Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Radu Octavian Pop

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  10 October 2004
Concept Sketch: A Hole in the Sky-second concept sketch

I wasn`t very happy with the first sketch and here`s another one.
I think I`ll change the format to portrait.
I wasn`t happy neither with the alien mothership ( I like the hornes shape idea), but considering the new concept sketch I`m more interested into a shape that suggest speed.
The wormhole will be deep, turbid with the alien universe and theit homebase planet to the other end of the hole.
There will be two sister planets, one to the base and the other one, beyond the worm hole.
Inside the wormhole, the ship will be composed only from motherships (it`s a huge fleet), and from the firsts motherships, inside the defenders universe, will emerge the alien fighters.
I don`t know yet what shape will have the defenders ships.
The aliens fleet is like a flood, disgorgeing into the defenders universe.

  10 October 2004
Very cool... for a weapon can I suggest a plasma ball generated with lightning between the wings Its just an effect that turns me to jelly

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  11 November 2004
wow man, the ships look great and im really liking that red concept. good luck.

  11 November 2004
I like this concept very much. And the gracefullness of the fighter is wonderful.

Hmmm.... Evil aliens moving through wormhole to conquer a peaceful race. It would be interesting if, way back beyond the ships moving through the wormhole, we saw the marauding aliens home planet... the planet Earth.

Great idea. Wish I'd thought of it.
  11 November 2004
Pharion - Cool. That`s a good idea. Thanks Stephen.

MrCrowpsey - Thanks Narek. The aliens are coming straight fron hell (he he,... red and black = fire and tar).

Viridian - Thanks Shane. I`m glad you like it. Regarding the "marauding aliens home planet... beeing the planet Earth" now that is a very cool idea. I`ll try that as a joke later. Who knows, probably it might be a cool image.

Thanks everybody for your input. Helps a lot.

  11 November 2004
Concept Sketch: Concept sketch - final version

As I said before, at the other end of the wormhole will be the alien planet.
The big defference, vis a vis the previous concept sketch, is that the hole will have a eye shape.
As a matter of fact it will be an eye (a red injected reptilian eye), and the planet it will be the iris.
So, the aliens will emerge through the wormhole directly from the eye.
I like this idea, and this is my final concept idea (at least, I think so).
The defenders planet will have a strong defensive system (not seen yet in the final sketch).
I`ll post another sketch when I`ll know how the defenders system will look like.

  11 November 2004
hehe nice concept. I am still fighting with my concepts ... argh ..

how ever ... not bad yet. now "just" turn it into 3d ...
  11 November 2004
Dude, i seriously love those ship designs - they sorta remind me of those martian floaters from War of the Worlds, but way way more menacing

The overall concept is quite good - i like the way you plan on using a giant reptillian eye in the background, kinda gives a face to the evil
Mick's Law: "Inspiration will always strike when you're halfway through something else."
  11 November 2004
Nice work. The ships all seem to look like birds of prey. Very menacing. Reminds me of the Romulans.
  11 November 2004
cg:unlimited - Thanks Florian. It would be fantastic to "just" materialize the entire scene in a second. But I`ll lose the whole fun (and the pain too).
MickW - " kinda gives a face to the evil" - Nice words, you described exactly what I intend to suggest. Thanks Michael.
Gamoron - Yeah, the aliens attack exactly like birds of pray. No mercy, no prisoners. Thanks Todd.

I`m not satisfied about the defenders. I have to find an adversary on the same caliber.
Thanks again everybody for your kind words. Your support means a lot!!

  11 November 2004
PRO, I really like the design of your ships. The grooves along the wings on the 3D renders make them appear very sleek.Your last concept sketch is nice. A hoarde emerging from a cosmic eye. Cool.
I believe.

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  11 November 2004
Hi Pro, first, I have to say good concept, the whole idea is very good, I hope to see more progress soon.
I like all the ships, except the energy generator, looks a little boxy, is not bad, is just your alien ships look more stylized on speed and curves forms. anyways is only my opinion.
keep it up!
  11 November 2004
very nice work on your sketches. I like the display of movement.
numai bine si noroc!
best of luck!
  11 November 2004
Sorry for delay guys. For a couple of days I`ll be busy with other things I`ll have to do, so I have little time to work to my GSOpera scene.

Maybe this way, I will be able to refine the concept (tought job).
I have a few ideas but I`m not decided yet. He he,....I`m close, I`m very very close, I can feel it!!!

DigiLusionist - Thanks Roger. The fighter is not ready yet. I have to work on details, but this will be donne at a later stage, when I`ll know exactly how the entire concept will be and how I`ll organize the entire scene.

plaguelord - " anyways is only my opinion" - Maximiliano, I will say you eaxctly how dom told me: "your opinion matters to me". I`m glad you like my concept idea and the ships. Regarding the hole idea behind the scene I intend to build, he he ... for me, this is like a huge labor in the giving childbirth process. I hope it will not be a stillbirth. Regarding the ships: I`ll use only the fighter, but this one will be changed too. Pretty heavy I think. The general shape for the wings will be the same, but it will have to suggest "the evil" not only the speedy movement. About the energy generator, you`re right. I intended to use it in my first concept. I`ll not build it anymore, because it`s not a high speed vessel, it was meant as a support ship for some sort of a planetary cannon (which I`ll not build it anymore). Thank you for your opinion Maximiliano.

Andrei2k - Thanks, I`m glad you like it. Best of luck to you too, Andrei!!! Bafta!!

  11 November 2004
Modeling: alien fighter03

I`ve built some details to the alien fighter.
Regarding the defenders, I don`t know yet what I will do.

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