Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Paul Gulianelli

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  10 October 2004
I like that last action shot. The motion blur is a good thing, but im concerned it might blur out all the detail. I hope your planning on adding more detail to the fighter, or maybe you will texure on most of it. Mabye add some more variation to the stars, some really bright ones, some colored ones, different sizes...i think that would add a lot of depth. I will be following this one!
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  10 October 2004
@ BookMansBlues: thanks James.. im glad you like it..

TheRealFlyBoy: thank you..
its nice you like it but i'll change
totally look of the planet.. im going to make two different textures for lighted and dark sides.. lighted side i'd like to make looking warm.. more green-yellowish land and more greenish ocean reducing blue haze of atmosphere..

the reason is i want to create antagonistic contrast between human-like civilization from the one side (good guys) and unknown semi-artificial, escaped from the hell and accordingly very terrific and soulless particles (bad guys) from the another..

the dark side of the planet will be filled with an well regulated artificial lights of huge megapolises.. trying through this underline highly technological
level of an evolution of the civilization.. colors are field for research.. at the moment i dont know exactly which one i'll use.. as well as colors of particles..

well.. that was about the planet..

the angles of the ships and their positioning are aimed to focus attention on the asteroid.. they placed to create some frame around asteroid to underline it importance.. directions of movement also are concentrated on the asteroid..

the little white specks all around the asteroid supposed to be the same frigate sips as on the foregroung but i didnt start to sort them yet..

they are the same model of Assault Frigate with heavily reduced polygons.. around 150 polies one ship.. and are operated by particle systems (by Particle Flow system in 3ds max and not by sinister particles from asteroid ).. i have to set up this fleet armada the way they can help to represent the scale and perspective of the scene..

well thats all for now.. thank you guys for your comments and support..

  10 October 2004
@ otacon: thanks for the comment and advice..

yeah.. sure im planning to add more details to the ship and spend much time for texturing it.. but do you think it worth to sacrifice the main look and feel of the picture just to show deails of the ship? i personally dont think so but its very interesting what community thinks about this..

i think your right about background.. i have to improve it.. but at the moment most important for me is find proper composition.. im still on that compositional stage..

thanks a lot!

  10 October 2004
Originally Posted by greentek: the little white specks all around the asteroid supposed to be the same frigate sips as on the foregroung but i didnt start to sort them yet..

Cool! That is one big rock! Yeah now that I look at it, I can see the engines on some of those ships. Especially down around the bottom.

Thats ok about the planet, if this one looks that good Im sure what you end up with will look even better.

Cant wait to see more.
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  10 October 2004
Quote: Originally posted by Greentek

keetmun: thank you.. yeah.. i intend to put a lot af action in the scene.. though on the current stage its hardly noticeable.. sorry, but i didnt get your idea about developing relationship between the two races.. there is only one race.. another side of impact is unknown particle-like buddies trying to blow up everything around them they do not like.. this particles alreadytotally destroyed one planet without any attempt to establish any relationship..

dang, your work's getting more impressive. My apologies for not explaining the relationship thing clearly. I didn't know that one race was a particle-like thing, so I thought that the two races could have some history of hate or something. Maybe there's a reason why these particles want to destroy everything in their paths? Just a suggestion, though. Need not necessarily work.

  10 October 2004
Nice update Paul......................I like the color pallette and the view angle.I can only suggest to go with as wide a screen for this praticular set up you have as possible.Even beyond the 16:9 aspect ratio........It seems to call for it.Also I think you should give as much attention to detail as is possible,without your PC burning up of course .................This will give it more realism,and depth plus extra eye candy is always a nice thing...............

Ok,keep at it hard,your efforts are showing up very well.Until later...................
  10 October 2004
Concept Sketch: Sensor/Antenna for Assault Frigate

Hi everyone! I've started adding details and modeling stuff for the ship.. Here is Sensor/Antenna for Assault Frigate..
Please, feel free to crit.. It's welcome..

Last edited by greentek : 11 November 2004 at 05:44 AM. Reason: As well this one more suits for concept sketch..
  10 October 2004
@ keetmun: thanks.. im glad you like it..

Originally Posted by keetmun: Maybe there's a reason why these particles want to destroy everything in their paths?

the reason why they want to destroy everything is quite simple.. they need new space for expantion.. something like viruses or so..

but particles are not important.. important is that human civilization (let's call them humans) became so developed that human beings inhabit entire galaxy.. as usualy they have started to think that they reached to the highest level of evolution.. they know everything, they can control a genetic, use the time and space for their purposes.. they have started to think that they are gods..

they were celebrating the approach of the neighbor colliding galaxy.. new solar systems, planets and endless resources.. they were preparing and awaiting for so long time for the beginning of a new age in the hystory of their civilization..

and a new age has really begun.. but not so good as they expected.. sure scout and patrol ships noticed this asteroid long time ago but because of extremely high radiation and because of reason that Particloids didnt attack any ship humans thought its harmless and were awaiting untill it passes nearest inhabited solar system to research it..

but they failed.. what happened you can read on the first page of the thread

Virtuoso: an ocean of thanks for not forgetting my thread.. very appreciated..

Originally Posted by Virtuoso: I can only suggest to go with as wide a screen for this praticular set up you have as possible.Even beyond the 16:9 aspect ratio........It seems to call for it.
you are totally right.. and iwas thinking about what the best ratio is.. and i've decided to stick on 2.4 aspect ratio.. its much wider then 16:9 though not wide enough.. the problem to use wider format is that i cant represent details on the background..

virtually main action takes place on the background.. its impossible (at least i dont know how ) to represent such huge scale action without panoramic view.. cos main action supposed to be how Particles strike huge stream of enerergy or so (i didnt decide yet what exactly) crushing every defence systems..

in fact planet is going to be destroyed after such strike i think .. but im going to represent whole drama symbolically.. without destroing planet on the image..

in few words asteroid cant be very close to the planet.. to push him deeper back do not works as well.. we'll see.. i'll try to make view wider virtually or change camera depth..
thanks for reassuring..

Originally Posted by Virtuoso: Also I think you should give as much attention to detail as is possible,without your PC burning up of course
Actually have started.. thanks..

well.. thanks a lot for comments and crits guys.. very appriciated..

Last edited by greentek : 10 October 2004 at 01:49 AM.
  10 October 2004
Hey Greentek...

• Cool job! and interesting story, What if the particloid do have intelligence, imagine them as a cloud of sardines in the ocean emulating the human enemy ships as the fellows in "finding Nemo" they all together in perfect syncronizarion making "figures" with their whole mass, it would be super if they were to be animated!

• Also as a suggestion, it may look also great if the Human's spacecrafts were a bit more organic like, nevertheless i like 'em as they are now

The best of Luck to you Paul
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  10 October 2004
@ Climax: thanks a lot Omar..

cool idea about making particles to emulate ships

1. my idea is that particles will concetrate at the one point collecting huge amount of energy and after that executing horrific strike..

but i may change this plan for something like you said.. cos it really should look cool..

2. but about ships i have a clear idea how they should look.. i'll keep the same style.. just more details and stuff.. they'll have some Aztek style.. maybe colors too.. though i dont know bout colors at the moment..

thanks a lot for comment, suggestion and advices.. very appreciated..

cheers and best of luck to you too!

  10 October 2004
nice modeling, they are very easy to read. Also, I like the cel shaded look, are you going with that in the end? If you aren't, you should do one in that way just for fun - it might look very cool...nice work!
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  10 October 2004
@ HieSpike: many thanks Hagop..

good idea.. i'll try to get one pic
complitely cel shaded.. really should be at least very fun..

and your ship is looking really very sexy..

  11 November 2004
Modeling: PDS (Point Defence System)

Hi all.. here is PDS (Point Defence System).. defence armament against fighters and missiles..

i may change some minor details but in general it's ready.. looks a bit like some fancy stuff from WWI :D but i've decided to use such style (Aztec/Military) for human civilization.. through this i want to underline the humanity of the one side of the impact.. in my opinion the well known style of a real ancient civilization will subconsciously associate and identify with a civilization itself as well as give a look and make a feel like something real and believable..

now this style maybe doesn't look impressive but after proper texturing i hope it will..
ok.. thanks for reading..
  11 November 2004
A suggestion, the base of your PDS looks a little plain compared to the rest of the model. Maybe a little extra detail could help?

  11 November 2004
@ keetmun: thanks.. do you mean lower round part? most plane part of it will be hidden under the hull.. if you are about some other please let me know..

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