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  09 September 2004

so how do you generate a patch from 4 curves?
  09 September 2004
Originally Posted by seasterling: so how do you generate a patch from 4 curves?

Have you tried reading the directions yet?
  09 September 2004
Yes, have you read the directions on these boards?
  09 September 2004
Well have you tried this approach?

Originally Posted by Modo's built in Directions: Help

Spline Patch Tool

Patching generates a grid of polygons making a smooth surface defined by 3 or 4 edge curves.

To make a Spline Patch do the following:

1) Use the Curve drawing tool to draw curves that cross correctly.
2) ON the modo Tools toolbar, click the Curve tab.
3) On the Tools section, click the Patch button.
4) In the viewport click the curve edges, then use the patch handles to drag out the patches.
1) The user can click on a sequence of edges to define each patch area.

You can interactively adjust the control points on the curve while the patches are remade to follow the new contours. You can pick edges and set the number of segments for that edge as the patching updates to match. Patching should generate UVs that follow the grid of quads generated for each patch.

Patch tool options include:

Mode Extend - Extend selected edge.
Move Knot - Move selected knot.
Move Edge - Move selected edge.

Knots The number of knots for sides to extend.
Start Control Vertex: The flag for side curves to extend.
End Control Vertex: The flag for side curves to extend.

Perpendicular The number of division along to perpendicular side.
Parallel The number of division along to parallel side.

Save Boundaries: Make the boundary curves.
Freeze: Make spline patched polygons.

Keyboard Shortcut :


Menu Path :

modo Tools toolbar > Curve tab > Patch button

I think that is how it's done.
  09 September 2004
Have you actually successfully done it?
Curves in general seem either really buggy or really unintuitive.
Any way to join two existing curves?
Split an existing curve?
Add or subtract points to an existing curve? (adding points is possible but I am getting some really inconsistent, bizarre behavior when I try to add points)
  09 September 2004
I have not gotten that far into it. I just tested it to see what it looked like. I didn't try to patch model a head or anything. I just hit the patch button and pulled out the blue boxes from the where you extend. I never really saw patches work like that, but I've never strayed from Nurbs patching either.

But I remember thinking that after I pulled out the patch that the curve really didn't seem that important after pulling because it was more like an odd extrude that you could pull in many directions from any one of the control boxes. I thought it was kind of cool for the most part. I wasn't sure how I would use it yet, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

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  09 September 2004
Yeah, I can extend a patch off of a single curve, but can't seem to generate one from multiple curves. Hopefully the vids will provide some info when they arrive, or maybe one of the Lux guys can chime in.
  09 September 2004
If it's anything like Lightwave's Modeler, the multiple curves need to share the same vertexes where the curves intersect.

That might be what is meant when it says to make "curves that cross correctly".
All the best,
Lee Gabel
VFX Journal
  09 September 2004
Well, I have stumpled kinda in a same situation.. I managed to make a simple patch
from 4 curves, but when making a curves little harder, Im not succeeding? Anyone
able to shed some light in this problem?
  09 September 2004
Curves Off Plane

Before even getting to patching, I don't understand why when, for instance, I start to draw a curve in the Front view on the XY plane the first point sits correctly on the 0 point between -Z and +Z, but then the second and third and so on points wander into -Z. Same applies if I draw in the Right view, but the points after the first wander into -X. Bizarre and unintuitive, imho, but I will also admit I haven't checked the manual on this point. It just seems like it should be obvious how it behaves, and why anyway would it create a bent curve in the direction perpendicular to the one you are drawing in? Makes no sense to me.

  09 September 2004
Here's a quick example of a patch being created.

1. Create either 3 or 4 curves
2. Join the end verticies to each other forming the outline of your patch
3. Select the patch tool
4. Under "tool properties" and on mode, select "define patch"
5. At this point your knots will appear, select the knots in the order you want the patch to go
6. When you've selected the last one in the loop (3 or 4) the patch will be created
7. If you change mode from "define patch" to "move knots" you can change the flow of the poly's etc..
QA Manager
Luxology, LLC
  09 September 2004
Thanks Dion. So the points have to actually be joined and not just coincident. I'm still having trouble though. Modo is crashing consistently when trying to make patches from some curves. Haven't found a common denominator yet.

btw Dion, could you answer any of the other questions I posted regarding curves in this thread yesterday. It's kind of tough not being able to split or join curves, or add or subtract points from a curve.

  09 September 2004
Dion i also got q. regarding splines.... if i create patches and i drop patch tool and if i want to acces move knot like the one i accesed while i was creating patches how can i reach that level of move knot... when i press move knot later i get knots on each polygon rather than on spline cage?
-- --
null studio
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  09 September 2004
JulesB, I get this too. After messing around though, it seems to only happen in a saved layout. When I revert the the default modo Layout the goofiness stops. I wonder if some of the other curve wierdness I am seeing is related to the layout? Dion?
  09 September 2004
Originally Posted by seasterling: Any way to join two existing curves?

You can join the verticies on two curves, but you can't make two curves into one unless you freeze and select the points and make open curve.

Originally Posted by seasterling: Split an existing curve?

The best way to do this is to freeze the curve and reselect the point for a new curve.

Originally Posted by seasterling: Under mode, select "add" then select a point on the curve, and click somewhere, this will add another point to the curve
Add or subtract points to an existing curve? (adding points is possible but I am getting some really inconsistent, bizarre behavior when I try to add points)

I'm not entirely sure what you are seeing there, best thing to do is send an e-mail with screenshots etc... to . I'm not seeing any real issues with adding or removing points from a curve, however, it does seem to be inconsistant where it puts them in screen Z space.
QA Manager
Luxology, LLC
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