Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Vijoi Daniel-Iulian

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Old 10 October 2004   #46
Looks great so far. I like the details around the crater area, and the ship concepts look great. I'm certain this will turn out quite amazingly .
While it does look great as it is, if you dont plan on adding more stuff around the crater, you might want to experiment with increasing the size of the terrain though. I'm not sure how it would look, but it might lend a more grand feel. I cant be certain though- just something to try out.
Old 10 October 2004   #47
Thumbs up

I really love that concept sketch of the ship and the camera angle you chose for your layout is nice. Im looking forward to seeing what will fill up the background
Old 10 October 2004   #48
Your ship designs and the concept rock. The colors you chose in coloring that stargate concept really aid in giving it a desolate deserted feel. Sweet stuff. It looks as if it would be quite a chore to keep the sand from accumulating on and around the structures, you could have a couple of sandplows working down there or building walls in the direction of the wind or somn'. I cant wait to see more. I too am working on a crater like mining outfit, but it's a bit more of a moon type thing where there is no atmosphere to speak of.

Great stuff, man.
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Old 10 October 2004   #49
Nice exteriors for the ships . The crater look really interesting too. Is there a story behind this?
Old 10 October 2004   #50
hi folks..thanks for the great comments and words ...realy helps alot.....and gives me brand new ideas...

Squibbit,tekila thanks guys

flyingP thanks man..trying my best beside the job at the office

Vahn thanks is kind of aluminium-chrom those from starwars that we are used with

Fahrija yaa it is that smooth...didn't added much details 'till now......the crater is gonna rock with details 'till the end and the smoothed area you speak I gues it is the sanded area arround.....well I've been told that arround the crater will be the city...the huge city wich will cover all the horizont

AirbORn thanks dude.......wooow ...if you can tell by the ships it is me that means I have such a caracteristic style???....) it's a good thing you know!!

D pi I think you refer at the blue ship I gues? well that one is just a concept ..the final ship is in the final composition you see(those three steps I've made so far)that with predominant orange........I think I'll bring more details on that one because it's a larger ship and the details should be very will be work for nothing because you can't see much at a resolution of if I'm gonna bring details they will be very smart and they'll have to sugest the size of the ship for comparing
about the convention you speak and the iconic image those elements will apear when I'll bring in front the charater I'm workin's not a humanoid character at mecha droid wich will be in front of the image wi5th a flying module on it......these flying droids defense the gate area and take care about the things around .......the main idea is that is the only gate made by humanoids and it is allways in danger because some civilization may take the control and getting advantages from it...........I think that I'l lhave to sugest that reason be more obvious...I think I'll bring a second character (or small ship )in be obvious that tha droid is defensing the gate anyway I'm still workin about everything now...idea,details......

Oregano like I said to d pi the ship with the had edges and lines is just a concept sketch and the final one is in the composition thanks for the apreciation

sidchagan thanks ..I though about that too......I plan to make the city around the crater but like you say I might not be able to put all the details on that free area.......and I'm afraid not to put too many details in such a small will struggle the work in the top area.........I have two posible is to enlarge the area for the city and the second is to put not so much detailsas I wish ......I'm thinkin' on that...thanks for the're very helpfull

Mecha Hate Chimp thanks dude allways apreciated

Bishoppess of Death the story is told in the beginig of the thread...but like I said there is wip too......many times on the road comes many ideas...maybe better then the first ones...and you'll have to adapt and to rethink the story and the scene.....that's I said to d pi eveything rolls up along the wip gets better and better

and you guys are such a help with ideas and comments..thanks alot to everyone...back to work now cheers
Old 10 October 2004   #51
Im looking at ur thread for a while now and i have to say that ur sketches was really good but ur painting work is amaizing. All elements fits perfectly in the format, the colors r nicely chosen so the atmosphere is just perfect.
Cant wait to see more... and a bigger version if that is possible.
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Old 10 October 2004   #52
Life in the dessert? Rock on, a combination of spaceships with medieval structures. I always like things like that, ¿remember episode II? . BTW Left corner looks very lonely...
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Old 10 October 2004   #53
id have to agree. the left side of the frame is rather empty, but that can work very well to your advantage is you use the elements right. some really fluid designs here, keep it up!
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Old 10 October 2004   #54
NinjaASSN thanks man for the kind words a bigger version will be posible....I work this one at 4000x1400 at 300dpi

Ariyoshi how can I not remember episode two...yeaaaaaaaah rocks man....but I think in my work I'll have more of sci-fi buildings......after all the city winns many money after the gate.....they do have lots of kind of hi thech city......but didn't manage to make something for the city by now....I concentrate my work for the gate first and for the main elements...ships and the characters that will apear........until then will remain a lonely corner I think...

Peddy like I said to Ariyoshi it will not remain empty.......buildings will rise there...lots of them...

thanks for the comments all....cheers
Old 10 October 2004   #55
hey boys can't post for few days now...have some problems..explain to you later ...workin' hard at the crater now....the details are killing meeeee

Old 10 October 2004   #56
Concept Sketch: flying droid concept

here is the droid"character" I've been told you these will be in the front of the composition but is not the final stage of it...I'm not too happy with the flying module and the legs.....also needs more details....many changes can come to thing is clear ..I like the front part of it..the head....they are gonna stay......I'm waiting for some sugestions of you...
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Old 10 October 2004   #57
Line Art: Khamylo-Gate-City04

did some workin for the gate ...clearing some stuff and trying to get fluid some forms didn't like that much......
The world is surrounded by art, enjoy your art!

Old 10 October 2004   #58
Line Art: Khamylo-Gate-City05

like you see...did that haze in the center of the radiations stuff.....the ships enter there and are "sended" to the destination....vaporized kind of....or teleporting if you like...some sparkles can apear there too not so shore about it......
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Old 10 October 2004   #59
Line Art: Khamylo-Gate-City06

another step of it...did some clouds there but they need more detailing and clear shapes........
The world is surrounded by art, enjoy your art!

Old 10 October 2004   #60
Line Art: Khamylo-Gate-City07

some larger versions of it ..and some modifyings at the clouds and detailing.....
The world is surrounded by art, enjoy your art!

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