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Old 10-28-2004, 02:18 AM   #46
huh? what? que?
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Bernardo Arroyo
Dreaming in cities and purple Cocodriles
Puebla, Mexico
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Concept Sketch: a priest, and some ideas for the Empress

more and more coming! hehe, i think i will do a few sketches for the empress, to get ideas, and then mix all of them in the final model.. i am worried because i havenīt tried to model a human head i a looong time, so i donīt know how this woman will be..


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huh? what? que?
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Bernardo Arroyo
Dreaming in cities and purple Cocodriles
Puebla, Mexico
Join Date: Apr 2003
Posts: 340
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ok, i know that you will think that this is only to add more post to my thread, hehe,but thatīs not the case.. i am going to tell you the secret to model fast..

that television, inside your room.. is baaaad, i know that maybe i am going too fast, but i dont spend time doing useless things like watchhing that thing.. itīs been almost one year, since i came to Canada, and since then i dont have a tv. (and i know that the programming here is really bad) anyways, i do concepts on the bus, i write the story, and i entertain myself on my free time doing models.. thatīs it..

and also, when you are 21 years old, you have a looot of energy!

well. i have like 5 pages on handwriting about the story, but i dont have too much time to translate it, (i keep writing in spanish, writing, in another language can be hard!!) so, please forgive the bad english and the weird vocabulary in this second chapter..

Story according to the Galactic enciclopedia:

After the year 3200 approximately, on the planet earth a big revolution was starting, after the discovery of travel at enormous speed (faster than light), and the rising of the machines as inteligent beings, a new order had to be done, from one generation of human beings to the other the mankind had the chance to go to the most distant places in the galaxy, the mankind needed to grow, and then they used the machines to breed a new generation of human beings, the “growing farms” in the planets conquered became part of the everyday conversation, and in the period of 300 years, the human population grew 150 times.. and even more in the coming generations.

another entry on the Galactic enciclopedia:

The machines after that also grew enormously, they had conquered a big amount of the available planets in their half of the galaxy. To avoid a potential war that may destroy both civilizations, treaties were made,and the first rule was to control the population between the two species, in the human part, some of the machines were going to become the priests of a completely new religion, and they were going to become gods, in the machine part, the humans were going to be the programmers of the new generations of machines, because one thing that the machines canīt do, is create, the dont have a soul, and therefore they canīt imagine something new, all their evolution was the product of a few lines of code created in the begining, and they needed to grow even more..

The peace between the two sides lasted during a long a prosperous time, but from time to time, they had to fight together against other civilization from other galaxies, and both civilizations had amazing armies..

This story begin, when the new Queen of the human kind became aware of the lie in wich she, and all the human kind, and all the machines lived for a long time..

The Queen studied the machines, she was the main programmer on them, no one could ever compare with her in her abilities, and as she became stronger and stronger, she started loving the machines as well, as living things.. she dreamed about a new era, were both sides lived together and prosper together. She started programing a new source code for all the machines, but when she entered the code with the rules for feelings (the great virus outbreak), she did a big mistake, and all the consecuences are about to get out of her hands...

if you like this, let me know, so i can translate the complete story of the Empress in the next

hmm i amost forgot, this is done in 3dmax, and rendered with Brazill

m u s t sleeep!


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Old 10-28-2004, 02:35 AM   #48
karl Stockton
Concept designer for Microids
Lake tahoe, cali, USA
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hey cool concepts.Pretty good story too.Like the empress concept.I think you best think of the scale the most however.Cool start on all your ideas.
Old 10-28-2004, 06:24 AM   #49
New Member
przemek marczak
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nice concepts and good modeling skills! lookin forward to see final image
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The journey begins !
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Gilles Pfeiffer
French School of CG
Brie et angonnes, France
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Wow ! Cool ! nice modeling here !
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Daddy x 4
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CGSociety Member
Wyatt Harris
Baton Rouge, USA
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Very complicated, and your models are looking so good. I'm going to have to step it up to keep up with this quality. Your concepts are very deep. They seem to have a lot of story in them by themselves.
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NextGen Game Artist
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Bernardo Delgado
Level Artist
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
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pinche clon vas muy rapido y estan kedando muy bien, nomas no se te olvide comer condenado ajaja
Bernardo Delgado
Videogame Artist
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Hagop Kaneboughazian
3D Animator
AxisOrigin - Fat Box Films
San Francisco, USA
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I repeat, you have amazing speed. I've been working on one ship for more than 6 hours and it's nowhere yet. I like the story too, can't wait to see more - I'm sure it'll be in the next hour or so!
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Dragos Popovici
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I realy like your ideea and models keep on with good work
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huh? what? que?
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Bernardo Arroyo
Dreaming in cities and purple Cocodriles
Puebla, Mexico
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Modeling: more robot modelling

hmm well, i dont know what to do without the shell modifier in max! hehe, i keep going..
hehehe, i must translate the story, but too much robot for me tonight, i will watch the movie "dawn of the death"! i hope itīs good... i will write more tomorrow..


Old 10-29-2004, 04:32 AM   #56
prudhvi raju pinnamraju
Cg artist
Bangalore, India
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good stuff

nice and clean modeling,machine head looks interesting
have fun

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Monsit Jangariyawong
Bangkok, Thailand
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hi! impressive work as always , great to see you here again!! how are you? maybe you dont remember me, see ya
Secret Agent

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what?a school 4 ants?!
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Martin Sen
3D Animator
Johannesburg, South Africa
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wow, your designs are really cool.

I like the costumes, they give a sense of history and culture which brings so much more life to your characters.

you spent an hour on each spacecraft? that's insane fast.. nice work

keep it up
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Atomic Veteran
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Michael Crawford
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Beautiful work, Bernardo! Out of curiosity, I visited your web site and was blown away by the portfolio pieces. Really, really outstanding -- and a pretty sure sign that your final image in the contest will be just incredible!
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Old 10-29-2004, 09:15 AM   #60
Lord of the posts
take a quess
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Hi bernardo........................Looking very nice on the concept front.Lots to take in.Nice variety,and the modeling too is off to a very good start...................your designs are interesting and in-depth.I like the look and the overall style.I am looking forward to more progress,I'll keep an eye out for more.Have fun.
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