Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Robert Chang

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  01 January 2005
Wow, this looks great! I can't believe I haven't seen this piece yet.

Not much to critique at this point... My only suggestion might be to somehow distinguish the villain from the heroes more. Before reading your discription of the piece, I thought the villain was the hero. Maybe find a way to tie him in with the attacking ships through color or something?
My Master and Servant Entry
  01 January 2005
just realised who you were .... ouch (note to self, gotta be polite now!) .. yea had a look at your photography section... and i can safely say that sooner or later u can get enough boobage! and i loved your cemetary section(y doesnt hte UK have cool cemetaries?!)... did a project on graveyards not so long ago, and it reminded me of some stuff i did for that also shanghi17.jpg is rather cool, next time u go bak to china, go visit qingdao or tingtao(the beer!! wheee.. ¬.¬ ) anyway thats an awsome place.

im sure i cant exactly criticise your stuff as your quite a bit godlike... but heres what i think.. :P
anyway, your main guy with the sword, his left hand mainly the thumb looks to be arched too far back... or something but it doesnt look right and also the fact that hes missing a finger.... or even missing space for a finger :P

also one thing that i think this painting is missing is expression, all the characters seem to just stair into some unknown distance with no expression and expression in the characters for me is quite a big thing. no expression in a peaceful situation would be good but since u got a whole battle behind them i think it would be better if some more emotion is rubbed into it so give the baddy a "grrr" or something cus he looks quite cool and before i read the story, i mistook him for hte hansom prince :P. (like the painting that you did of that blond dressed in black... that face + the pose just makes you melt )

anywya thats my personal thoughts and i hope they help
More Stuff....

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  01 January 2005
Coloring WIP: Tellurian Sky (color WIP)

I went ahead and changed the composition a bit. My very first composition is very similar to what I have now, except I kept thinking there isn't enough background to depict the epic feeling, so I made the characters smaller and added a detailed royal palace behind them. However, as some colleagues pointed out, it doesn't look as good. So, I debated with myself for a while and decided that I'd rather have a stronger composition than one that tried too hard to cater to what I think fits the challenge's theme.

I've also changed the angle and the design of the mothership, as another colleague suggested that seeing its belly would make a more interesting angle. I agree--it gives the mothership a "towering over" feeling when you depict it from underneath.

I've started to fine tune the values, and once I get it close enough to what I think works best, I'll fade the line drawing, merge all the layers, and then start the final painting.
  01 January 2005
hey man...your pure Chang style.....great joc..can't wait to see it finished.....the characters looks like the char from your tutorial from the D' I mean....cheers ...hope to have time cause is not much left
  01 January 2005
Tranchefeux - First time I've heard that about a ribcage.

Evil Gerbil - Hey Jason! As I told you in your challenge thread, I'm a big fan of yours. I've noticed you a few years ago, and back then, you were still a bit young, and your stuff was slightly green, but damn, you improved by leaps and bounds in the last few years. So young and so talented. You're gonna rock the CG art world real soon--in fact you've started rocking it already. I wish I was as good as you at your age.

daadaa - Yeah, I love sculptures, and cemetary sculptures are some of the best. I've never been to the UK. Those pictures are from a cemetary in Louisville, Kentucky.

I've heard that Qing Dao is very beautiful. I'd like to go one of these days.

I'm so far from being Godlike it's not even funny. There are so many artists out there that tower above me in terms of talent and skill. I'm just a second rate nobody. I mean, just look at Jason (Evil Gerbil). He's a good ten years younger than me, and he's lighting a fire under my ass with his recent works.

I actually posed for the enemy commander, and I think because i have double-jointed thumb and fingers, the hand looks weird. I should get someone with normal hands to pose. It looks like it's missing fingers because I had my hand curled around a bit.

I'll be painting the expressions as I go. Nuances like that usually surface in the painting stage.

techart - Yeah, my characters are pretty distinct. They've pretty much looked like that for at least 13 years or so. Sort of anime mixed with comic books inflence.
  01 January 2005
woooow,you've been 13 years in the field?....long time to go....but you seem more young there in pictures.....well...that's a compliment ..he he...cheers and way more yeras now and lots of good works from you....cheers mate
  01 January 2005
Thumbs up

thats a magnificent compo u got there !! i like the colouring style u got there!
great work!
  01 January 2005
Interesting pict you have, and good chara design.
I'm just a bit confused by the big character with sword, that breaks the depth of the scene : The foreground characters create an interesting perpective line to the background, but the blue man is breaking the movement.
Good luck !
  01 January 2005
Thumbs up Yoooo

Robert I have always been a great fan of yours and i really admire all the great works you did.As a master painter you are considered among the best in my list. This is the first time i`m posting on one of your thread and here is my comments :
The first impression i had when looking at your Grand Space opera is that most of the attention is driven to the princess rather than the true aspect of the theme that is Grand Space opera , I don`t know if i`m wrong on that but i think that you should use colors which is not too bright for the princess and use a range of colors that attract attention to the real action at the back. Well correct me if am wrong. Apart from that i`ll once more praise your mastery paintings.

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  01 January 2005

very nice work....
  01 January 2005
Looking great. I can't wait to see the finished one.
"Never attribute to malice that which can be equally explained by stupidity." -Hanlon's Razor
  01 January 2005

Color balance and the characters are top notch!
Semirealistic stuff very soft.

I agree with Arctis
Blue man is slightly confusing... Scariest guy, but who is he facing in that direction?
Besides he is blocking my view to beatiful city so he has to go.

Why not place him on the right as the characters build up in a row from left to right anyway.
So he will be part of the team. Also he could change the position of the chest and arms. He kind looks scary, but also exhausted. As he is leaning under the sword. Lower arm should be let loose from the shoulder as now he looks kinda cramped.

Oh well as usual. Dont listen to me do as you feel!
Youre great artist
  01 January 2005
Coloring WIP: Tellurian Sky (color WIP)

I'm really torn between showing enough of the background or having a stronger composition. I did this version to see if a square aspect ratio might work. This gives me enough of the background, while keeping the composition somewhat similar to what I had before. What do you guys think?
  01 January 2005
techart - I started working as a fulltime professional artist in 1991, right after I graduated from high school (I was a comic book artist back then).

Arctis - I'm going for a classic movie poster look, with that montage arrangement. That's why the big guy is there.

dean080580 - Princess Ruu is the main character, that's why she's important in the picture. I believe that characters are the most important things in any story. Without characters, you would have no story to tell.

Falcor_ - The lastest update shows more of the city. The big guy is the enemy commander. He's sort of the villain, but not really. I'm a firm believer that a truly great story has no real villains, only different dispositions.
  01 January 2005
Lunatique - It's looking really nice so far. I like the shading, especially on Princess Ruu, and I know that it will just get better with refinement. Once you're going for a movie-poster like feel with the composition, might as well go the whole way and keep the movie-poster aspect ratio to the image as well. I think your first, gut approach to the dimensions worked well.

One are that's a little hard to read is the city in the background... Or rather, it's not that it's hard to read as much as there's a lot of contrast between the buildings and their bright windows, and they're fighting for dominance with the main characters who are much further forwards. Have you tried making those buildings more subtle, or more silhouetted, in order to stick them more into the background?

Anyhow, sure it's going to be fantastic (provided you have the time to work on it.) Good luck!

Michael Dashow
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