Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig

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Old 10 October 2004   #61
Your concepts have an awesome sense of depth and history! This is really inspiring stuff, and your modelling is superb - its gonna be hard to compete

At the moment, i'm a bit too blown away to offer any suggestions, but i'm subscribing to this thread, so if i think of anything....
Mick's Law: "Inspiration will always strike when you're halfway through something else."
Old 10 October 2004   #62
Your work is too good for me to honestly critque it. Only thing I suggest is maybe upload some of the work you have on your server to the CG Challenge server.

Incredible work.......
My eyes are open, yet I continue on dreaming
Old 10 October 2004   #63
wow, quick and beautyfull!
only crit for now is the position of the pyramid. may i suggest to move it slightly to te left? i think itīd make the pic more readable.
greetings - sad | | |
Space Opera
Old 10 October 2004   #64
Really nice. Nice concept, nice drawings, nice models - and did I mention nice working speed?

WIP: Anatomy


Old 10 October 2004   #65
Thumbs up

Hai, How r u? Ur concepts are awesome.Keep up the good work.And Goodluck.
Old 10 October 2004   #66
I love it, this is going to be an up hill battle all the way because of entries like this one!
Old 10 October 2004   #67
Thumbs up Hola Bernardo!

What a great story, please keep posting the story!
With the work, man what can I say! Outstanding!
I like the mix of the Teotihuacan pyramids with high tech and futuristic view, wonderful!
I really like what you do!
Old 10 October 2004   #68
Modeling: more background stuff

i keep modelling and modelling, itīs really fun! hehe, and well, i learned how to use fog in 3dmax, i hope you like this one =)


Old 10 October 2004   #69
Modeling: the robot king, update

i did this yesterday in the afternoon, i thing heīs going to be a little bit heavy (a lot of polygons) but i hope it renders fast..

hmm i have more and more on the story, itīs so hard to translate, it takes more time than modelling stuff! but well, i think i will do a small html on my website for the story, since itīs hard to search for the post with it..

ahh! my poor laptop, she wants to kill me, the enviroment its about 100k polys, and its hard to move anything on it.. anyways, it hasnīt crashed since i started modelling so itīs good..

keep tuned for more updates soon!


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Old 10 October 2004   #70
You are so fast men with said u spent only one hour on each ship, it would take me ages instead..Great modeling skills there!
Old 10 October 2004   #71
Man you're fast! Looking cool man, love the orange and the fog, specially the orange
Looking forward to see more of the robo-king
Old 10 October 2004   #72
hi there! well, i have translated a little bit more on the story, hope you like it:

The story of the empress:

As in every monarchy, the power was inheredited from one generation to the other, the human empire was too old, and only a handfull of people had the knowledge of how this empire began..

The members of the royal family were know because they used to live a lot longer than most of the humans, some of them living until 180 years old, the last emperor died at the age of 169, and in his last days it was written that he had to chose his favourite son, or daughter to become the next head of the empire. And all the other brothers and sister were executed, to avoid any rebelion. Just in the moment when the heir was to be anounced, and crowned, all the others were executed at the same time..

The king was very intelligent, and in almost all his sons and daughters he saw ignorance, and he knew that if he chose one of them, the empire may collapse, but, there she was, the small Mekasha, one of the youngest, she was full of energy and life, and she was the brigthtest of all. So, he chose her, and it was also written that if anybody is not in agreement, he or she will be executed too..

A good and balanced empire, thanks to this and another old sistems..

In one moment in the life of the empress Mekasha, she discovered the true story about the empire, nd the relation with the machines, that the machines werenīt gods, or anything close to that, that they were human creations, and the sistem, and all the things she believed were only a lie..

But she knew also that if she say something, a big rebellion may come, and destroy all the things she loved.. so thatīs how she started to study the machines, to understand them, all of this, to make justice one day, because for her, and her obstinate form to be, there wasnt another way but to destroy the sistem that was formed after the great galactic war.

From time to time, there were wars against other galaxies, less advanced that ours, but very well armed, and even if she didnīt like the idea, she had to fight togheter with the machines, and both sides of the galaxy had formidable armies.

Year after year, she was becoming better in understanding the machines, from the mechanical principles (designed always by humans) to the programming that gives them life, that was mostly the work of the holy human programmers, and designers, but she already realized that she was a lot better on that than any living –or dead- human..

i have put a small .html file on my website, if you feel like reading it, and dont have to search in the post for it, i have more and more handwritten pages with the story, and i will translate them very soon..


Old 10 October 2004   #73

I like the orange fog! The choice of colour gives an ominous, portentous feel. One thing I would change is the density of it. Set the fog to appear a bit nearer the camera, but set also the full-opacity distance to further away. I believe that would fit in better with the scale your set is conveying.
Old 10 October 2004   #74

wow ! el rey va muy bien y ese ambiente naranaga le queda increible ! vaz muy rapido ! sigue haci .. suerte !
Old 10 October 2004   #75
Love the story and the machine king is looking even better! I can already tell you're going to be one of the finallists. Superb work.
My eyes are open, yet I continue on dreaming
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