Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Martin Sen

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Old 10 October 2004   #61
Concept Sketch: another idea

working on another idea..

here's a rough sketch, the concept idea is sortof based on the bibical tale of Noah's Ark. The idea is a group of humans that have found a lush planet to live on. So they have started deployment of their dropships to land (in the sky according to my crude sketch ;)

the couple in the sketch is still WIP, I think I will incorporate more characters into the ground team. But so far... I have the leader or pioneer, holding a probe that has come back with data saying that the planet is suitable to live on. The probe is a play on the white dove that came back to Noah.

I like this idea, since it is more peaceful, as opposed to the violence and mayhem. I like the idea of the leaves falling in front of the camera too.
The pink leaves are kinda like the cherry blossom trees in Japan.

Does it fall in line with the brief.. hmm.. tough one. Atm, I think it focuses too much on characters (since only 2), but I'm going to add more and build on this. I think it does represent an important moment in history.

ye, I know the sketch sucks.. but comments very welcome on the idea..

thx again ;p
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Old 10 October 2004   #62
This idea isn't bad, but I think you're first one was much more interesting. Maybe you should detail this sketch a little more so we can see more what you want to create.

I like your first ship too, especially the colors. Keep up the good work!
Old 10 October 2004   #63
Personnaly... I prefer the new idea... because it's more sensitive... maybe more original... if I understand all details you want to do...

Now, you must do the best choice... sorry
Old 10 October 2004   #64
I have to say I think the second idea is more original. But the first idea is good too and I think it wouldn't really matter which you chose.

So I'd chose the one you feel you can do the best, or that you feel is the best idea.
Old 10 October 2004   #65
I like your second idea as well. Both are good, but the second one would be a departure from what a lot of folks (myself included) are going for.

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Old 10 October 2004   #66
hey martin .. i like the second idea .. well , i like em both

i know what you mean about all the death and destruction & almost went for peaceful too .. i think it fits within the scope ... both seem more thought invoked though then just blowing evrything up

i like the emotions your putting behind em
Old 10 October 2004   #67
I like both of your ideas, now it is up to you on which one your are going ahead.
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Old 10 October 2004   #68
hey great concept drawings and modeling job... i liked the detail in ur modelin... keep going buddy... i'll b waiting for more soon
Old 10 October 2004   #69
Nice concept. I like the ship so far, its looking good. I think it needs a bit more dirtier look to get rid of that toyish look. Also maybe a bit of noise in the color map. Good Luck.
Old 10 October 2004   #70
Hi Martin........................While I like your first idea quite a bit,I must say I would go with this new rendition....................It can be a very pivotal moment by showcasing your characters emotions.There intial feelings on this momentous landing.This "IS" a historical point in this planets existence,and the new inhabitants................Yes a pivotal moment.................I think your sketch is far from Sucking as you pointed out,it is actually very nice.I like the idea,it has alot of promise.Japanese cherry blossom trees are beautiful I agree there as well 100%.............

Nice,and I wish you luck on your final thoughts of which way to go,I hope my input helps some.All the best as always.............
Old 10 October 2004   #71
hmm.. I think im leaning towards the 2nd sketch idea also .. since it has more meaning. The first concept I couldn't establish a purpoes, it was going to be just mindless eyecandy.

Hmm, going to be tough.. not too sure how to do hair - opacity mapped planes? hmm x2

I've been doing simulations with reactor's cloth, with unsatisfactory results.. I will do more research

in the mean time, I will be working on dropships and trees. The tree leaves I think i'll use particles.
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Old 10 October 2004   #72
yeah I do have to say the second concept (to me) just seems right. It's Kinda got that 30's-40's almost pop art kinda style like somthing outta dick tracy or an add for a post war suburb in the late 40's after WW2.
Old 10 October 2004   #73
Hmmm... I like the second one too.
It has empathy (I think is the correct word) and is definately a major event in the planet/civilizations history...

Just some support for a fellow Safrican.
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Old 10 October 2004   #74
Versiden I know where you're coming from. It's difficult to chose a concept without thinking of the technical difficulties that go along with it (e.g. hair). However, when I'm coming up with ideas, I generally don't even think about what I can and can't neccessarily do, as I feel this restricts my thoughts. I would normally come up with my ideas, and then try and find a way to do them - and if all else fails, scrap the idea (but this can be costly if a lot of work has gone into it - normally another solution can be found, in this case they could be bald and or wearing head garments of sorts).
Old 10 October 2004   #75
The technical difficulties are part of the challenge, mate! Push yourself... if you're not sure how to make hair, then by all means go for the concept that requires it - that will force you to learn it I'll be hanging around here waiting for an alpha version


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