Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adam Benton

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Old 10 October 2004   #61
So nice to see you in this one! I'll follow the progress.

As for what I saw so far, your idea and first images are really cool. The exodus idea was good too, but this one is the better, so IMO you're right in going with that.

About the alien, I join the chorus: it's something "already seen". So far, it's the only thing I didn't like in your thread.

Good luck, I'll be here often.


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Old 10 October 2004   #62
I really like your last concepept with the alien, and perhaps you are on to something. There is of course an issue with the typical iconic alien design, but the again, a space view of a planet is just as iconic and typical. If it is well done and not the centerpiece of the scene, it can still be a great compliment. I think we all in some way or the other, are expanding on existing sci-fi elements from movies, series, animations and artwork (where else did we get our ideas as none of us have been in space nor encountered any aliens ). Just as long as the the final result reflects your own visual style, I myself have no problem with it.
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Old 10 October 2004   #63
Wow! - thanks so much for all the great feedback! - really helpful!!

Your points have helped me confirm something that was niggling me with the Alien design - it has merit, I can still make use of it, but it ISN'T right for this ultimately. I still may use the idea of a foreground character(s) to give a closer narrative to the concept, but they will need to look less X-Files!

I am flitting in and out of this (and will continue to do so), but I think I will concentrate on the ships and the cylinder, since I have big plans for them alone.

Thanks guys!

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Old 10 October 2004   #64
Hey Adam. Its about time i pay this thread a visit.
Love the last concept, but if not the alien, what about a more human shaped creature?
Perhaps with a slightly frightened look on its face.

Im curious to see what youre going to make of it. And best of luck pal!
Rudolf Herczog
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Old 10 October 2004   #65
Hey Rudy!

I wondered when I'd see you start a thread in this - right up your street!

Yeah, either human or some other unique (if possible) kind of creature with humanoid form!

Off to check out your thread now - I am sure whatever you do will be totally awesome!

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Old 10 October 2004   #66
You can always create a ship for the foreground.

Or some kind of waldo.

That would go well with the fact that the ship is open to space.

Whatever it is, I have no doubt it will look good.
Old 10 October 2004   #67
wonderful, cool 3D

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Old 10 October 2004   #68
Modeling: Mothership/cylinder environs

Started experimenting with how I am going to model the cylinder interior environment, which will be a combination of city, wild landscape, crop fields and water.

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Old 10 October 2004   #69
This is way good! I think it will look extremely cool if you can pull this off - a large cylinder with various types of land- and cityscapes! The water following the curved surface will definitely plant the vision of an epic environment that defies gravity in the viwer's minds. Are you modeling it all "flat", so to say, and then add a Bend/Wrap deformer or are you placing geometry on an already deformed plane?

Old 10 October 2004   #70
Cheers Anders! - yeah, I feel more confident since this experiment!

I started thinking that I would pull parts out of a cylinder and place elements inside it, on it's surface, but I quickly realised that that was very awkward. So now, I am modeling it all flat like any landscape, and then placing it inside a bend deformer.
The great thing is, that I can play with the scale and placement of elements with the deformers curvature, allowing me to build it up within the context of the finished tube!

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Old 10 October 2004   #71
Aha, it's starting now, sort of! This will turn out very interesting indeed.


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Old 10 October 2004   #72
Really like this so far. Maybe think more retro epic sci-fi book cover. With a heroic figure in the foreground overlooking the migration of his people. Don't know, just a thought.
Old 10 October 2004   #73
Interesting overall concept..................I like your start on modeling.A unique design,one to make the viewer think as well as enjoy the eye candy..................I would concentrate most on your set piece/scene,the challenge theme seems to beg for this.Of course you can add as a extra your character,never a bad idea,but dp give him a more non-stereo-typical appearance than a roswell or X-file alien.........Modeling has begun,and I like the direction you are headed Adam,best of luck as you go on...................
Old 11 November 2004   #74
Thanks for your encouragement guys!

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Old 11 November 2004   #75
Hi Kromekat,

first this is one of the best idea i found over this challenge yet, i love this Ark idea (full of meanings). And the concept scenes are great so far.

Secondly i would add something regarding the alien character; to me it's a little bit too "obvious", you may consider having a futuristic Noah leading people to his Ark. A kind of mix between the bible character and a space hero.

Anyway, just my two cents, but i think it would add some humanity and some heroic feeling to it, some dramatic tension. Because i think the "little grey" character has been so much already used (and usually not for the best) it does not fit in really well (IMO).
If your scene is showing the human race leaving home for a new hope it would be nice having a strong/powerfull/dramatic character leading the movement during this epic sequence, someone we could admire and follow despite the fears such a decision could inspire to anyone... i don't know if i am clear enough though.

Once again, great concept.
Keep up the good job, i'll wait for updates
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