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  10 October 2004
Originally Posted by yan: and what about a pinball animation? could be funny(...) to set up dynamics for such things...

Hmmm, i thinks someones already tried that, still could be a laugh i suppose?
I'm nuts and I know it, your point?
  10 October 2004
Tornado crashing buildings will be cool
Make thinks be, don't just let things be.
  10 October 2004
I like the dominos Idea.

And the Rube Goldberg idea would be good. Sort of like that now famous car commercial, I think it was a Subaru or SAAB commercial.

Other Ideas

-Best Car Burnouts animation.

-Unusual Camera angle shots. Weird one sort of like the shots we saw on Robin Hood Prince of Theive, With the Camera on the shooting Arrow and the camera following the arrow. We could do this in 3d where the camera gets placed in an unusual orginal perpective that human eyes never see. I guess thats more suited to a CGtalk contest.

-Cgtalk Miss Universe and Mr Universe Contest self explanatory. All 3d models ofcourse. No Poser figures. Should be a good test in photorealism and beauty and we get to see which model saves all the worlds children.

-Best Pool/Billiard Shot

-Best Soccer Goal

Actually you could do alot with sports. Slam Dunks, Hole in One, synchronised swimming etc etc etc
  10 October 2004
mm "reality intruding"

"cosmic horror"

"talking to inanimate objects"

"my imaginary friend"

'whats under the bed"
  10 October 2004
As someone suggested a few posts before this one, a tornado.. I think that'd be pretty cool.

"Twister" - Applicants must create a hyper-realistic tornado, and it must move dust and debris and everything. It must "eat" at least one house, and the house must get sucktioned away gradually (in other words, the house can't just come off the ground and fly away.. it must be destroyed in pieces, and these pieces must become part of the tornado's moving debris, and may break down even more once inside the tornado.) Debris should appear to collide when moving around inside the tornado. Animals like let's say a flying cow or two may be included if desired. Also, the tornado may run over a small lake and suck all the water away (changing colour accordingly too). Also lightning and rain may be present. Rain must be particles.

For references...
- rent the DVD for "Twister".
- Or check Google Images for the words "tornado" and "twister".
  10 October 2004
Originally Posted by erpel: mm "reality intruding"

"cosmic horror"

"talking to inanimate objects"

"my imaginary friend"

'whats under the bed"

Sounds familiar didn't they do somehing like that in Monsters inc.? Anyhow how about something like a huge storm out at sea that could be pretty awsome i'm sure.
I'm nuts and I know it, your point?
  10 October 2004
I'd like to suggest an international city flyover theme. Comments?
  10 October 2004

My ideas:

A water park attraction, man/woman goes down with water (wohooo!)
A glass rolling out on a table and goes down and crash
A speakers moving! music and crash!
A rain storming on a city
A simulation from a great sky to bad sky (good sky sunny goes to dark and storm rain)
A Boomerang!
Macarena dancing...... jojojo (fun)
Man goes down because water on the floor..

Sorry about my bad english..

3D Artist on future? me? i don't know...
only that I am an apprentice of 3D Artist... of all of you. Thanks.
If you don't understand nothing of im saying... is because my english is bad :)
  10 October 2004
Hello all! Maybe some day, we can do this as a topic for a challenge?

Movie here:

This should be interesting enough to get a lot of people to join it.
A lot of rule based particle dynamics, volumetric rendering and action!

  10 October 2004
Hey are those real, mmm could be interesting when you get past the bit of what the heck are they blowing up!
I'm nuts and I know it, your point?
  11 November 2004
The scene where garfield messes up the livingroom, every bit of furniture comes down, that might be a thing to do with dynamics... could be fun

For those who haven't seen garfield. Garfield's home alone and mad at Jon for some reason, he knocks a rubber ball accidentally against a lamp, which falls down against something else and so on.
When the carbon-monoxide content of inhaled air exceeds 1.28 per cent, it will be followed by death within three minutes. This is nuclear war.

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  11 November 2004
The worlds most advanced coolest looking most complex Perpetual Motion Machine!


The Best Griswalds Family Christmas home. AKA best decorate christmas house.


best Fireworks show, with sound to ring in the new year.
Is It Maya?? No!
Is it Lightwave??No!

  12 December 2004
I like the explosion idea Acantarel posted. Though its kind of like the avalanche one that was just done. Using particals.

I also like the tornado idea.

A non animated challange would be nice, for those using 2d apps. Compositing and such. Like making a still photo of a rainy day or something. that could be done in both 2d and 3d apps.

one other idea. a wierd object is selected, (ex. - a belt clip for a phone) and the contestants have to make it into a convincing real world object. A building, car, boat, or something. The goal is to try and make the wierd object look like it belongs to the model created. The wierd object must look like the one given (shape) but could be textured to fix the contestants model
Anyone think thats a good idea?
  12 December 2004
Why do people always want to see destruction?
i would like to see the opposite, a construction based fx theme.

Or the "Perpetual Motion Machine" SuperMax mentioned
  12 December 2004
Maybe because blowing up things is so much more fun Kaaabooom.

Regarding Robertos idea for a compositing challenge, what about the old "bring some life into a still" - meaning that you'd have to create an animated matte from a still picture.
Or turning a day shot into a night shot.
Maybe we should see who creates the best "beaming" effect. That would be really old-school.
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