Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Richard Dumont

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Old 11 November 2004   #16
Thanks for your comments guys! Sorry that I haven't post something more tangible to talk about yet... I'll try to post a version of the color tonight and then, the fun will start with the conception of the characters!!!
Old 11 November 2004   #17
Your idea is developing nicely. I look forward to further development
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Old 11 November 2004   #18
Coloring WIP: Seraching the colors

The colors...
I'll try for now on to gives some tips for the beginner about the choice I made when I'm doing a project. Can't say I'm a good teacher or that I have a lot of experience, but if it could help, It would be worth the effort. And if there are some of you that are wondering how it is done or why I've done this, it would be a pleasure to answer to your questions the best I could!

Tips about colors:
First of all, I try to define the place where the scene will be. Indoor, outdoor... That will determine the lights (articial, natural, or both). For this piece, I've chosen to do an interior city lighted with both articial and natural lights. There would be some hole in the roof that will let pass some light from the sun or the moon, but the hole scene should be rather shadowy. So, my basic color will be a blue-green desaturated. To give contrast, I'll play will the lights of the sun and from lamps that will give me warmer color. The disposition of this value and color are put instinctively, keeping a sense of composition that comes with time, I think.

For now, I'm not playing with contrast, I'm focussing on the pigment and the saturation.
Old 11 November 2004   #19
Very nice so far. Thanks for the WIP info. The perspective grid is especially helpful. Did you draw & scan the grid or is it a feature of the software you're using? Sorry for the noob question.
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Old 11 November 2004   #20

Just peaking! Looks like a lot of work with all that perspective! looks excellent so far!
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Old 11 November 2004   #21
many thanks! richard! i'm still learning the way to coloring , your tips is very useful , wait for more!!! and can't crits your work !
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Old 11 November 2004   #22
I really like what youre doing here Kraull. And the way you explain it. It's very useful for everyone to know what theyr' doing. Like how to set the perspectives, create sources of light and so on. Keep it up. We all want to see more
Old 11 November 2004   #23
Thanks for your comments everyone and I'm happy that this thread might be useful for some of you!

Reply to questions:
Ilikesoup: To answer your question about the perspective grid, I used a 3d program to get the 2nd point of perspective. Manually, It's quite easy to determine the horizon line (point of view) and the first point. For other works or for sketches, I use to guess the second to save time, but when the main idea turn around perspective, I like to get more precise guides. An easy thing to do to get those lines is to construct a cube in a 3d program, matching the angle of the camera with your thumbnail. Then, when you're quite happy with the result, you do a print screen, import it in photoshop, trace line on a different layer that continue the edge of the cube, and there you get your 2 points of perspective. Even the 3rd if you need to construct a vertival axed scene.
Old 11 November 2004   #24
Coloring WIP: Main colors

For this image, I've raised the contrast to get a better range of value to work with. This action will change a lot the atmosphere of the scene, but I keep in mind that if I want to put smoke or fog, I'll be able to do it quite easily at the final step: special effect. For now, with the main colors set, I need to be able to see the shapes of the buildings in the background. That way, it'll be easier to define them.

So, that's it for the colors for now, I'll start to work for the 3-4 weeks to come on the characters. I impose myself dead-line to make sure I exploit the time I have, but most important, to insure that I'll finish in time... It's quite hard sometimes!!
Old 11 November 2004   #25
I like your way to build up your sketches > looks very atmospheric.

Old 11 November 2004   #26
I like the color comp and gladly look forward the updates. BUt at this stage I can't really tell what the story might be.
Old 11 November 2004   #27
really nice atmosphere. Nice to see you in here again by the way, really liked your MF entry

Old 11 November 2004   #28
Thanks again for your comments!
I agree with you that the story is not very developped at this stage, not on the sketch at least. But don't worry, It will getting clearer in the next few weeks with the conception of the characters. I'll try to add more info about the context, the personality of the characters, their abilities, their job (killers!!!), etc...

Nice to see you too! I've seen you've been doing your MF in 3d? With your skill in 2d, the final result in 3d just can be good! I should improve my knowledge in this field too... I should, but I don't know if I'll get the patience to learn it... Maybe some days.
Old 11 November 2004   #29
Once again, great progress. there is a great sense of "grand" and a great atmosphere you have created. I can't wait to see the little details to start poping out. ohhh baby that will be something
Old 11 November 2004   #30
Concept Sketch: Clothes research through magazine

These little sketches are copies I've made of clothes found in fashion magazines. It would have been easier just to scan them or use them as references instead of drawing them. But, drawing them allow me to memory details and general shapes that I don't instinctively know. It's an exercice that I will do for any project that I don't know well. It's not about drawing the exact shape and respecting the anatomic rules, it's about going fast and seen the more you can. It's a kind of survey.

This step is crucial for me if I want to improve my chance of getting an outfit a little bit more original. It's quite boring, bu it's really worth the time on the long run!
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