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  09 September 2004
edgebevel !

I have not had chance to use modo yet but I am with triton on this.... I use edge bevel in LW all the time and I like the way it works, but according to the image posted by triton, modo's edge bevel tool creates some unnecessary or unwanted (in my case) geometry.
  09 September 2004
LW's "edge bevel" does that because it is a hack that makes you select an edge by selecting points. Since Modo's edge is a real edge you have things like that happen.

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  09 September 2004
Originally Posted by triton: 1) LW Style Edgebevel , I dont want 3 vertices poly every where , see pic...

It seems that the LW edge bevel is actually beveling beyond the edge selection. You can clearly see that the triangle touching at the center of the eyes (before beveling) is being subdivided as well, while it is not in modo -- modo sticks to the actual selected edges.

What happens if you extend the modo selection to go all the way to the center of the eyes? Does it look like your LW results then?

-- Joe
  09 September 2004

Originally Posted by c-g: LW's "edge bevel" does that because it is a hack that makes you select an edge by selecting points. Since Modo's edge is a real edge you have things like that happen.

I couldn't agree more with you, but nevertheless working generaly in 3D, most of the time is hacking and cheating to achive various effects....
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  09 September 2004
Originally Posted by bradpeebler:
"-mapping gizmo tools, like fit mapping, wrapo mapping.....": More details here would be useful. UV mapping tools are a big focus for us at the moment so any feedback there would be helpful.

"-UV unwrap": Examples of an unwrap tool you use and like? There are several UV creation options in modo. Im curious of what you are looking for specifically.


Move & Sew ala Maya is VERY nice. It does a pretty good job of smoothing between disparate edge lengths. Their automatic unwrapping with user selectable (eg, 6) number of projection faces works quite well too.
  09 September 2004
I would like to see a Lathe that will work accordingly in all modes. it wont matter what i will have selected. a polygon, an edge...( or series of edges... or verticies...) it would lathe regardless.

also. is there a reason when using Lathe on a polygon that when having the selected polygon point outward, the entire tube is inverted? or to fix the problem i need to flip the original face? it doesnt really work to the benefit of the user. we need to flip our result after, and delete the original face. i think that kind of gets in the way.

more suggestions here


General Workflow things/etc


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  09 September 2004
Hi brad, this thread got engulfed with requests, so I hope you will be able to view my ideas with an open mind still. I realize luxology is not thousands of programmers, and you have to decide what tools are most needed. I am only posting ideas that I think truly could help modelers; I have been just reading the docs the last 4 days, no modeling yet, just learning it. So if I request something that is already in modo please lemme know. But I have these ideas.

Context sensitive menus
Similar to how wings RMB works, except you cant customize that, but something similar. Were in modo we could customize them all we want.

Smart hotkeys
I don't know if this is possible or even the right term, but lets say you press ctrl E and your face extrudes, and if you press that again for edges maybe it bevels? something like that anyway.
Smart Highlighting- Wings3d

If your cursor is over any component you get an effected color on that component showing it is ready to select. If you click your mouse button, your cursor also has an invisible radius on it, if you’re just near a vertex it will highlight for you, or an edge or face. There is no need to manually paint every component because if your component falls under your mouse’s fall off it gets highlighted, so you never have to be dead on components.

Connect- Byron Poly Tools-Maya

I asked Byron to put this in his tools, right now in his current beta. Its different from wings3d type of connect because he has a few ways of doing it. You can select edges and connect them, or you can also connect multiple component types. You could select 3 edges and 2 verts and connect them.

Smart Connect –Byron Poly Tools-Maya

Its still connect, but see when my connection goes around a “corner” it keeps the

Connected geometry it makes a quad still real time saver.

Slide- Byron Poly Tools- Maya

Byron’s slide is really nice, not only does it slide but it also has some other features.

If you select a loop of edges for exp, you could turn on slide, slide that loop or move it along its normals. You could also slide with fall off, and the fall off comes from the edges, very nice feature.

Solid Chamfer Bevel-Byron Poly Tools- Maya

This type of bevel is really nice, because you can keep your bevel all quads, no need to go back and then make an edge loop were you just beveled.

Average Vertices – Maya

Select some vertices that are in need of some kind of refinements. I poly sculpted this models face real quick to get it messed up. You can interactively adjust this tool and it kind of averages out the vertices in a way. I am not a programmer, so I can’t explain what it does, I hope the pic helps.

Double mouse click for edge ring.

Alt+lmb and double click an edge for an edge ring, to me makes a lot of sense. Or maybe a ctrl double lmb? Its up to you guys.

Edge and loop select between selections.

If you select edges it will select only the edges between your selections. It’s very handy when you have the connect feature. It works on edge ring and edge loops, and in modo with double clicking would make it even faster.

Side by side Sub d modeling
I asked a friend to make this and its also very useful. although in modo you might be able to do this somehow...im not sure how, but you model on your low res mesh and you can see it update on another window.

Sorry for making the post so big brad, just i use these tools all the time...err use to im not going near maya for modeling anymore. but i think they could all benifit modos users.

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  09 September 2004
Haloo is in mido something liek split polygon tool form maya?

if not please please please
  09 September 2004
he Levitateme, nice stuff, i have not used that stuff in maya actually, i will look into it

i personally would like to see lattice ands spline deformation .
move and sew is a fundemantal tool, we need to have that ine as well. without that uv management is plain @ss, it make life easy.

  09 September 2004
Originally Posted by dotTom:
Perhaps someone can release some layouts that look like Maya or XSI - or maybe that's asking for trouble from pointy nosed lawyers.

Didn't Luxology have screen shots of Modo on their site with Modo configured to look almost exactly like LW? Why weren't those shipped with modo? Maybe those configs could be "leaked" ?
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  09 September 2004
more requests. but this one is a biggie, and probably wont make it into modo because it would change a few things around in modo ( including the entire layer approach.
but im stating my suggestions here regardless. there could be one or 2 ideas that might help out.

Geometry Management.


isnt average the same as smooth in modo? its just like the tighten tool in mirai,wings, no?

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  09 September 2004
Currently there is only one tool I miss , and that's a bridge tool for polygons. A large part of my work is architectural, and for the window/door openines the bridge tool is indespensible.
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  09 September 2004
sticky this! call it Modo 1.X wishlist

Someone should sticky this, instead of having 4 post that are basically wishlist.

@Levitateme, most of what you want, has been ask by many users..hope Lux listen. as for the edge ring selection i made my own suggestions here:


any another weird suggestion here..thought i have to agree with AW, i dont like the current layering system, too messy. Connect is a must.


Yeah i do miss the Bridge polygon tool also. But most importantly, i would like to create my own navigation, instead of the default LW/Maya. I rather just use my mouse to select,rotate,zoom and pan..Holding Alt to use the Lasso function. anyway, custom navigation is a MUST also.
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