Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Panu Uomala

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  10 October 2004
Blimey... loadsa stuff!!

The second and third images are interesting ideas.... but i still reeeeally love that first one...

Keep on truckin'....
  10 October 2004
Concepts of the second image is very crazy, very original the inclusion of referring personages the constellations.
Klebson Carneiro
Designer 3D
Belém - Pará - Brasil
  10 October 2004
I’d like to see you pursue the constellation idea in your third concept. Extremely original and believe it or not, kind of amusing.
  10 October 2004
You've done all three in 1 day?!? You guys are two fast for me.
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  10 October 2004
squibs youre back in the game bud, i missed seeing all of those great ideas pouring out of your head, keep em coming. I wish you all the best in the challenge mate.
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  10 October 2004
hey, nice to see fellow Finn in this contest

I think you have good approach to this, only originality can win and your first sketch had very interesting concept, too. Others are more or less chaotic, but hey, what's wrong with it?
  10 October 2004
hey it's mad how much happens on these contest threads in two days !

I been away from internet cause I had two wisdom teeth removed and
I haven't been feeling too good since then , just been resting n suffering n stuff

thanks everybody for all the input , I think Gwottiboog's my favourite of the
sketches so far , too.
Will try to make the next ideas even better and the skecthes too , stay tuned
  10 October 2004
squibbit : ...The wormhole exists between the eyes of a giant
space snail and is activated only when
the eyestalks are fully extended...

That's it ! I was wondering everytime I did so. This stupid wormhole gives me such a headache.... I don't know if I'll be able to go on with this contest... LoL

Hello squibbit. Happy to see you here again. Good luck
  10 October 2004
Hi Sqibbit,
get well soon!
Dentist for me is always a nightmare. That reminds me: I have to go there before an of the year

Till now your first concept is also my favorite. But I am sure there will be a lot more to come.

  10 October 2004
You are doing a very good job jugling your ideas! I like your designs so far. Now if only I can start soon... dammed those overnight deliveries. (my tablet isn't here yet)....
  10 October 2004
LOL , spacesnail , thanks for the laughs !! nice to see you again, too !

hey russel , yea I gotta tell , they told me to relax at the dentist's
and I did , repeatedly , cause every five seconds or so I found every
muscle in my body tense and my skeleton arched , stll hurting a bit..

Yaroslav99 , I juggle alot , too much fun not to ,
though I decided not to do it in this contest...
worked well , huh ?
I know , I dont have wacom at home, only at work,
so for example the next sketch I'm gonna post has
been made with mouse only , but I'm used to working
with mouse :/
  10 October 2004
Concept Sketch: elo there nancy

k , now a reel 'serious' image !!!!!!!!

Mighty Cimergan Empire comes to end
when the Empress Herself lands on the
planet Kenou , capital of the Fiffel
Federation , with a huge landing force
to accept an unconditional surrender
from Commander Sabre , Chief of the
Fiffelian Armed Forces.
The Fiffel Federation lost 65 % of its
space fleet to the war with the
Cimergans , but what remains have been
hidden under a newly devised shield
generator in Kenou and its moon Paital.
The new shield needs only about 100
feet of water around the ship it
protects and it completely foils all
Cimergan sensors.
Bored , the Empress is not going to go
through the formal negotiations routine
and just orders a fighter to bomb
Commander Sabre and the island he waits
for on the negotiations to begin , to
The fighter approaches and sends the bomb away and immediately two missiles
head toward the bomb from under the
water to intercept it. At the same
time the hidden fleet emerges from
under the water and send their missliles
up to annihilate the Empress' landing
force. Her ships in space are surprised
by the rest of the Fiffel forces that
charge from the moon of Paital.
All ships destroyed belong to the core
of Cimergan fleet , being its major
offensive and defensive organ and the
empire disintegrates to smaller nations,
returning to relyong only on planetary

  10 October 2004
Ohhh, now thats nice! Almost like the opening scene in Saving Private Ryan but instead of soldiers getting taking out at first.. its entire ships! I love the idea of underwater ships taking the fleet with missles. Sick.
  10 October 2004
Man I love all your concepts! Keep rocking mate and good luck!
..::Angelina Jolie::..
..::Blade Master {ORC}::..
  10 October 2004
Concept Sketch: ?????????????????

Weepeth the Queen , weepeth the King .
Weepeth the whole nation of Yeppeldee ,
for the Royal Sniffer has abandoned the
good rulers of the nation. Just out of
the castle and into the woods it walked.
The King and Queen are heartbroken ,
what in the world was it that they had
done wrong ? What had they done to
make the Royal Sniffer leave their side?

To make matters worse , the Sniffer is
soon found in the woods , but it is not
coming back. It sleeps by the side of
the new King , for whomever the Royal
Sniffer sides with is the purest of heart
in the Kingdom and the leader of the
nation. The Royal Sniffer's judgment
is infallible. Or so is thought.
MoonQuad , the inventor , a dubious
machine-creature , carefully closed
the secret compartment hidden in his
body , making sure the vent of the
compartment was open enough to let
the scent of the Irriso-flower reach the
nostrils of the Royal Sniffer , who lay
sleeping at his feet. Being the only
thing that attracted the sniffer more
than Goodness and Righteousness
and Leadership , the flower was best
kept near the creature , but hidden
from the sight of others .

There were many who doubted MoonQuad,
doubetd him very much. But they couldn't
argue with the judgement of the Most
Honorable Royal Sniffer . So they decided
to make sure everything would be right and
hired a private detective , one Crosco Dillo ,
for the job. They soon realized Crosco would
have to hurry cause no more than three days
after Crosco had been hired MoonQuad had
sent fleet after fleet of Yeppeldeean space
navy to make allies with nations as dubious
as MoonQuad himself and then some.
The rest of the Yeppeldeean navy was to
enslave those of the former allies that would
protest the new alliances.
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