Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Artur Malczyk

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Old 11 November 2004   #61
Lot's of work done here Artur.......And nicely done.I agree with Paugfx,I thought just the same thing.......But than again this is a taste's certanly a battle scene you have,and quite intense..........Nice work/art,keep up the fine effort......
Old 11 November 2004   #62
Thanks for your opinions! Always nice to read something about my work

Kaksht: I wouldn't count for my soonest finish. To much hevy work before me, with modeling of troopers, on which the main focus will be. So they need to be extra cool. But thanks for your faith in me .

Nomad: I promise you will see it before the end of November

PauGfx & Virtuoso: Thanks for your opinions. I now what you mean. For sure I won't remove these "thingies", and won't make them regular, because it's quite important part of invaders style(these are parts of some mecha-organic devices, probes, etc.). It will be the first things apart from the terrain to be textured, and you will see what I mean. But reducing the number of these things is a good idea. Definitely the models will be cleaner and their shape will be more defined and noticeable. Thanks for pointing this fact to me. I didn't think about it earlier.
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Old 11 November 2004   #63
Modeling: terrain

Hi! I have modelled a terrain for the whole scene. It's large and I have put some white boxes on it, to show the scale. They are highlighted.
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Old 11 November 2004   #64
Concept Sketch: terrain & final camera angle

And here I show you a concept of the final camera shot. In the sky, there will be an air battle, and at the very background, some attacked moons of the planet(I will try to make a clear concept sketch as well)
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Old 11 November 2004   #65
Texturing: basic texturing & fog/dust

Hi! I've textured the basic terrain and added some fog to simulate a simple dust over the battlefield. I have mixed feelings about it. I would be greatful for your advices and opinions. Maby I should set some cloudy background and lighting before analysing the it..?
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Old 11 November 2004   #66
nice conepts

hi there, i'm really liking the models you've done and the stor is quite cool nice job.

the only thing i'd have to sugest to you is not to have a desert environment, because it's been too overdone since star wars the clone wars. good luck
Old 11 November 2004   #67
Thanks for your comment rodrigogua. I know the desert environment is quite popular, but on the other hand other environments are to. Snow, grass, rocks... maby I will try to think of completely new one hmmm... why not?
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Old 11 November 2004   #68
Nice work, I like the terrain. Could you explain how you made it? THANKS!
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Old 11 November 2004   #69
HieSpike: Nice that you like it. I will try to make a sort of tutorial about it if you(and maby someone else) like it. We will have longer weekend now in Poland. It will start on wednesday's evening, so If you give me a kick, I'll do my best to make a tut
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Old 11 November 2004   #70
Thumbs up

Originally Posted by arturro:

Second approach to the air fleet of the invaders. The same style as the previus one. It will be probably modified, so please write what you think about it.
Dear Arturro,

Very nice model. If I am wrong, please disregard this suggestion... Please think about the "law of threes." Now most of the model builders from ILM build about 5 steps of inter-relative detail elements onto the surface. But 3 is the minimum. What you have pictured above, will look even more incredible, (and will achieve the kind of scale I think you have worked really hard for). All you need is the third size added in to the empty surfaces. You currently have 2 sizes working, but without that 3rd one, it will be hard for a viewer to determine how big or how small the object is. A good example of the "law of fives" can be viewed here. In this shot, as your eye moves about the surface of the "Discovery" (and you study it closely) you can begin to see 4-5 different size elements working together to "suspend the disbelief" that this is in fact, a mere model. Here is another example, from the movie 'Alien" that shows a section of a refinery wall connected to "Nostromo." Finally, here in this 2001 Space Odyssey Moonbase. I hope what I am trying to recommend over this forum is becoming more clear, but if it is not - please forgive. See, if you measure most of the size of the detail elements (greeblies) along the surface of your craft, you will notice they are about the same size. If you add in a third smaller size, breaking up some of the smooth surface with plating lines, and adding little tiny "greeblies" near and around the ones you already have, the law of threes will take effect, and you will complete the suspension of disbelief and achieve the precise scale your are aiming for. The thing will look really huge.

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Old 11 November 2004   #71
Nice comment Daniel McMillan.
I'm really greatful for it. I know what you mean. I didn't see that before. With your examples I started to see the lack of this third size. Putting some plates is a great idea, and definitely will work! I will probably make them with bump maps, while texturing. The ships will not be very close to the camera. If this don't work, I will try displacement. My computer will be so hot during rendering, that I will be making toasts on it
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Old 11 November 2004   #72
hio there, just stumbled over your entry and just tought it reminds me of my own but in bigger scale heh

nice work you have done sofar.. the ships are lookin awesome and will probably turn out even better with the suggestions of mcmillian!

(gonna keep that in mind myself :P)

good luck in the challenge!
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Old 11 November 2004   #73
yeah if you follow daniel's suggestion the ships will look awesome, I like the terrain too but I'm not sure if the fog is working as well as it could, maybe if you break it up a little and make it look kinda like smoky fog it will look better
Old 11 November 2004   #74
Texturing: terrain with GI

Just another render of the terrain, but rendered with mental ray. I have added main light, and turned GI on. And I have reduced the fog and dust. Looks a little bit better I think.
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Old 11 November 2004   #75
Hi itsruinedmylife. Thanks for your comment. I will make the final dust and fog, when I will put some forces there. Because they will produce the dust I will render few particle dust clouds, that will be created by the engines of flying ships, as well as by the wheels of the ground forces. And maby some free ones, made by the wind. No need to do it nowm because it will be changed later, with the forces.
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