Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Panu Uomala

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  10 October 2004
ahumm ... err.. these are more like TAKES from stories , flyingP,
not whole stories.

yea maybe one or two of them could be made into a story ,
but my written language is simple and crude , you seen it ....
all like :
" dat man go to forist , it not all well there , man feel dizzy.
still thers great treasure in the woods , the gnome had promised,
so the man presses on. While walking dizzines grows stronger,
like a bear. Man feel fingertips oddly wet. he touch index finger
against thumb and his dizzy head starts tingling with odd sensation.
-weird, he thinks. he press fingers together stronger and PAIN
erupts in his head ! -YEEAARRGH , he screams and falls to the ground.
-what was that ? his achy thoughts wonder and still lying on
his back he raises his hands before his eyes and sees white stuff
coming from under his fingernails. He suddenly realizes with horror
what the stuff is ... his BRAINS ! Through blurred vision, his
consciousness leaving him , the man sees the gnome - same one
that guided him to the forest- approaching him with a straw in hand..."

  10 October 2004
Cool story and concept sketch! I can't wait to see what you come up with.
  10 October 2004
Thumbs up

Nice concept! Good luck!!!
  10 October 2004
Originally Posted by Squibbit: ahumm ... err.. these are more like TAKES from stories , flyingP,
not whole stories.

believe or not Squibbit that's one of the things a like about them

  10 October 2004
The concept and the background of this is definitely one of the most original in the comp. Awesome stuff squibbit.


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  10 October 2004
really cool, i woulda never thought of something like that :P Got alot to learn
thErEs mOrE tO lIfE thAn It sEEms...
...sUch Is lIfE
  10 October 2004
Concept Sketch: glmbh

what does tongue in cheek mean ?

The Bontazodans have found a wormhole in
the Ulmociin nebula . The wormhole
exists between the eyes of a giant
space snail and is activated only when
the eyestalks are fully extended .
On the other side of the wormhole the
Bontazodans found a strange new world.
They of course decided to explore this
world , but with since the wormhole
only opened on extremely irregular
intervals , and because they couldn't
yet control the wormhole in any way,
the Bontazodans decided to build an
outpost on the otherside. To this
outpost they would then bring supplies
and from there they would explore the
new world. The first time the wormhole
opened again after the construction of
the outpost the Bontazodans found their
precious building in smoking ruins.
A huge spacemonster was attacking it
with its rainbow-colored , hairy tail.
Their sensors recieving distress calls
and detecting lifesigns from the
smoking outpost , the Bontazodans
decided to send all their spacefleet
to bring down the monster and resque
their fellows from the ruins. In this
image , taken by a Bontazodan recon
vessel , the space monster is shown
defeated , bombarded to unconsciousness,
ready to be taken back for studies in
the Bontazodan homeworld .
  10 October 2004
Nice one Squibbit, glad to see you're on form!
pikzel - my website

Steampunk - my entry
  10 October 2004
hahaha, and that dust-cleaner (or whatever it's called) burning up in defeat!

Hey Squbbit, happy to see you're lucid as usual :-D !!!
  10 October 2004
Hi Panu.............Time for more fun and creativity eh.I will keep an eye out for your new creations and thoughts,and look forward to them.............GWOTTIBOOG............Now that is one intense and interesting creature.very nice.Bring on more........Until later,keep the creative juices flowing.........

Last edited by Virtuoso : 10 October 2004 at 06:50 AM.
  10 October 2004
Although it's a nice concept I really think you should go for the Gwottiboog, that one is just too great.
  10 October 2004

That starts super good I prefer the second for the exploitation
of the prospect.
Good Luck...
  10 October 2004
Awesome ideas so far. You have too much creativity! My vote so far goes to your first concept, but I hope you have a few more to show us. I love your style and ideas!
  10 October 2004
Concept Sketch: CHARGE !!!

YEP ,You knew it !! The Oishmud
Civilization's had enough !
There is no room for everybody , people
are dropping of planets , there's just
so many of them and there's no place for
them to go ! ´They got their hyperdrives
n such and that's sweet if you want to
populate a galaxy , but when the
galaxy's filled and you want to go on
and move on the road ends , the
distances become too great for the
Oishmud technology to span and the
Oishmudan brains to comprehend. Any
attempt to hyperjump from galaxy to
another result in the brains of the
astronauts refusing to follow the
jumpships so they get left behind and
freeze in space.
there is no way to stop this.
There is something to do , though. The
Oishmudans send envoys to their gods
complaining that they designed the
world wrong and that there needs to be
a change ! All envoys get turned back.
Outraged , the Oishmudans climb to their
greatest spaceships , mighty vessels
capable of catapulting stored lonely
stars found in space great distances,
going nova when they hit their targets.
The Oishmudan ships launch an
unimaginably huge assault on the gods,
taking each one by surprise and
burning several of them to ashes with
their NovaPults and DisbeliefRayguns.
The gods quickly take up arms to defend
their creation against the galaxy of
starving , maddened , desperate

Last edited by Squibbit : 10 October 2004 at 05:07 PM.
  10 October 2004
Heyaa!! You're incredible...It's great to see you here again with some others...Yur work, as usual is crazy..I think u'r crazy..Very good luck to you...see you soon.
mitakuye oyasin
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