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  10 October 2004
Originally Posted by JPGargoyle: Hmmm, thank you StephanD.

That helps a little, but is not enough for me; I still can't judge if the ideas I have are on or off topic.
Thanks anyway.

Best regards.

Ask a mod in private so you don't give it away to us rest.
  10 October 2004
Originally Posted by StephanD: Ask a mod in private so you don't give it away to us rest.

Hey that's a great idea! Havn't thought of that. Thank you

Best regards.
  10 October 2004
Originally Posted by JPGargoyle: Ok. This is interesting, but before I decide to enter, I need to know exaclywaht is expected and, since English is not my native language, sometimes I have difficulty understanding everithing I read, specially some concept, so I would like to ask if someone would be so kind that could explain in simple words what "Grand Space Opera" means please.

A good definition of space opera is provided by the Wikipedia, check it out here. Star Trek, Dune, Foundation, Known Space, they are all variants of the space opera, and of course you have Star Wars, the grand master of them all. It's basically a science fiction story that deals with huge themes and massive settings (like an entire galaxy).

Originally Posted by Gluteus Maximus: I want to get a iconic moment from our history, then transplant it into a space scene. Is this an ok thing to do?

I would guess this is fine, because it's been done before - Asimov's Foundation series, for example, is based in part on the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.
  10 October 2004
Thanks A LOT timothyD, that was of great help.

Best regards.
  10 October 2004
Any problems if I do it with a student license of Maya?
Andrew "theSuit"
  10 October 2004
One question is it ok to use vray for rendering.
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  10 October 2004

Can the initial sketch be a 3D sketch as opposed to pencil and paper? Can't draw worth a sh*t I'm afraid.
  10 October 2004
How do I sign up?

  10 October 2004
i guesse any renderer or modeler is fine as long as your not using the pre created fluff. tbh if i choose to do this in wings 3d and blender i would think itd be fine. the only case were you wouldnt stand a chance of winning is if you used a watermarked aplication.

a student edition though does stand diffrentley though because you could be seen as using the student license to make money. i guesse its all down to the license you signed when you bought the software.

sketchs should defintley be 2d as it allows you and your audience to understand and create very vivid first impressions in a short period of time. your audience gets to also see whats going on inside your head in contrast; to a rendered image that has taken longer and most likely lost the first idea the artist wanted.
i came for the shoes
  10 October 2004
the contest noobie asks:

Hi. Just a few questions:

1: Is it (not that it is likely to happen) allowed to have multiple entries in the same category? (i.e. two or three different 2D artworks)

2: Any rules on post workup? I saw in the machineflesh thread, that for a 3D entry, using post effects was encouraged, but I assume this is with regard to computer generated 3D video post effects. What I'm basically asking is, is it allowed to do 2D post effects on a 3D entry (Photoshopping etc.)?

3: The other way around: Is it allowed to incoporate pre-rendered elements into a 2D entry? (Buildings, vehicles etc.) or must a 2D entry be done entirely "by hand"?

I'm not considering using stock photos/models and stuff "borrowed" from other people in any entry- the reason I ask, is just that I often use this type of "cross media". I would assume, that as long as the use of this technique is only used for subtle workup (like a bit of smoke added in photoshop on a 3D render) it would be acceptable?

Are there any specific rules, or does one just use ones own judgement?

  10 October 2004
Question background ??

Whilk I know its ok to use 2d textures in this 3d it going to be ok to use a 2d element as a back drop? IE like a a mate painting
Subsito Stabilis, Abeo Edurus
  10 October 2004
I did the same thing as Voutlooz. I entered the contest (excitedly) and then realized that they had my old email address. I just got a new email address but the contest entry confirmation was sent to my old one. Can this be corrected or do I have to re-enter?
  10 October 2004
Noones drawings/images are showing up to mein this forum!
i dun get it. ive never had this prob. with cgtalk!

anyone have any ideas?

  10 October 2004
is allowed two persons work in the same project? with their names displayed in the title?
  10 October 2004
Hi, i've got a question.

Is is allowed to show The same scene in several views, to show more details?
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