and fast, that it makes sense for me to go about it this way.
  12 December 2004
Coloring WIP: Initial color pass

Hey everyone,

I've begun throwing some colors and a general idea of the value structure onto my 3D model. This is really rough, but since this challenge is about process, I figured it would be best to show the very preliminary stuff before I get into the rest of it. So I'm putting this up for everyone to critique and comment, so please let me know how you feel about how this is shaping up, and if you'd like to see something different please let me know. Thanks!
  12 December 2004
Whaou ! Really beautiful progression !
I'm impatient to see more, because it's one of the most promising thread of the contest...
Keep on !
  12 December 2004
Coloring WIP: working out the colors

I've taken this a little bit further, although it still has a long way to go. I'm going for this huge metropolis that has low clouds over it so as to give that bounced light that turns yellow at night. That allows me to somewhat silhouette the tops of the buildings, which by the way are going to be partially glass and stone.

I still have a long way to go, but I'm just working out a rough study of where all the colors will be before I render this one out. I'd really appreciate some feedback before I proceed to the next step. Let me know if you like the colors, the composition, etc. Feel free to tear this apart. I don't mind! Just give me you honest opinion--I'd really appreciate some ideas and critiques.

Thanks everyone, and keep up the great work!
  12 December 2004
Thumbs up

It's coming together quite nice!! Such a vast looking city, and really great choice of colors! I cant wait to see more, so get working! :P
  12 December 2004
Thumbs up great work

Hi Nathaniel

nice work, has a bladerunner feel to it I like your sketches, and the way its developing
It would be nice to have a character, in the foreground, would help the time period
and style of your submission,

Check my link!

Paul P. Patina!
  12 December 2004
Hey Nathaniel-

You got a real good start. I love the color palette
you settled on, it ties in nicely with the overall
theme. Great idea about using 3D to block out
perspective. I use that method's a real time
saver. My 3D skills are very weak, but I hope to learn
more in depth at a later date.

I really like your last color sketch. At this point it may be too early to offer any useful advice. From the looks of things it
seems like you have it under control. If anything I would say drop in another level of light way in the distance...maybe light emitting upward from another part of the city. This can add allot to the depth of a picture. Pay attention to warm versus cool. Guide the viewers eye's where you want them to be...your the artist.

I'll shut up now

online portfolio:
  12 December 2004
I like the way the building on the left has a lot of windows, and therefor has a lot of light shapes. It would interesting to see more buildings like this scattered throughout the piece.
"Never attribute to malice that which can be equally explained by stupidity." -Hanlon's Razor
  12 December 2004
Thanks for the comments everyone. I'll continue on the path I'm going on, and I'll light up the buildings in the background to add more interest and depth, as Greg and Chris mentioned.

As far as the characters in the foreground, they will be there, with some costume reflecting the overall style of the city. The area in the lower right will remain a cooler than everything else, so as to separate it from the rest of the city. I'll try to watch for the warms and cools to make the whole thing harmonious. Does anyone feel like the cools are too little or too much? Where is your eye going right now, and what would you like the focus to be? Let me know please!
  12 December 2004
Coloring WIP: color options

Hi everyone! I haven't had much time to work on this in the past week because of work, but I've done another color scheme, which is similar, but I think it makes a difference. I'm not getting too much feedback, so I'd really appreciate your opinion on which one is better and why. Thanks!
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