Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Michael Dashow

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Old 11 November 2004   #46
Concept Sketch: 2 ship doodles

Thanks for the notes, all!

Luis, thanks for the note and vote of confidence. Yes, I'm hoping that more finished line-art and my heavy rendering style will wash away some of the cartooniness.

Okmer and BloodTaster, you've both been suggesting I make the foreground characters larger, so I'll have to try to push that even more. I don't want to go too large if only to allow you to take in everything else going on in the image, but I'll see if I can push it harder.

Walrusmann, Yeah the'yre a little matrixy, but it's hard to avoid reminding someone of something somewhere. <sigh.> It's also hard to avoid the overwhelming temptation to color them bettley-black with red eyes, because it looks so cool, but I may try for something more in a chitinous-brown range with pink-fleshy innards instead, much more organic. We'll see when we get there! :-)

Russell - Always pushing me, aren't you? :-) They're good points about the scenario, and I'll have to mull them over some. I haven't been developing this necessaily with an eye to what others are doing, overall concept-wise, more with what feels right to me. So far this is speaking to me, hitting all the notes in my head about 'epic' and 'iconic heroes' and 'conflict' and all them other buzzwords in the assignment description.

anyhow, before I go, here are some small doodles, trying to slesh out the ships in the sky and make them more alien and befitting the evil ground troops...

Catch y'all later...

Michael Dashow
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Old 11 November 2004   #47
I love these creature designs. very organic, and squishy Hate to run into one though.

Looking forwrad to more
Old 11 November 2004   #48
Wow, very cool image. I like how the attackers are "loose". Really allows you to use them for flow in your picture. Cool ship designs too!
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Old 11 November 2004   #49
Thumbs up Man - they are so screwed.

Been a while since i checked this thread, but dham . . . you are pretty prolific, guy. I feel like i am trailing behind. it's so depressing . . .

But man i am glad you went with the whole primatiove look. And cat type c4reatures are great . . . if it feels right then go with it. Love the scene too. the heroes are so screwed. Not sure i agree with others on the making the foreground characters larger . . . it is an emence battle and the way you have designed it leaves the eye to pick out all the details of the battle rather than centering on main characters. I am jelous. I really do not know what path to take yet. drawen a few concepts yet nothing seems right.


Old 11 November 2004   #50
Hey dude, I'm just going around to all my subscribed threads and posting this link.

It's an article written by Greg Martin (quite an accomplished space artist) about, you guessed it, space. It tries to convey the passion he has for it, the beauty and mystery it contains and just a bunch of inspirational stuff that I believe is very fitting for this challenge and I think it will help all of us. It has a wealth of hubble space images and images from other great artists (and their websites) So anyone reading this, download it and read it all, I believe it will be of help

take care
Old 11 November 2004   #51
Concept Sketch: refined concept layout 05

Thanks, guys! And hey, Wil, thanks for the input and visit too. Don't feel but that I'm as far through as I am. I just happen to be compulsive this week (and my wife has been working late hours, giving me more time to draw! :-) You have over two months, plenty of time!

I agree about not making the characters too big, I want to let the viewer take in the whole scene. So here's the revised layout, only a little bigger, and with the new ships in the sky... And you asked for some color, so here is some VERY ROUGH color thrown in, don't take it too seriously. This is, I think, as far as I can go with this layout. Which means that it's time to try a new one...

Michael Dashow
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Old 11 November 2004   #52
Concept Sketch: new layout rough 06

Okay, so now that I've pushed the last layout pretty far, it was time to start all over... Well, maybe not from scratch, but trying some slightly different things. Ecura, you had commented about placing the camera lower, so that's what's going on here. The soldiers on the right side of the shot are now a lot larger because you can't see the ones in the distance with the lower camera. That also entailed getting rid of the pods in various states of hatching open and transforming into giant snake/scorpion-bots, which is too bad as it was a neat concept. So I replaced it with something more epic: The moon behind the heroes having been toasted. I also made the two heroes feel like they're communicating with each other. Got rid of the arc-sword for a laser pistol, and swapped out the big ship in the sky for another big monster.

so now I have option paralysis, and I could really use to hear from some of you about what you think works best. I'm primarily working on layout here, so please don't let your appreciation for one color palette over another tint your views. Do you like the new moon? Did you miss the transforming robot progression? Do you like the mass of soldiers closer to the camera or fading off more? Does the lower camera read okay? Any input would be a big help at this point... Thanks, all!

Michael Dashow
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Old 11 November 2004   #53
Hi Walrus. Very nice work! I like the "camera angle" of your composition and the character desings. Looks like a movie fotogram! In my mind I can place the music behind! Comparing the last posts, I think I prefer the previous. As I see there is a difference between the two armies: the robots look more blue, violet maybe, and the others more brown. It help me to make a clear difference between them. In other hand the exploded moon is a very strong image and it take too much attention. To keep my eye on the beings in the center I prefer the image with the ships flying and the moon behind them. Well this are just ideas. Anyway both of them are great. I want to see more! See you around!
Old 11 November 2004   #54
I too agree with Kaporo about the color of the previous sketch, though I see some improvement that bring something else, like the moon that desintegrate itself. The main chracters in the previous seem to me to be more dynamic, maybe because of the sword of the female. Anyway, you idea is quite interesting and is developping nicely!
Old 11 November 2004   #55
hey , your coloring skill is great! and your latest sketch is much better than the previous one , but i think you can add more depth and perspective to it , now it's look a little flat , and i think the moon scatter is distract , your main story is in the middle ground, anywayjust my opinion , good luck
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Old 11 November 2004   #56
Thumbs up

hey again walrus im liking your new concept for the battle scene. the other soldiers running in the back is cool and i like the exploding moon is cool to but i think the ship needs to go back in the sky though just my opinion man. definitly think replacing the sword for guns was a good idea. keep it up man and good luck
Old 11 November 2004   #57
Hello. I think that i may like the first compisition. but only by a margin. more deoth o it possibly. Sorry dude don't like the moon in second, yet colour is better in second i feel. And i like the towers. hmm.

the first one just looks better to me . . . be intersting to see what you pick.
Old 11 November 2004   #58
Nice work, really fun. It's very alive and varied. I prefer the one that has a full moon : there's more action in it.
I will come back to see more....

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Old 11 November 2004   #59
Thanks for the replies so far, all! I'm still trying to decide, but I think I will end up taking my favorite elements from each piece. There are some in each, but neither is a winner all by itself.

Kraull, I think you were right on the money when you mentioned that the characters in the first one were more dynamic. What I do like about the second shot is their faces, and how they feel like they're conversing with each-other, not just side by side. (It's all in the eye contact.) So I'd like to bring that back in.

I agree with all of you who mentioned that the first piece had more depth to it. Moving the camera down is dramatic, but you then can only see the front row or so of soldiers and lose all of the depth.

I don't know about the moon. Many of you mentioned finding it distracting, but I may have to give it a try without such a high contrast. I'm really in love with the concept, but I don't want to ruin the illustration with it.

I'm still torn about the electro-sword. Any oher opinions out there? :-)

And the ships in the sky? On one hand they really support the concept of ships dropping these giant bots in from orbit, and the one on the far left really lends a feeling of ominousness... But on the other hand, I feel like I've seen big ships like that in a lot of other pieces here and I don't want to be seen as unoriginal or even plagiaristic. I mean, just for an example, Blackarts has a huge spaceship in his sky too (not to mentions 3 dozen other folks!) Even if we all came by the idea independantly and honestly, are people going to be holding other designs up to his to compare... After all, he won the last contest and me, I'm just a newbie here. Having another bot in the far left (as in the 2nd layout) is still ominous, supports what's unique about my piece (the aliens,) hints at the idea of an ambush (as Russell was suggesting) and kind of frames the whole piece.

anyhow, your thoughts would, of course, be most welcome.

(and lastly, really, don't get too attached to the colors. I should have posted both shots with col-erase and black and white so as not to distract. When I get around to doing a real color test, you'll know it! :-)

Michael Dashow
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Old 11 November 2004   #60
I think that the previous was a bit better but u could use elements from both for ur final composition.

What do I like from the first one: lots of fighters in the back, not so monochromatic colors, spaceship on left top corner (like there is no end of coming alien troops).

What do I like at the second version: the feeling of communicating between main characters (brings lots of attention to where it should be), aliens at the bottom of the pic.

And about the moon(s)... I wouldnt put a clear sky into the pic, I would do it cloudy with light part, where the potentional moon is rising thrue them. Just my suggestion
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